Completely different. (Not Famous)

Selena lives in a little neighborhood, she loves to sing and perform on stage with her bestfriend Demi, she's not really into sport. One day a new boy named Harry, becomes Selena's neighbor. He loves football, not really into singing. These two are completely different. But the day Selena and Demi are going to compete with their enemies in a singing competition, Demi gets sick. Will they ask Harry for help after hearing his beautiful voice? Or will they back off from the competition? Read this to find out!


12. I won't hesitate.

Selena's P.O.V

I ran in front of Harry stopping Felix from another punch. When Felix saw me he smiled. He grabbed my throat and choked me.

"You're lucky I didn't kill you." He whispered clenching his jaw.

I couldn't talk, I struggled to breathe. He pushed me to one of the guys behind him, they both held my tight as I tried to escape. Felix looked down at Harry again who was still laying on the ground.

"Don't do it!" I shouted as he kicked Harry in the stomach.

I managed to get away from the two boys and punched Felix several times, but he didn't seem to react.

He turned around and smirked as he licked his lips, "You're coming with me love." He commanded as he grabbed my arm walking away.

"Where are we going?" I asked turning around seeng Harry trying to stand up.

Felix's friend were still there, "Why aren't the other guys coming?"

We stopped next to a big black car, "We are going home to me, while my friends are going to finish Harry." He spoke as he opened the cardoor waiting for me to step inside.

"No." I said short crossing my arms, "I'm not going with you."

He clenched his jaw as he brought up a pocked knife. My eyes widened as he smirked, "Get in the car." He warned as I sighed stepping inside the car.

Felix jogged to the other side and stepped in as well. He started the car driving over to the boys, He rolled down the window on my side and shouted, "Hey guys, give him another kick in the face."

And they did, "You're an asshole." I spat as he laughed, "I know."

He then drove away. When we were almost there he said, "In the car, the bed or in the shower? You choose."

I rolled my eyes not answer him. He parked the car next to his house as he looked at me up and down. He reached out his hand stroking my leg, but I just pushed his hand away.

He bit his lips walking out of the car. Seconds later he opened my car door as I stepped outside. He grabbed my arm as we walked over to the door. He unlocked it pushing me inside closing the door after him.

I was scared, why me? Out of all the girls prettier than me...

He walked closer to me but I backed. He grabbed my hands pulling me closer to him.

"Please, leave me alone." I whispered as he rolled his eyes.

"Just come." He spoke dragging me to his bedroom.

He shut the door and took off his shirt. I sat down on the bed.

"Undress." He commanded as I shook my head, crossing my arms.

He came up close and leaned over me, "Look, do as I say and I don't have to kill anyone today." 

"You won't kill me." 

"Oh, Harry hasn't told you about me? How I killed my ex? How I killed his best mate? Believe me, I won't hesitate killing you." He claimed as my eyes widened.

"Why aren't you in jail then?" I whispered with shaky voice.

"I know some people." Before I got to say anything he spoke, "Enough chit chat, take off your clothes." 

I hesitated as he looked at me about to bring up his knife before I took off my top. He stepped back leaning against the wall waiting for me to take off the res of my clothes, which I did.. 

When I sat completely naked in his bed he started to undress as well. He came towards me sitting down on the bedside, "Oh this is going to be sweet.." He smirked as he leaned over me kissing my neck...

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