Completely different. (Not Famous)

Selena lives in a little neighborhood, she loves to sing and perform on stage with her bestfriend Demi, she's not really into sport. One day a new boy named Harry, becomes Selena's neighbor. He loves football, not really into singing. These two are completely different. But the day Selena and Demi are going to compete with their enemies in a singing competition, Demi gets sick. Will they ask Harry for help after hearing his beautiful voice? Or will they back off from the competition? Read this to find out!


25. He did what?!

Demi's P.O.V

I was finally home after a long day. I walked into the kitchen finding a note on the fridge.

At grandma's place, will be home tomorrow night!

I sighed as I walked over to the couch to find something interesting on the TV. Nothing..

I then layed down to get some rest until it knocked on the door. Who could it be that late? I slowly walked over to the door. I opened it a little bit and saw Felix's face. I tried to shut the door quickly but he placed his foot in front of the door.

I backed as he came in and closed the door, locking it. Then he turned his head towards me and smirked.

"Get out!" I commanded pointing at the door.

He just laughed, "Come on, be nice to the guest." He said stretching out his arms.

I shook my head, "You're not a guest, you're a.." Before I finished his lips were already touching mine. He held around my waist pulling me closer to him. 

"Stop." I whispered as he moved away from me, but his arms were still around my waist.

"What, you don't wanna make out with me?" He smirked looking deeply into my eyes.

"No.." I whispered as he cocked an eyebrow.

"Then why did you kiss me back?" 

"Because.." I stuttered, "If I d-dont.. you'll kill me." 

He sighed and licked his lips, "I'm not going to hurt you Demi.." 

"You already have.. In your car remember?" I rolled my eyes.

"That was before I realized how beautiful you actually are." He bliked at me.

I got this wierd feeling in my stomach, "But enough chit chat." He smirked as he leaned in for another kiss.

His hands went lower as he grabbed my ass and squeezed. I moaned as I could feel his smile grow while he was kissing me.

But I pushed him back and he stopped kissing me again, "I can't." I said and took a deep breath.

"Why's that?" He sighed and removed his hands.

"I'm in love.. With Nathan." I spoke as he raised his eyebrows.

"But are you a couple?" He asked with a tiny smile.

I shook my head as he continued, "Then I don't see any problems at all."

And he started kissing my neck. He layed me down on the couch, he was on top of me, his lips never stopped kissing my neck.

I layed my hands behind his neck as one of his hands were on my leg while the other hand were on my waist. 

"No really.. I can't do this." I whispered and he groaned sitting up. 

"You're the boss.." He sighed and stood up.

He was about to walk out before I stopped him, "But.." I said and hesitated as he turned around waiting for me to continue.

"You could.. stay until tomorrow morning? My parents won't be home until tomorrow night and I need some company.." I spoke as he smiled and nodded.

Suddenly my phone rang, "Hello?" I said.

"Demi, are you okay?" Selena spoke concerned..

Felix's P.O.V

When she asked me to stay, I got really happy. I don't acctually know why I stopped kissing her everytime she told me to.. It's just, maybe she'll give me a chance sometime.

"Yeah I'm okay." Demi said to the person calling her, "Uhm.. If Felix is with me?" She said scratching her neck looking over at me as I shook my head.

"No.. Why?" Demi continued as I sighed in relief.

"He did what!?" Demi shouted and then hung up looking angrily at me. Shit...

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