Completely different. (Not Famous)

Selena lives in a little neighborhood, she loves to sing and perform on stage with her bestfriend Demi, she's not really into sport. One day a new boy named Harry, becomes Selena's neighbor. He loves football, not really into singing. These two are completely different. But the day Selena and Demi are going to compete with their enemies in a singing competition, Demi gets sick. Will they ask Harry for help after hearing his beautiful voice? Or will they back off from the competition? Read this to find out!


34. I'm staying with Felix.

Harry's P.O.V

We arrived the policee station some minutes later. They were going to ask us questions about what happened one by one.

They started with Demi first. About 15 minutes later she came out again. Then it was Selena. And then me.

I walked inside a small room with a big table and a huge mirror. I knew it was people behind that mirror.

I sat down on one side of the table as another man sat down on the other side.

"What happened in this action?" The man asked as I took a deep breath.

"Selena and I drove to Felix's house looking for Demi. The door was open so we stepped inside and hided, we saw a body on the floor covered in blood. And then the bedroomdoor opened and we heard talking. Suddenly we heard a gun shot and when we ran to the livingroom we found another body on the floor. That was Ethan, the guy who tried to kill Felix from the start." I explained as the man took notes on a piece of paper.

He then nodded and told me to step outside. All three of us sat for like 10 minutes before an officer came and said that we could go home.

We sat inside my car, I started the motor heading home. But suddenly Demi said, "Take me to the hospital." 

"Why?" I asked looking at her and Selena in the back seat.

"Felix is there.. I'm going to visit him." Demi spoke as a tear ran down her cheek.

I nodded as I turned the car around and headed to the hospital.


I parked the car about to step outside before Demi said, "Go home you two. I'll stay with Felix."

She gave me and Selena a hug and stepped outside the car as I drove away.

Demi's P.O.V

I walked inside the hospital asking the reception where Felix Jackson were.

They pointed across the hall. I thanked as I walked towards his room. I opened the door finding Felix in a bed sleeping. He had a gypsum covering his whole leg where he got shot.

I sighed as I sat down on a chair next to his bed. It was so quiet in the room I could finally relax.

The door opened as the doctor came inside, "We gave him some medicine, he will probably sleep for a whole day. Would you like to sleep in another room?" The doctor asked but I shook my head.

"I'll stay here, thanks." I smiled as the doctor nodded and walked outside again.

I just sat here, thinking about my feelings for Felix, about me killing a guy, about Nathan.

But my thought soon disappeard when my phone started to vibrate. I picket it up, it was my mom.

"The police just called, Demi are you okay? Where are you? Are you hurt? Should we pick you up?" Thousands of questions came out of my moms mouth.

"Mom, I'm okay." I said trying to make her relax, "I'm with Felix at the hospital, he got shot. I'm staying with him until he can leave." 

My mom sighed in relief, "I'm so glad you're okay honey. Stay safe allright?" She spoke, "Allright." I replied and hung up.

I placed the phone back in my pocket and leaned back in the chair. I crossed my arms and fell asleep.

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