The School For The Gifted (Harry Styles Love Story)

**One Direction Not Famous**

Spin off from X-men.

The School for the gifted is a place where none normal people go. Normal people fear these kids, teenagers and adults. Its a place where 5 teachers teach them the right and wrong about their powers and the world. Simon Cowell leader of the school helps the kids with anything they want. Jade Cowell is Simon Cowell's daughter. She has the most dangerous power of all 'Nine tailed dragon.' She is 16 years old and wishes she never has this power.

Harry Styles is 16 years old. His power is ice. He loves his power because he can freeze anyone and anything. He loves his power. Louis Tomlinson is 18 years old his power is reading minds and fire. He loves playing pranks on kids with his fire power. Liam Payne is 17 years old. He is the controled one in the school. Does what he is told and never gets told off. His power is continuous optic blast. Niall Horan is 16 1/2 years old. His power is luck and earth. He gives himself and team mates luck


1. Chapter 1


Avril Lavigne as Jade Cowell
Harry Styles as Himself
Louis Tomlinson as Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
Liam Payne as Himself
Zayn Malik as Himself
Simon Cowell as himself
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Halle Berry as Storm










I was twisting and turning in bed. Gripping onto the sheets and letting go again. I woke up and screamed. Dad opened the door. "Sweetie are you okay?" Dad asked walking up to me. I looked at my hands shaking. Dad walked up and grabbed my hands. "What did you see?" He asked. I looked up at my dad. "I see me killing everyone" I whispered and looked down. Dad hugged me and rocked me back and forth. He kissed the top of my head. "Why do I have this power dad?" I asked whispering. Dad kissed my cheek. "You will find out soon. Go back to sleep" Dad whispered and laid me onto the bed.

I nodded. "Night daddy" I whispered. Dad smiled. "Night baby girl. I love you" Dad said and put the sheets over me. "Love you too" I whispered and fell into a deep sleep. That morning I woke up and got ready for class. We live in the school. So it's like a boarding school for us. Us I mean gifted students like myself. My mother died when I was 5. She was protecting me. My dad has always been there ever since looking after me. Mother always told me to accept who you are. But what if who you are is a person you don't want to be? I don't know what to do anymore.

Once I was dressed. I made my way to class. Books in my hand. Once I got to class. I sat at the back not talking to anyone. I normally do. Storm walked in and got to her desk. "Morning class today we will be going outside" Storm said. Everyone cheered except for me. Everyone ran out I just sat there. Storm looked at me and walked up to me. "What's up Jade your normally happy?" Storm asked. I looked up at Storm. "Do you get scared sometimes with what you can do?" I asked. Storm is like one of my adult best friends. Then there's Logan he is like an older brother. Scott and Jean don't like me very much.

Storm looked at me. "Of course. Jade everyone does. Come on we should get to the others before they do something I will get in trouble for" Storm said. I nodded and stood up grabbing everything. Storm smiled as we walked out together. We were talking on the way. "You had that dream again didn't you" Storm said. I nodded. "It gets worse every time. Why am i getting these dreams?" I asked. Storm looked at me and stopped and I stopped. "Because Jade you are afraid of whats inside. I know everyone is scared of what they can do. But if you believe in yourself I think the dreams will stop" Storm said. I nodded and ran to class. Storm laughed and walked outside.

Storm let us muck around. Logan walked up and wrapped his arms around Storm's waist. Oh yeah Storm and Logan are going out. Its so cute. I smiled. Reminds me of mum and dad. The photos they have. Or dad has up in his room. I dropped everything. Than it went black.


Storm's POV

I watched Jade fall. Logan and I ran up. "Jade" I said and shook her. She wasn't responding to me. Kids just stood there. "Harry get Simon now" Logan said. Harry nodded and ran inside. "Jade come on" I said. I checked for a pulse. There was one. But why wasn't she responding to me. She didn't to Logan either. Simon ran out. "What happened?" He asked. I looked up at Simon. "She just fell" I said. Simon had tears in his eyes. 

"We need to get her inside now" Simon said. We nodded. Logan picked Jade up and carried her inside. "Class get to your rooms now. Stay in there until we say come out" Storm said. The students nodded and walked off. I picked up all of Jade's things. We walked inside. Logan had put Jade into the infirmary. Simon was looking at his daughter who was lying on the bed. Motionless. She was breathing but not responding to anything. Logan put his arms around me again.

"Is this something to do with her power?" I asked. Logan looked at me. "We will find it out soon. For now we wait" Logan whispered and kissed my cheek. Simon kissed Jade's hand and walked out. "Simon do you know what it is?" I asked. Simon shook his head. "No. I wish I did though. I am going to have to find out" Simon said and walked off. We sighed and followed him. Logan was now holding my hand.


Harry's POV

I sneaked out of my room and walked down the hall. "Harry" Scott said. I turned around and smiled. "He I was just getting a drink" I said. Scott looked at me. "Really. The drink wouldn't happen to be Jade would it?" Scott asked. I shook my head. "Nope soda is my drink" I said and walked off into the kitchen and saw the boys sitting there. "Worried about her too?" I asked the boys. They nodded. Louis handed me a soda. I smiled and grabbed it. "Did you see what happened Harry? You have the same class with her" Liam asked.

I shook my head and opened the soda. "All I saw was Jade fall and that was it. Storm and Logan rushed over to her. Storm told me to get Simon which I did and that was it" I said and took a sip of the soda. The boys nodded. I sighed and sat on the stool next to Louis. "They were so worried though when she fainted. Like she was in danger something like that. Simon was almost in tears and Storm told the class to go to our rooms. So I think they know what happened" I said and drank my soda again. Storm and Logan walked in. "Harry I said stay in your room" Storm said.

"That goes for all of you boys too" Logan said. Liam looked at them. "We were just thristy" Liam said. Niall was also eating of course. "Its true and plus we are worried about Jade" Niall said. Storm rolled her eyes. "We don't know what is wrong with her. Nor does Simon so we need everyone to stay in there rooms" Storm said. The boys and I sighed and walked out. "Put the soda's in the bin" Logan said. "But" We protested. "No buts now" Logan said. The boys and I did what Logan said and walked out getting back to our rooms. Simon walked down the hall.

"Get in your rooms now all of you" He yelled. I walked into mine and closed the door sighing.


Simon's POV

"Storm, Logan, Jean and Scott my office now" I said. They nodded and followed me. Once inside Logan shut the door. "I found out whats the problem" I said. They looked at me. "What?" Storm asked. I sat in my chair. "Her power is taking control over her she is trying to fight it. But the only way she can learn how to control it is if I send her to the one place she was conceived  I whispered. Logan gasped. "No way its way to dangerous for Jade" Logan said. 

I punched the desk. "Its the only way to save her. I am not losing another person who is important to me. Not again" I snapped. Logan nodded. "But who is going to go with her?" Storm asked. I smiled. "Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn come in here please?" I asked. Scott opened the door and the 5 boys fell to the ground. They stood up. "Yes Simon" Liam said. I smiled. "Jean go check on Jade for me please. If she is awake bring her in here" I said. Jean nodded and walked out.

"What do you want Simon?" Harry asked. I smiled and said, "Wait." 3 minutes later Jean and Jade walked in. I stood up. Jade ran and hugged me. I smiled and hugged her tightly. Jade pulled back and went in line with the boys. "Now guys I have a mission for you. I want you to go with my daughter to the mountain of fire" I said. Jade looked at me. "What?" Jade asked. I looked at everyone else. "Its where Jade can learn to control her power. If she doesn't it will kill her. I don't want you dead Jade. I can't have you dead" I whispered. Jade nodded. "Okay father" Jade said.

The boys looked at me. "Louis take the jet. You will make friends and enemies on the way. Allies you will meet. Riddles you have to solve. Darkness will fall upon you and you will also have to fight some evil people" I said. The boys nodded. "We will take your daughter. We will take the mission. We won't fail you Simon" The boys said. I smiled. "I know you won't" I said and looked at my daughter. "Jade if you ever need someone talk to the winds in the west and your mother will answer" I said. Jade looked at me and nodded.


Jade's POV

I walked into my room and started to pack for the trip. Dad walked in and looked at me. "You were conceived at the mountain of fire. That's why you have to go. The monks there can teach you and the boys everything you and they need to know about controlling your powers" Dad said. I hugged Dad. Dad put his arms around me. "I am going to miss you" I whispered. Dad kissed my cheek. "Me too baby girl. I will be here when you come back. I promise" Dad said. I nodded and pulled away. Dad wiped my tears the were coming down.

We walked to the jet hand in hand. There stood Storm, Logan and the boys. Storm and Logan hugged me. "Be careful. The mountain of fire is a dangerous place. So be careful and look where you walk" Logan said. I nodded. He held his knuckles up. I smiled and fist pumped him. The boys and I walked into the jet. "Are you sure you can drive this thing?" Liam asked Louis. Louis nodded. "It won't be that hard" Louis said looking at the controls. "Press the green button to start and flick all the red ones on" Logan said. He walked in and showed Louis. Louis nodded.

"Thanks Logan" Louis said. Logan smiled and walked out. "Good luck guys" Simon said. Louis closed the hanger door. He started the jet and it took off. Kids waving goodbye.

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