Completely different. (Not Famous)

Selena lives in a little neighborhood, she loves to sing and perform on stage with her bestfriend Demi, she's not really into sport. One day a new boy named Harry, becomes Selena's neighbor. He loves football, not really into singing. These two are completely different. But the day Selena and Demi are going to compete with their enemies in a singing competition, Demi gets sick. Will they ask Harry for help after hearing his beautiful voice? Or will they back off from the competition? Read this to find out!


29. I'm so angry

"Hello?" A tiny girl voice said through the phone.

"Demi, did Nathan have a really close girl-friend?" I smirked as I placed my feets on the wheel.

"Uhm, I don't know, why?" She asked confused.

"Oh, and by close, I mean sex buddy."

"What?!" She said a little louder.

"Yeah, I saw him causually walking towards Samantha's place. Samantha is like.. a girl who have sex with everyone."

"W...Why? When?" She was so confused.

"Yeah and they were making out and she dragged him inside her house and god knows what they're doing in there." 

"I.." She was speechless.

"If you don't believe me, I have pictures." 

"Did you follow him?" 

"Well.. I thought you two had a thing.. So when he walked up to Samantha's place I though something was wrong."

"Can you pick me up at my place? I need to talk to Nathan face to face." She was angry. 

"Sure, I'll be there within 30 minutes." I smirked and hung up as I started the car.

Harry's P.O.V

It felt good knocking Felix down. But what was he doing with Demi? I need to talk to her later.

I walked out to the florist to surprise Selena. I bought some pink roses and walked over to Selena's apartment, I knocked on her door as she opened it seconds later.

I held the roses in front of her as she smiled.

"For you." I smiled handing them over to her.

"Aw, thank you." She said as she took them. 

She invited me insdie and I sat down on he couch, "Is your mother home?" I asked as she placed the flowers in a vase.

"No, she's on a date with her new boyfriend." Selena groaned.

"Aren't you happy for her?" I asked as she sat down next to me.

"No. I don't like him. He's too bossy and mean." Selena spoke as she planted a kiss on my lips.

I kissed her again, our tounges touched as I gently layed her down on the couch. I then kissed her neck holding around her waist.

I took off her top and she took off mine. Her hands felt over my body. I placed my lips on her lips again and bit her bottom lips.

I then took off her pants, and then I took off mine throwing the clothes on the floor.

"You sure you wanna do this?" I asked, guessing she's still a virgin.

She nodded as I went inside her..

Demi's P.O.V

I heard a car honk outside my house. I put on my shoes and walked out, I stepped inside Felix's car.

I was angry. Nathan was so nice to me, and I really thought he liked me..

Felix started to drive, "So, you're going to call him first? Asking him where he is?" He asked not leting his eyes off the road.

"Sure.." I sighed and brought up my phone dialing Nathan's number.

"Hello?" I heard Nathan's voice.

"Where are you?" I asked with an angry voice.

"Home, why?" 

"I'll be there in 30 minutes." I said as I hung up.

It was quiet in the car, I didn't feel like talking, I was so angry.

"Sooo.." Felix started after about 15 minutes.

"How's your day been?" He looked over at me.

I rolled my eyes as they landed on him. I didn't give him a very nice look.

"Never mind." He said continuing looking on the road.

"Listen, I think you're great. Like, even for me to be, I would've never cheated." Felix smirked looking at me again.

I didn't reply, making him feel more awkward.

"So you like cats?" I couldn't hold it.

He was being so awkward and random, I let out a little giggle.

"There's that smile I was looking for." He smiled as I turned my head looking out the window covering my mouth.

"No don't cover it. It's cute." He smiled, I playfully hit him on the shoulder, "Shut up." I laughed.


We arrived Nathan's house, "Wait here." I said to Felix as I stepped outside the car.

I walked over to the door and knocked. Nathan opened it right away, he was smiling... Smiling!

Didn't he even know why I was here? Didn't he even feel a little guilt.

"Hey babe." He said about to hug me before I slapped him really hard..


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