The School For The Gifted (Harry Styles Love Story)

**One Direction Not Famous**

Spin off from X-men.

The School for the gifted is a place where none normal people go. Normal people fear these kids, teenagers and adults. Its a place where 5 teachers teach them the right and wrong about their powers and the world. Simon Cowell leader of the school helps the kids with anything they want. Jade Cowell is Simon Cowell's daughter. She has the most dangerous power of all 'Nine tailed dragon.' She is 16 years old and wishes she never has this power.

Harry Styles is 16 years old. His power is ice. He loves his power because he can freeze anyone and anything. He loves his power. Louis Tomlinson is 18 years old his power is reading minds and fire. He loves playing pranks on kids with his fire power. Liam Payne is 17 years old. He is the controled one in the school. Does what he is told and never gets told off. His power is continuous optic blast. Niall Horan is 16 1/2 years old. His power is luck and earth. He gives himself and team mates luck


3. Chapter 3

The girl held up a gun. We had nothing to do but to put our hands up. "What are you doing here?" The girl asked. Logan got mad. "On a mission, We have to get to the Mountain Of Fire and well there was a snow storm" Logan said. The girl put her gun down. "Keep your hands up. I don't trust people who aren't from around here" The girl said. We nodded and kept our hands up. I saw the spark in her eye. The spark that tells me she has a power. I looked over at Harry who was smiling. "Harry no" I whispered.

He didn't listen and used his power. The girl smiled and blocked it with a shield. Harry looked at me. "I told you not to" I snapped. Harry looked down for a bit. "How did you know what I could do?" The girl asked looking at me. "The spark you have in your eye" I said. The girl smiled and walked up to me. I grabbed her hand before she could hit me. "Don't mess with me" I whispered and pushed her. Logan looked at me. "Stop" He whispered. I took a massive breath. "Look we just want a place to stay until the storm goes" I said. The girl smiled. "Why didn't you just ask?" The girl asked and showed us to a cabin.

Okay that is weird. "Here you go. Sorry only has two beds" The girl said. "No its fine" Logan said. The girl smiled and left. "Alright one the double bed are Jade and Harry. One the two other double bed are Niall and Louis. I'm on couch and the rest of you boys have to be on the floor" Logan said. Zayn got mad. "Why can't Jade she is the reason we are in this mess" Zayn snapped. Everyone looked at him. "What the hell did you just say?" Logan asked pushing Zayn against the wall. His claws coming out. "You fuckin better back off mate. You are all here to learn how to control your powers. That's why he sent you with her" Logan snapped.

"Logan stop its fine" I said. Logan looked at me and sighed. Claws going back into his fist. Harry hugged me. "Nothing is Jade's fault Zayn. She saved us on the way here" Harry said. I put my arms around him. When we pulled back. Harry and I sat on the bed. Zayn sat on the floor. Logan made a bed up on the floor for Zayn and Liam. "There is a bed for you Zayn. Happy" Logan snapped and laid on the couch. "Yes old fart" Zayn mumbled. Logan growled at Zayn. Zayn shut up. Harry and I got into the sheets. We were talking quietly. "Don't worry about if you get a nightmare love. I'll be here" Harry whispered. I nodded. Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around me. "See your protected" Harry said. I giggled. "Thank you" I whispered and fell asleep. Harry not long after.

At 5am I woke up and screamed. Harry woke up. Well everyone did. "You okay?" Harry asked. I nodded catching my breath. Logan turned the light on. Harry rubbed my back softly. "Thank you" I whispered. "No problem" Harry said. Logan walked up. "What did you see?" Logan asked. I looked up. "Fire and more fire. But it wasn't from me" I said. Logan looked at me. "Who?" Logan asked. "John" I whispered. Harry placed me in his chest. I smiled. "I'm sorry" I said. Harry kissed the top of my head. "Not your fault love" Liam said. I nodded and smiled. "Alright we should go again" Logan said. He left money on the bed for the girl. We all stood up and left in the snow. But this time there wasn't a storm. "How long?" I asked Logan. Logan looked at me. "12 more hours" Logan said. 

We all nodded. "Why so far away?" Louis asked. Logan chuckled. "They like hiding from the outside world and well they only allow us people to come in. No normal people" Logan said. Louis nodded. About 2 hours later we had another break. I sat on the ground. We were out of the snow part now. It was like Spring in this part. "Were getting closer. But trust me it will get hotter" Logan said. "Why thank you" I said. Everyone laughed. Harry ran to me. "No" I said and ran. He grabbed me and spun me around. I laughed. "Your cheeky" Harry said. I smiled. "Mhmm so are you" I said.

We started walking again. Once we got closer it got hotter. Logan was right. 12 hours past and we were finally there. But one big problem. There were guards. "How do we prove to them?" I asked Logan. Logan smiled and walked up. "Who are you?" The guards asked. Logan smiled and grabbed me. "The daughter of Mary and Simon" Logan said. The guards smiled and looked at me. "Hi" I said. The guards let all of us in. "Have a nice time" The guards said and closed the gates. We got into a massive hall. "Jade" A guy said. I was confused. "Who are you sorry?" I asked. The man smiled. "I am your mothers dad. Where is your mother or father?" Grandfather asked. I gulped  "Mum died when I was 5 and my father sent me here to control what I have" I whispered.

Grandfather nodded and hugged me. Than it went black for all of us. I woke up and found myself tied up in a jail. Everyone was there. "Okay what happened " I asked. "The mountain of fire is under attack by him. He isn't your grandfather because your grandfather is in a wheelchair" Logan said. "I don't know any of my father expect my mother and father" I said. We tried everything to get out but it wouldn't work. My hands light up in fire. I burnt the chains and dropped down. I helped everyone else down. I coughed.

"Lets kill these motherfuckers" Louis said. Logan looked at him. "Language" Logan said. Louis smiled so did Logan. We ran out. "Alright Harry, Jade and Louis try and find the monks of this place. The rest will fight" Logan said. We all nodded. Harry, Louis and I went in a different direction. To the others. We heard screaming and ran up to the top level. Once there we saw the mocks getting hurt by the brotherhood. They looked at us. "Ah come to fight" Maddi said. I got mad. We all started to fight.

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