Project: High School Sweethearts

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy of the school that every teenage girl desires and their parents want to avoid. They're all addicted to him and is drawn to him both physically and sexually. Krystal Abrahams is one of those girls, but hates to admit she wants him more.


2. One

Harry's POV- 

Krystal was a quiet one, sexy, but quiet. She had never had the guts to talk to me before, but I know that girl back to front. Her character, where she shops, her Monday to Friday schedule, favorite food, etc etc. No, I wasn't a stalker or anything, I just.. tend to gather information of people who are I don't know, just as mysterious as me. Mysterious girls intrigue me, and girls who intrigue me, excite me, if you know what I mean. 
Yes, Krystal intrigued me to the certain extent of me basically wanting her, desperately. 

I was surprised by her bold move today when she tried talking to me, until I admittedly, rudely interrupted her. I guess you could say I wasn't the nicest person, but it's just my character and I really can't help it sometimes. I feel confident and empowering when I reign over others, it gives me an confident feeling I've never really had before. 2 years ago, I wasn't the kid I am today. I was a puny little wimp who was pushed around by everyone, even my mates that are closest to me today. I finally made a decision in life to step up and defend myself. 3 years ago during the summer holidays, I bulked and cut, giving myself a built and staunch figure. I decided to get tattoos with a few of my friends I met at the gym and also gained a piercing or two when I was out partying. When I came back to school everyone was astonished by the changes I had made to myself, but my bullies John and Calum couldn't resist but to mock me. That's when I did it. I gained my 'bad boy' reputation. John and Calum confronted me, pushing me around calling me the usual, 'puny little shit', 'ugly faggot' and what not. I was fed up with it all, and it only took me one swing to knock out John. He was lying on the floor, knocked out cold. Me and Calum got into a little fight but I ultimately defeated him. Obviously, I got suspended and it was for a whole month, giving me a 4 month holiday. This suspension was he best thing that ever happened to me. So many rumors were spread about me, saying that I had been to juvy, I smoke and drink and get my dick ridden every now and again. It built up my bad boy character. But still, no one knew who I really was and I still remained anti-social. I was the teenage dirt bag every single girl wanted, that every single guy hated but couldn't phase and the kid I had always dreamed of being. 

Who am I kidding? I'm perfect. 


Krystal's POV- 

"Who am I kidding? He's perfect!" I whined to Brie. 

"He cut you off and pretty much ran away! He didn't want to talk to you and you're calling him perfect?" 


"But nothing! How can you still be interested in him?" 

"I don't know.. he intrigues me. I know he really isn't that rude, I mean, he hasn't always been the bad boy character he is today, remember? And who could resist those biceps. And that smile. And those dimples!" I fan girled with Brie all the way home from school. It had been about 4 or 5 hours since I feebly attempted to talk to Harry. 

"Are you going to attempt talking to him again?" Brie cocked an eyebrow at me. 

"Well duuh!" I laughed, "Tonight." 

"Tonight? What? How did it go from him mocking you to you two meeting up tonight?" Brie was confused. 

"We aren't meeting up, we may just accidentally run into each other.. sort of." 

"You're going to stalk him?" 

"What? Nooo! Calum's party? Tonight.. remember?" 

"Oh my gosh! I completely forgot! I haven't even gone shopping and now it's too late." Brie whined. 

"Don't worry babe, you can borrow some of my clothes." I smiled to her as we walked up to my house. My parents were still at work and they knew I was going out tonight, just not to a party. I'm 17 and they won't trust me completely to do whatever I want until I'm 18. Brie is 18 soon and her parents are carefree, mainly because her step dad lets her do whatever she wants. That's obviously because he wants her to love him as much as her real dad; never gonna happen.  

"O M G!" Brie screeched running out of my walk in wardrobe with a short black dress with black and gold lace on the side, making it a bit more revealing than it already was. She started checking herself out in the mirror, "May I?" 

"Go for it." I laughed and Brie squeezed me in her arms so tight I was about to hyperventilate. 

"Sorry. Thank you!" She laughed and ran to my shoe rack across the room, "Hmm." She picked out a pair of black wedges that have a zip down the back and put them on. She left her long black hair out, flowing down her back and she was done. Brie wasn't the type to wear make up, neither of us were. She was perfect, model like almost. She had a straight figure with a slight thigh gap, but her thighs weren't too small. "What are you wearing?" 

"I don't know actually.." I walked into my wardrobe and started looking through my clothes, "Shorts.. shirt." 

"Dress to impress Mr Styles, Krys." She laughed, "Unless you meant crop top and short shorts." 

"I'm don't have to expose my body to him to get him." 

"If you're competing with every other girl at that party, you're going to have to." She did have a point, but I didn't care. I took her words into consideration though and got dressed into a maroon crop top with shorts that reached my belly button to half way down my thighs. It wasn't too short, I guess. I threw on a light and flowy black cardigan with a white aztec pattern that ran down further than my shorts and I pulled up the sleeves. Finishing my outfit with a simple pair of black doc martins, we were ready to go. 


Harry's POV- 

"Did you invite Krystal and Brie?" I tried yelling into Calum's ear. The music was full blast and the bass hit harder and louder than the actual music. Electronic music filled the entire street. 

"Yes, Hazza! Be patient, they'll come. It's only 10 and the party practically just started. " Calum burped, his breath already smelling like pussy.. and vodka, of course. 

I decided to just walk around a bit, it was crowded but not too crowded, there was just enough space for you to walk around without feeling uncomfortable bumps all over you. My height was sort of an advantage, I was one of the tallest people there and could see across most people. I still couldn't see Krystal. I felt girls touching me and dancing on me, forcefully pushing them off I walked out side to get some space. 

"You know we can get awaay, because I'm caaaal-ling your name.." I heard someone singing along, she was mumbling and I could hear her voice over the music so I figured she must be close. She had an amazing voice. "Everyday I feel this paaain, but you just tuurn and walk away.." 

"Nooooo.." The music continued and turned into a digital bootleg remix. 

"You have an amazing voice!" I quietly yelled. 

"Shit." I heard a soft reply. I guess she didn't know I was out here and was stunned by my presence, not long after I heard rustling in the bush on the side of the house and another, "Shit!" 

"Are you okay?" I ran to the side of the house to see Krystal standing in the little garden patch and Brie was walking to the backyard, laughing. "Woah." I admired her clothing choice for the night.. well, I admired what I could see under this lighting. 

"Harry?" She looked up at me, still brushing dirt off of her shorts.. her very revealing shorts. 

"What happened here?" I laughed at her. 

"Well.." she looked down at her shorts then back to me, meeting my eyes, "I guess I fell?" 

"Need a hand?" 

"No thanks." 

"Need a drink?" 

"Maybe two." She tried laughing weakly. I grabbed her wrist and dragged her inside the house and pulled her into the kitchen, grabbing five glasses and a bottle of alcohol, filling up all the glasses. "Thanks." She took and glass and a sip, pulling a disgusted face. 

"Black vodka. 60% alcohol." I smiled and she shook her head, realizing that's why she didn't exactly enjoy this beverage, "how long have you been here?" I asked, not mentioning the fact that I've been looking for her. 

"About.. two hours." She said, checking her watch, "I've been looking for you actually." She finished and her cheeks turned a light red, her eyes wide open. She didn't mean to tell me that, I knew it. 

"I've been looking for you too." I admitted, "You look good tonight.. not that you never look good.." 

"You too." She admired my tight black jean and lose, yet fitted black top, highlighting some of my muscle. "Like always." She let out a sigh. 

 I laughed at her comment and things got very awkward very quickly. We both stood there staring at each other but avoided eye contact. Neither of us spoke either, so all we heard was the music and yet somehow I could hear her breathing and her breaths were overpowering the music. She had an odd breathing pattern and I could tell that she liked being around me.. a lot. If felt like we had been standing there forever but the song had just ended and I realized it had only been a couple of minutes. I had to do something to break this awkwardness, so I went to say something but stopped myself and instead I cupped her face in my left had, put my right hand behind her back and pulled her in to kiss her. Just as our lips touched and I went to pull her in closer, she struggled. Krystal pushed me off of her and slapped me, shaking her head. 

"I am so sorry!" She covered her mouth with her hands at her reaction to our almost kiss. "I didn't mean to hit you." Krystal ran out of the room and I didn't bother chasing after her like I would most girls. You can't just hit me and get away with it. But Krystal, I made this one exception. I placed my hand over my cheek which she had just slapped and stood there in both amusement and shock at her brave move. I just laughed. I can't believe she did that. I put my hand down and took a drink from the table, smiling. It was an accident, but she has no idea what she has just started. 


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