Project: High School Sweethearts

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy of the school that every teenage girl desires and their parents want to avoid. They're all addicted to him and is drawn to him both physically and sexually. Krystal Abrahams is one of those girls, but hates to admit she wants him more.


4. Three

Krystal's POV - 

"Wh-what?" I had to think twice about what Harry said and take in those few words. 

"Don't take it the wrong way, I love my life the way it is right now.. that is everything but the girls. Yeah, I like girls.. but I'm finishing high school soon and I've never had a real relationship or cared about a girl before. Until I got to know you. I didn't even have to meet you to know that I had feelings for you." 

"You can't have feelings for someone if you don't know them personally Harry. How do you even know you have feelings for me?" 

"Well then let me get to know you. I want to get to know you..please?" Harry whispered, his body still leaning onto the locker, hovering above me, only inches apart. 

"You don't have to ask, just make the effort to spend time with me or to talk to me." 

"I don't even make time to hang out with my actual friends." Harry giggled weakly. 

"You and I both know you aren't really friends with any of those boys you hang out with." 

"You may think that, but I know who I'm friends with." 

I pushed Harry off of the locker and fixed my standing position, "So the boys who bullied you for years on end became your friends? Your best friends? You know, and I know you know, that they only hang out with you because they're scared of you and don't want you to get them back for the years of pain they brought you. If you're going to deny this fact, Harry, then you're not being completely honest with yourself meaning you won't be 100% honest with me. You know what that means right?" 

Harry stood there in silence, he brought his left hand to his mouth and started playing with his bottom lip, eventually shaking his head indicating he didn't know. 

"Harry.." I sighed, "It means we won't have an honest and trustworthy relationship." 

"Oh.. I see." Harry dropped his hand. 

"Tomorrow after school. 3 o' clock on the dot." I sighed, "Meet me in the car park, if you're late, I'm assuming you don't want to take any of this seriously." 

"So.. you're giving me a chance?" Harry smiled. 

"Depends on what you mean by giving you a chance, Harry." I sighed one last final time and walked off away from Harry, I really needed my coffee right about now. 



Harry's POV - 

"Wait, so are you two dating yet?" Calum asked yet again, still not understanding mine and Krystal's.. 'situation'. 

"No." I'm getting more and more irritated by the second, "We're getting to know each other first."

"How long will that take though? You don't have long before you finish school, Hazza." Calum stressed, "Do you have enough time for the whole scheme?" 

"What scheme?" John, another one of my close mates, interrupted.  

"The one where Harry pretends to like Krystal and eventually date her, well not really date her, but dates her so.." 

"So you can fuck her Harry?" John looks disgusted. 

"No." I grunt, "Well, not completely. I've always wanted a serious relationship." 

"You can't mess with a girls emotions, Harry. Especially girls like Krystal." John warned. 

"Why?" Me and Calum both asked in harmony. 

"Because" John started before clearing his throat, "Krystal is one of those girls in whom are insecure.. so insecure to the extent that her insecurities have insecurities. She tries so hard to please everyone else even though she tells herself she doesn't care. She puts a smile on her face so people don't ask questions. She's the type of girl that has an amazing personality and is beautiful, but doesn't believe it when she gets told so. She's the type of girl who doesn't fall in love easily, but Harry, if she falls in love with you to only find you we're using her, she may just break down and you don't know how bad her break down will be..." 

"It can't be that bad, no girl could possibly be like that." 

"Harry, most girls are like that but they're too scared to be judged to admit to it. But anyways, the point is, don't fuck around Harry. This whole thing you have going on may have a positive outcome for you, but you have to consider the opposition too." And with that, John shook his head once more in disappointment and walked off. 

"You're not going to listen to him are you?" Calum laughed. 

"He sounded real serious." 

"Look at all the girls you've slept with, did you affect them that bad? If a lot of girls are like that them how come out of all the girls you've slept with or hooked up with, how have you not broken any?" 

"How do I know I haven't broken any?" My mind just caved in and I felt guilt running through my veins, "What if I've hurt every single girl I've touched? What if they expected me to be next to them in the morning when they woke up? But I was gone and they would see me with another girl  within the next 48 hours. What if they thought a kiss we shared was something special? But to me it was just a guilty pleasure built up by alcohol. What if they fell in love with me? What if they broke down? What if I'm the reason for their scars? What if I'm the reason for their distrust in males?" 

"Harry, you haven't hurt anyone." Calum tries to reassure me, only because he wanted me to hook up with Krystal though. 

"I can't. I can't do it." 

"Looks like we've got little old dip shit loser, poor excuse of a friend, faggot Styles." Calum mocked me like he had years ago. 

"Enough!" My rage streamed through to my right arm and with one swift movement, I grabbed Calum's neck and pushed him against my closed locker. "You're a dick. Look at what I forced myself to become because I thought it was the best for me. This bad boy persona isn't what I thought it was, it was the opposite and I never realized it until now." My grip around Calum's neck tightened, him letting out a little grunt of pain. Everyone in the halls ignored us. The boys and I had become a dis-concern from everyone as we did the same thing everyday, we would always fight. It was nothing new to anyone. "I'm not about to hurt another girl." 

"Oh but Harry, you are." Calum whispered with what words he managed to speak. I loosened my grip on him, confused at what he was saying. 

"What do you mean?" My voice became more irritated and enraged than it was only moments ago. 

"Krystal really likes you Harry and she thinks you like her too. She thinks she finally has a chance with you. If you ditch her after school and don't turn up in the car park, she's going to think everything you said to her wasn't serious and she may just bash herself for it." Calum smirked. 

"Nothing happened though. She has nothing to bash herself over!" I slammed him into the lockers one more time. 

"No no no. She won't bash herself over the small, intimate moment she shared with you when you were inches apart. She won't bash herself for having feelings for you. She won't bash herself for thinking she had a chance with you." Calum's smirk grew wider as I took in every single word he said. I couldn't let Krystal hurt herself, I couldn't let myself hurt Krystal. 

"It would hurt her more if she found out I just wanted sex." I said, disgusted at myself, ashamed of myself. 



Krystal's POV - 

*After School* 

"So, you sure you don't need a ride?" Brie asked one more time as she scanned the car park looking for Harry. 

"If he doesn't show, I'll call you okay?" I laughed and hugged Brie before sending her on her way. 

"You better." She winked before walking towards her car and eventually taking off. 

Sigh. I looked at my phone, '3:07'. I told Harry to be here on the dot. Maybe I should just leave, he probably had better plans. But he looked so happy to know we had plans for the afternoon. I decided to wait around a bit longer, before my impatience got the best of me. I checked the time again, '3:12'. That's it. I'm done. I'm leaving. I turn around to exit the school and go to call Brie, but that gets put on hold as my phone began to ring, an unknown caller. 

"Hello?" I answer. 

"Krystal." His voice brightened my day. 



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