Shadow Falls

Life can change in to an instant. Fear can take you the very edge.
Amara's old life is dead. Her boyfriend is gone; his blood washed from her soul. In a town of werewolves, faeries and shadow callers, anything could be responsible for his death and Amara wants revenge. SECRETS ARE DEADLY


1. one

I made my way down a path to our Shadow Falls, Graveyard. I missed him; I needed to see him again. I remember when he use to whisper sweet words to me and kiss the tip of my nose. It was early winter and the snow began to collect around the tombstones. I remember the naughty days, when we snuck out late at night to come to the Graveyard. That was all before Ray died, and he too became part of the graveyard.  Of course all of this was my fault… but I never uttered a word. I didn’t do it entirely myself. Shadow Falls was a place for the unknown. People feared the unknown, thus they never spoke of it. It was all real; spirits; witches; werewolves. Shadow Falls had it. People went on with their lives, the deaths of teenagers didn’t frighten nor question anybody. They all knew it was a sacrifice to keep the unknown away. But of course, they covered up the stories with headlines like “Animal attack” or “A party gone wrong”. That’s what they used for Ray and Mia, his younger sister. How alike they both were. I visited them often, just so I could get rid of the guilt that stained my soul. 

“Why did you come, Amara?” A raspy voice said. The voice came with the wind, leaving a trail of goose bumps on my hand. I whipped my blond hair to the side.

“I needed to see you.” I said looking in the direction of the voice. “Please Ray, Listen to me” Ray was  gone completely, but he still was a spirit rooming around, he passed over to the other side; although some connection, made his soul wander around. I cherished every moment I had with his soul. It reminded me of the good times, the past.

“The witches won’t like this Amara, contacting the forgotten is dangerous, I’ve told you that” His voice pained me; I could see his ghostly figure in front of me. He still exceeded perfection, even if he was ‘the forgotten’. The forgotten was known as the lost souls that got devoured by shadow creatures, or as I would say mythical beings.

“But, just listen, I have a way, to bring you and Mia back” I overcame with excitement, maybe he will forgive once I find the answer to all this.  There was silence and his image was gone with the cool wind that swept my curls across my face. “No No No, please come back” I muttered.

“Why, are you doing this to me” His voice dripped with pain “do you come here, to torture me? Knowing that I can’t touch you. You still so beautiful god.” His raspy voice was weakening. I listened on to what he had to say, it hurt. “The witches won’t give you a second chance Amara”. I remembered the first time I pissed off the witches. People call them Shadow callers, to me they just witches. My brother died, yet I did a spell to bring him back; the shadow callers said it wasn’t something natural and I was messing with the darkest magic. My bloodline had Shadow callers, but our clan was known as the rebellious type. My grandmother practiced dark magic so did my mother. I didn’t attempt to practice anything. I refused to be a part of this curse. But I used it to bring Luca back to life. Since then it’s sucked me into this cycle. I went too far and now it’s my fault that Ray and Mia are dead. Tears flooded my eyes, I needed him so badly. I craved his touch, his lips…him.

“I found a witch that will help us Ray, you, me and Mia. I’m gonna fix this” I uttered to his ghostly image. “I don’t need you to be worried about me, this is my fault” I touched his ‘tombstone’.

“I can’t let you do that, I loved you so much, maybe still do; but that is a death sentence. Shadow Falls, is sweet compared to the rest of the world”

“I know, you won’t ever forgive me” My hot tears warmed my face “But I need to do what’s right. I still love you Ray”


‘More vicious animal attacks” The newspaper read. “God” I said turning to Meredith. We’ve been friends since forever. “Do you think it’s the pack?” I asked her, knowing that she was a member of the Shadow pack.

“The wolves would never be so conniving; anyhow I’m invited to every meeting. Surely you wouldn’t think that we going back to our old ways” Meredith said, sounding a bit offended.

“No of course not, I just thought, well lately there were a lot of animal attacks. I just kind of conclu...” Meredith cut me of “No, it’s not us. We would never kill so many. We still have human families you know” She added.

“Yeah, sure” I paged through more animal attack articles. Lately I’ve been collecting such articles. It wasn’t an obsession or interest. It was just a sense of need that I had to find out what was happening to this town. What happened to Mia and Ray. I was in my father’s study; I used it as my very own investigative office. But nothing explains the animal attacks…just that the wolves got hungry again.

“How you holding up” Meredith muttered taking a sip of her hot coco. Early winter was always the coldest. I remember cuddling with Ray around the fire place, last winter.

“What you mean, it’s being a month since his death Mere. I think I’m fine” I held back my urge to cry. I always gave bitter answers when people asked about him. I guess I wanted them to forget, the forgotten… But I knew I would never forget. I never did, I constantly thought of him and what I did. I seemed fine at Shadow Falls High. My friends at school, never questioned the endless time, I stayed in the library. It was all to get away, to seek answers… to bring him back. And now I found a way. I wouldn’t tell though, I knew better.

“Jeez babe, I didn’t mean it like that. Drake and I are just worried about you” Drake was Meredith’s boyfriend, he wasn’t her mate, which was such a pity because I knew, even they knew, that sooner or later one of them would find their mate and break up with the other. Meredith called it fun, being with Drake. I remember how she described their relationship “The sex is great” that’s all she said when I asked about their weird relationship. I loved how she was so much fun. She was beautiful, with her light brown hair and hazel eyes. Although people called her an exotic beauty, people always said I looked prettier, which made me blush and angry at times. I hated how they compared us.

“There’s absolutely nothing, you have to be worried about” I gave her a reassuring smile. I needed things to go back to normal, even if I was plotting to bring my dead boyfriend and his sister back from the dead by using a crazy witch to help me, so be it.


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