The School For The Gifted (Harry Styles Love Story)

**One Direction Not Famous**

Spin off from X-men.

The School for the gifted is a place where none normal people go. Normal people fear these kids, teenagers and adults. Its a place where 5 teachers teach them the right and wrong about their powers and the world. Simon Cowell leader of the school helps the kids with anything they want. Jade Cowell is Simon Cowell's daughter. She has the most dangerous power of all 'Nine tailed dragon.' She is 16 years old and wishes she never has this power.

Harry Styles is 16 years old. His power is ice. He loves his power because he can freeze anyone and anything. He loves his power. Louis Tomlinson is 18 years old his power is reading minds and fire. He loves playing pranks on kids with his fire power. Liam Payne is 17 years old. He is the controled one in the school. Does what he is told and never gets told off. His power is continuous optic blast. Niall Horan is 16 1/2 years old. His power is luck and earth. He gives himself and team mates luck


2. Chapter 2

Still Jade's POV

We were talking in the jet about somethings. Louis had to keep his eye on the sky. I crossed my arms and sat there. 'You can do it baby girl' I heard in my head. I looked at Louis. "What?" Harry asked me whispering. I looked at Harry. "Nothing" I said. Than the alarm went off. Louis looked scared. "Louis open the hanger" I said. "No we can't" Louis said. "DO IT NOW" I yelled. Louis nodded and opened the hanger door. I got out of my seat and jumped out. "Why hello Jade. How's your father?" Maddi asked. "You" I said.

"Yes me the one who killed your mother. Well I was aiming for you" Maddi said. I got mad and used my fire power. "You don't know how to control your power do you?" Maddi asked. I looked at her. "What happens if I got you really mad?" Maddi asked. Lucky with the dragon power I have I can fly. Maddi started talking and it made me mad. I screamed and my whole body turned on fire. Maddi disappeared. I calmed down and closed my eyes falling.


Harry's POV

I watched Jade fall. "Louis" I said. "On it" He said and turned the jet around. I used my ice power to catch Jade which it did. Once she was in the jet. Louis closed the hanger door. I looked at Jade. "Okay now we know not to get her mad" Zayn joked. Everyone looked at him. "Zayn not right now" I snapped and looked at Jade. Liam came to her side. "She's fine but exhausted  Liam said. I nodded. "How far are we?" I asked Louis. "Couple more minutes than we have to talk on foot" Louis said. I nodded. Once Louis landed the plane. I put Jade on my back and stood up. Liam put her arms around my neck. I smiled. "Thanks" I said and held her thighs. 

We left the jet Louis closed the hanger door and had a map in his hands. We followed him. About half way there Jade started to wake up. "Hey" Jade said. "Hello" I said. Jade got off my back. "Thank you" Jade whispered. "No problem" I said. We kept walking to the place. But we got stopped by someone. "Who are you?" The man asked. We all looked at each other. "Hi I am Jade Cowell. Daughter of Simon Cowell and Mary Cowell" Jade said. The man looked at me. "You look like your mother. What are you doing out here?" He asked. "Just some things we need to do" Jade said. The man nodded. "You can go. All of you" The man said. "Thank you" Jade said.

We walked off. I couldn't believe what just happened. They let Jade and us pass. But don't know us. We kept walking. But we went for a break so we all sat down. Niall started to eat. I looked over at Jade who had her hands in the snow. I sat next to her. "Jade" I said. Jade looked at me. "What?" She asked. I looked at her and grabbed her hands. Jade moved her hands away. "I'll hurt you" Jade whispered. I shook my head. "No you won't. My powers ice remember" I said. Jade nodded and let me touch her. "Why are you scared?" I asked. Jade sighed. "I get nightmares that I lose control and kill everyone" Jade said. I looked at Jade. "That will never happen" I said. Zayn looked up. "WE SAW IT TODAY HARRY" Zayn yelled. I looked at him.

"I knew it" Jade said and ran off. "Jade" I said. Louis hit Zayn. "Could you have been anymore meaner?" Louis asked. Zayn looked at us. "What its true" Zayn said. Liam got mad. "We have to protect her. She doesn't even know herself. She is 16 for god sakes lost her mother when she was 5 and only has a father" Liam snapped. We heard Jade scream. We looked at each other and ran off. We saw a guy holding Jade. "Ah look at your friends. They can watch you die" The guy whispered. "Let her go" Niall snapped. The guy smiled. "Oh no. I don't think I should. You see you hurt my friend Maddi" The guy said.

I got mad. "Now Harry I wouldn't want to get mad. You may hit your friend. If she is even your friend" The man said. "Of course she is my friend" Harry snapped. All of a sudden wolverine came out of no where and stabbed the guy in the back. Jade ran to me. I put my arms around her. "Simon said he needed someone to come with you guys. So its me" Wolverine said. We nodded. Wolverine is Logan. He calls himself that because of his hair and claws. "You okay Jade?" I asked. Jade nodded and placed her head in my chest. I rubbed her back. "What made Jade run off?" Logan asked. We looked at Zayn. "What did you say Zayn?" Logan asked getting made.

"T-that she is uh dangerous on the plane she fought a girl and well lost control and almost killed us all" Zayn snapped. Logan got mad and got into Zayn's face. "This is why your on this mission so she can learn to control it. All of you guys" Logan snapped. "Who was he Logan?" I asked. Logan looked at me. "He was from the brotherhood. Just like Maddi is" Logan said. "You mean Magnetos gang?" Niall asked gulping  Logan nodded. "That's why Simon wants someone like Storm and I to look after you. We have fought against him. But you need someone like us to join you. Now come on" He said and started walking.

We followed him. I was holding Jade's hand. She looked scared. We stopped as Logan stopped. "Down" He said. We didn't get it until we saw guys with guns. "Down" Logan snapped. We did what he said. He ran and sliced all of them. Jade looked shocked. "Jade come on" I said. she shook her head. "That's how mum was killed" Jade whispered. Logan turned around. "I didn't kill her. It was another person in the brotherhood" Logan said. "I know you didn't, I watched it. I could have stopped it but I didn't" Jade whispered. I put Jade on my back again. "Harry" Jade said. I looked at her. "Your in shock so your not going to be able to walk" I whispered and started walking. Jade nodded. We followed Logan.

We stopped every hour. Logan didn't mind. He and Jade would talk. Jade would get a smile on her face I've only seen when she is happy. Jade looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Louis pushed me slightly. "Oi" I said and rubbed my arm.


Jade's POV

I watched Louis and Harry talk. Logan looked at me. "You like him don't you?" He asked. I looked at Logan and nodded. "But he wouldn't love someone like me" I whispered. Logan smiled. "I think he does. When you fainted he was so worried. All the boys were even Zayn. But Harry was the most worried" Logan said. I smiled a bit. "Come here" Logan said. I got closer. Logan hugged me. "I remember you when you were a baby. Your dad and mum walking through the school holding a new baby girl. It was you. Your mum was smiling more than I thought she would and your dad was so happy he ran and told everyone" Logan said as I sat on his knee. I smiled.

Logan kept telling my stories. I would smile every time. "Alright guys lets get going" Logan said. We all stood up. We kept walking that's when a snow storm hit and well we had no where else to go. We saw an old cottage. We ran inside and closed the door.  I gripped onto my stomach and sat on the floor. "Jade you okay?" Logan asked. I nodded. Logan walked up to me. He moved my arm an saw blood. "I'm fine" I whispered. Logan looked and the wound healed. "What the?" He asked. "Its the power. I have scales like a dragon" I whispered in his ear. Logan nodded. I stood up. Then a girl walked in.

"Who the hell are you?" The girl asked. "Sorry we had to find somewhere to stay and well we found this place" I said.

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