The School For The Gifted (Harry Styles Love Story)

**One Direction Not Famous**

Spin off from X-men.

The School for the gifted is a place where none normal people go. Normal people fear these kids, teenagers and adults. Its a place where 5 teachers teach them the right and wrong about their powers and the world. Simon Cowell leader of the school helps the kids with anything they want. Jade Cowell is Simon Cowell's daughter. She has the most dangerous power of all 'Nine tailed dragon.' She is 16 years old and wishes she never has this power.

Harry Styles is 16 years old. His power is ice. He loves his power because he can freeze anyone and anything. He loves his power. Louis Tomlinson is 18 years old his power is reading minds and fire. He loves playing pranks on kids with his fire power. Liam Payne is 17 years old. He is the controled one in the school. Does what he is told and never gets told off. His power is continuous optic blast. Niall Horan is 16 1/2 years old. His power is luck and earth. He gives himself and team mates luck


4. Chapter 4

We won the fight because Maddi and the others from the brotherhood left. The monks looked up and shook our hands. "Thank you so much. But who are you?" A monk asked. I smiled. "No problem. I'm Jade Cowell. I'm the daughter of Simon and Mary" I said. The Monks gasped and bowed down to my. "What are you doing here?" The monks asked. "Simon sent me here with some other boys to learn how to control our powers. Me especially  I said. The monks nodded. The others walked in. "Logan" Another Monk said. "Justin nice to see you again" Logan said and they did a secret hand shake.

"Come with us everyone" The monks said. We nodded and followed them. We got into a room. There was a fire. "This Jade is what you have in you the nine tailed dragon" An elder monk said. I nodded. "Please everyone sit in a circle" Justin said. We nodded and sat down. The monks handed us a cup each and than filled it up with water. "Alright we need you to all look into the water and you will see what you will become and how you can control it" A monk said. We nodded and did what he said.

I saw a dragon fire flames. I killed everyone. I chucked the cup and stood up. "No" I shouted and ran out.


Harry's POV

I stood up and went after her. I walked out of the temple and saw Jade kicking rocks. "Jade" I said and touched her arm. She moved back. "What did you see?" I asked. Jade looked at me and cried. I hugged her. "Shh... Your okay. Don't have to tell me" I whispered and rubbed her back letting Jade cry. Jade put her arms around me. I held Jade close. Once her crying died down. We stayed hugging.I kissed Jade's cheek softly as we pulled away.

"Thank you" Jade whispered. I smiled. "Don't worry about it friends" I said. Jade smiled and nodded. We walked back in. Jade and I sat next to each other. The monks were talking to us about controlling our powers. When it became late. The monks showed us to our rooms. Jade, Logan and I shared. Zayn and Louis. Liam and Niall. In a room each. Jade looked really scared. But she won't tell me what from. I don't think she will tell Logan either.

We all went to bed a 9:30 pm. The next day I woke up. Jade was still asleep. Logan was up. "Let her sleep. She got up half way through the night" Logan said. I nodded. "Did Jade tell you what she saw?" I asked. Logan shook his head. "But I have a feeling I know" Logan said. I nodded and laid back on the bed. I took a massive breath. "Do your parents know about you?" Logan asked me. "Yeah but my step dad wasn't to pleased and he kicked me out. Saying I was a freak and to never step foot on their doorstep again. I left and Simon took me in" I said.

Logan nodded. Jade started to wake up slowly. When she opened her eyes fully. "Morning" Was all she said. "Morning" Logan and I said. Logan walked out so we could talk. I grabbed Jade's hand. She smiled at me. "Is it alright if I tell you what I saw?" Jade asked. I nodded. "Of course I want to know. You seemed scared after you found out" I said and kissed her hand. Jade nodded and took a massive breath. "Yesterday I saw the nine tailed dragon. I was out of control and I killed everyone. I don't want to be that person. I don't want to kill my friends. I don't want to kill you. Now I'm even more scared. What happens if I do kill you?" Jade asked.

I kissed Jade's forehead. "You won't. Just remember if you ever get to hot. I am ice and ice beats fire" I said. Jade giggled. I smiled. Jade pressed her lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. We pulled back first. "I'm sorry" Jade said. "Don't apologize Jade. I loved the kiss. I've been wanting to do that for days" I said. Jade smiled. I pressed my lips onto hers again. Jade smiled. Logan walked in and we pulled back fast. He just coughed and looked down. "Look after her. If you hurt her. I'm coming after you" Logan said. "You know where I live" I said. We laughed.

We were all in the temple again. Jade and I were being careful so the boys wouldn't find out. I don't want Zayn to be mean to Jade than he already his. Jade doesn't deserve the crap Zayn is giving her. Jade coughed. "You okay?" I asked. "Its just a bloody cough like it can't get any worse" Zayn snapped. I got mad. "She's my friend I care about her" I snapped back.


Jade's POV

The monks were talking to us. We did everything he said. Zayn and I got pared. Zayn shape shifted into a bear. I smiled and got my power ready. "Fight" The monks said. Zayn and I started to fight. Zayn knocked me down. He got on top of me. "Your not so tough are you" Zayn whispered. I looked into his eyes. It wasn't Zayn. "Get off me" I said. Zayn smiled and scratched me. I screamed. The boys pulled Zayn off me. Harry helped me up. "What the hell was that Zayn?" A monk yelled. Zayn shape-shifted back. He saw the blood on his hands and screamed. "Jade I am so sorry. I had no idea what I was doing" Zayn said and went to touch me. I moved back.

"Don't you dare touch her" Harry snapped. Zayn sighed and nodded. "I'm really sorry Jade" Zayn whispered. For the rest of the day we were learning healing techniques. They where pretty good. Once it became late we all headed off to our rooms. Harry and I fell asleep in each others arms. My head on his chest


Logan's POV

I walked into Harry, Jade's and my room. I found them asleep. Jade's head was on Harry's chest. They looked so cute. He had his arms around her. I smiled and laid onto the single bed. I took a massive breath. When we get back. I am so giving Storm a big kiss. I miss her so much. Which she was here. But I know it was either me or Storm that had to come here. Storm told me to since I can't die. Sometimes I which I do. Later on that night. My eyelids felt heavy and I knew it was time for me to go to sleep which I did.


Jade's POV

6 days past and we were finally leaving the mountain of fire. We thanked the monks for everything they did. We learnt how to control my powers. Me especially  We started to walk back to the jet. Once there it was so good to see it again. Yes it took us 5 hours again. We all got inside the jet. Logan go to the drivers spot. He started the jet and flew off. Harry and I were talking. When we got back to the school. Logan landed the jet and we all walked out. Dad, Storm, Students, Jean and Scott where standing there. I ran up to dad and hugged him. Dad put his arms around me and picked me up.

"I saw mum" I whispered in his ear. Dad smiled and put me down. Harry walked up. "Simon would I be able to date your daughter?" Harry asked dad. Dad smiled and nodded. "Yes of course but don't hurt her" Dad said. Harry smiled and put his arms around my waist.







****Atlanta here. Sorry ending was shit. Hoped you like the chapter though. Harry and Jade told each other they love one another. Do you think its cute. I do a lot. Please comment what you think. So there will be more fights. Friendship and soon a fight to the death as well. So please keep reading. Love you all bye****

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