Completely different. (Not Famous)

Selena lives in a little neighborhood, she loves to sing and perform on stage with her bestfriend Demi, she's not really into sport. One day a new boy named Harry, becomes Selena's neighbor. He loves football, not really into singing. These two are completely different. But the day Selena and Demi are going to compete with their enemies in a singing competition, Demi gets sick. Will they ask Harry for help after hearing his beautiful voice? Or will they back off from the competition? Read this to find out!


1. My life.

Selena's P.O.V

My name is Selena Gomez, I'm 18 years old. All since I was five years old I've been singing. I just love it, it's basically my life. Me and my best friend Demi. We always sung together. We're called, "Hot&Spicy"

I've never actually had a boyfriend. Just crushes. I lived in a small neighborhood in an apartment with no neighbors. I was always hoping that one day, someone would move into the little apartment next to mine.

It would've been awesome. Demi lived in a house down the road a few meters from my block. We visits eachother everyday.

Me and Demi were a team, and so were Sasha and Amy... Our enemies, they called themselves, "Terminators.". We constantly made fun of eachothers, ugh Demi and I really hated them. They also sing, we compete all the time in school or in the streets. Having battles you know.. and the crowd decides who's winning.

I lived with my mom, my dad have passed away, but that's a long time ago i was an only child. But Demi were practically like my twin sister. I love her with all my heart.

Demi's P.O.V

My name is Demi Lovato, I'm 18 years old. Me and Selena were so close! No one could ever imagine.. I love her so much. We hang out every day after school. We always sing together. 

We have other friends of course, but they're not as cool as us. No one understands out humor. 

I live with my mom and dad, I'm an only child just as Selena. Which is good because if I had a sister, she would've just been jealous.

Sasha and Amy have been our enemies all since kindergarden. Oh how much we hated them.

Not a single day went without them getting on our nerves.

Harry's P.O.V

My name is Harry Styles, I'm 19 years old.  I've litterally been playing soccer al since I was three years old. Honestly I loved it back then, but the last few years it just have got more and more boring.

I only continue just because of my dad. He want me to be the best soccer player in the world. Plus, I'm the team captain. Our soccer team was called, "Jeapers." And out enemies were called, "Bulldogs."

They played rough and illegal. I hate them, expecially this one dude called Felix Jackson. He thinks he owns us all, he's a real douche.

I live with my dad and little sister Olivia which is only eight years old, my mom and dad divorced when I was ten years old. 

Everyday I'm training on soccer. Sometimes with my dad, and sometimes alone. I almost didn't have time for school. But it's soon summer vacation and I'm just going to focus on the soccer.

The neighborhood I'm living in were so small and ghetto. Like, I never have a place to play, so my dad decided to move to another neighborhood.

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