Project: High School Sweethearts

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy of the school that every teenage girl desires and their parents want to avoid. They're all addicted to him and is drawn to him both physically and sexually. Krystal Abrahams is one of those girls, but hates to admit she wants him more.


3. Two

Krystal's POV- 

"Where did you go friday night? I looked everywhere for you and I couldn't find you! Then on saturday and yesterday you totally ignored my phone calls and texts! What happened?" 

"Nothing, Brie. I swear." I laughed and continued to ignore her whilst she continued her interrogation process. 

"Seriously? You're going to pull the 'nothing' card? I heard from a couple of people, the last person you were with was Harry, now SPILL!" 

"Nothing happened." I laughed, obviously teasing Brie. Although nothing happened, I like to mess with her, yunno, make her think something possibly did happen. 

"Ugh! Whatever, I have to get to English, what do you have?" 

"I have a free, I'll meet you in the cafeteria?" 

"Sounds like a plan." Brie took a Shakespeare book out if her locker and ran to second period just as the bell rang. 

The halls had emptied quickly. Kids would either run to class on time so they didn't get into trouble (I mean, if you don't want to be I class, why go late and spend extra time in there afterwards) or kids would run out of the gate. Jigging it wagging on the bell was smart, you have a less likely chance to be caught because the teachers would be in class. I guess it isn't really matter for us because we were seniors and teachers didn't question our time tables. I took a quick look around the hall, it was empty. I let out a heavy sigh of relief and put my chemistry books into my locker that I had used period one. I had a whole 40 minutes to myself and I'm not sure if its what I needed, after Friday when I sort of had contact with Harry's lips, I hadn't been too social. I didn't even know how to tell Brie! Sigh. I took my handbag out of my locker and decided I would grab a coffee before relaxing in the school library. A good thing about this school is that the shops is literally a 6 minute walk down the street, it was so convenient.



Harry's POV - 

I decided to skip second period as I noticed Krystal had a free. Strangely enough, I was still memorized by the taste of her lips. I didn't like the feeling, but I craved more and more of it the more I thought about it and I thought about it all the time. Since Friday, I can count that I've kissed another.. three, maybe four girls and none of them have given me the satisfaction she gave me with the slightest touch of her lips. I can still feel a slight sting where she slapped me when I over think the situation. 

How could she basically reject me? Who could reject me? 

I had watched as Krystal messed about in her locker. Finally she had pulled out a bag and started to exit the corridor, I slowly lurked behind making sure she couldn't see me. Accidentally kicking my toe on a metal bin, she turned around. My initial reaction was to drop to the floor to hide, so I did. She turned back and continued to walk off almost immediately and I quickly stood up, only to realize I had thrown myself into a pile of what I was hoping was mud. I was wearing a white shirt too, which didn't help. Shit! I began to wipe off excess mud with my beanie I ripped off of my head of curls. 

"You could've just approached me, rather than jumping into mud." I felt a pair of gentle hands cleaning mud off of the back of my shirt, "here." I turned around and it was her, who else, it was Krystal. 

"Hah, yeah." I scratched the back of my head and noticed she was offering me a black hoodie. 

"It's one of my friends, I don't think he'll mind." She smiled shyly. 

"Thanks." Without thinking, I took off my shirt in the middle of the school corridors, Krystal just turned her back to me. "You can look you know? It isn't like I took my pants off.. but that can be arranged." 

She turned around, "Shut it." Giggling and quickly observing my strongly toned, lightly tanned abs, she threw the hoodie at my face, "Please put it on." And she walked off. 

Chasing behind her I stopped her simply by placing my hand onto her shoulder, "Where are we going?" 

"Well, me, I'm going to grab a coffee. You.. I don't know." 

"Oh, I was gonna you know.. grab a coffee." I winked and snaked my arm onto her shoulders as she continued to walk. Not soon enough though, she moved my arm off of her. 

"What do you want?" She sighed and we both stopped just outside a set of lockers in the middle of the school. There were no classrooms, bathrooms or teachers anywhere nearby. 

"Me? Or you? Ask yourself that, Kyrstal, what do you want? Because I'm starting to think it isn't me that you want. Do you want me, Krystal?" A smirk crept up onto my face as I watched her face flush with a deep red. "It's okay, love. You can tell me." I slowly walked closer to her as she backed away and we came to a quick stop when her back was against the lockers. I licked by bottom lip and moved in closer to her ear, placing my left arm above her head to rest my body weight against. "I can tell you this much.. I want you." 

As soon as those words left my mouth, she snapped out of the trance I seemed to put her in. Her cheeks went back to their usual color and she pushed me away from her, "How many girls have you said that to within the last 24 hours Harry? You don't want me, or desire me. You crave sex and attention! I'm sick of you snaking your way into my life and fucking with my emotions!" She shook her head at me and power walked down the hall.


Krystal's POV - 

"I can tell you this much.. I want you." Harry's words raised my hopes, yet sunk my heart at the same time. Who doesn't he say this to? Who am I kidding, he probably just wants to root every girl at this school before he leaves. 

I pushed Harry off of me and words raced out of my mouth before I could even evaluate what I was about to say, "How many girls have you said that to within the last 24 hours Harry? You don't want me, or desire me. You crave sex and attention! I'm sick of you snaking your way into my life and fucking with my emotions!" 

I power walked down the hall to get away from Harry and any of his comments, but I wasn't quick enough. Harry's heavy foot steps soon caught up to me, "None." He stopped me and pushed my against the lockers again, quiet harshly this time, might I add. 


"I haven't said it to any other girls within the last 24 hours.. the last 3 days actually." Harry's arms carried his body weight as he leaned onto the lockers above my head. He sighed at his own confession, "I mean it when I say I want you, Krystal. Believe me." 

"Whatever Harry!" I tried pushing me off of him but he kept me in place by putting one of his hands over my waist. 

"I don't like this." 


"The way girls treat me when I think I have feelings for them. Why don't you believe me?" 

"Maybe because you parade yourself around like a two dollar hoe with a bad boy reputation." I sassed at him. 

"Do you think I'm a slut?" 


"Then what am I to you? Who am I?" 

"I don't know Harry, who are you? Please tell me because I'm dying to know." I wasn't sure if I was being sarcastic at this point in time, but it wasn't a rhetorical question. 

He stayed silent for a moment, until he took a deep breath and simply stated, "I'm Harry Styles. The miss understood hooligan who wants a chance at the ideology of love."

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