1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


4. Were officially a couple.

Casey’s P.O.V

Last night was amazing!!! I don’t know what happened but Rhianna and Niall kissed :O Is Niall falling for Rhianna? If he is then I’m defiantly jealous of Rhianna *laughs*. Me and Harry talked quite a lot and he did keep staring at me for ages then I would say his name and he would smile. Anyway Rhianna and Niall went to get a drink or something so im in the hotel room on my own, how fun.

*Knock,Knock* ‘ I answer the door ‘

“ Harry? “ I say looking shocked. “ Casey, for the hour and 45 minutes that you have been gone I keep thinking about you, I cant stop. Your beautiful, and amazing.. I love you “ Harry says smiling. I smiled then kissed him. He came into the room for abit and we watched some tv, then Harry hit me with a pillow. SO IT WAS ON.

We had a massive pillow fight, and then we just fell on the bed and lay their hand in hand laughing.


Harry’s P.O.V

I cant do this all im thinking about is Casey, I have to go and find her now. * runs downstairs out the door to his car and drives to the hotel * when I got to the hotel I ran to the room she’s in because I knew which one. I knocked on the door whilst shaking; when she answered I said “ Casey, for the hour and 45 minutes that you have been gone I keep thinking about you, I cant stop. Your beautiful, and amazing.. I love you “. She just smiled then kissed me, it was a bit of a shock but I liked it. We then just had a pillow fight, laughed a lot and watched TV. After I went she rang me and said “ Are we now a couple? Or just bestfriends “ “urm, a couple? “ I said smiling.

Me and the boys have a interview tomorrow so I might say then that I have a girlfriend.


Niall’s P.O.V

I took Rhianna back to the flat last night. Well lets just say we had some fun, their were some fans outside the hotel so I kissed her outside the room to see what they do, then when we got in we were still kissing. I pushed her up against the door, she pulled my top off then I pulled hers off. I undone her bra and she pulled my trousers off, I pushed her onto the bed; and well I will let you imagine what we did.

It was her first time so I was trying to be as gentle as possible, and let me tell you for her first time she was pretty good * laughs * .


Rhianna’s P.O.V

In the morning Niall walked me to my room, then kissed me goodbye. I walked in and Casey was dancing round the room listening to music. “ why you in such a happy mood? “ I said to her. “ IM GOING OUT WITH HARRY STYLES “ She screams, we both scream. “ AND IM GOING OUT WITH NIALL HORAN “  I say. “ what happened to you last night? You didn’t do it, did you? “ Casey said. I just smile then laugh, “ RHIANNA! Your first time with a celebrity wow. “ Casey said. We both laugh.

2 Hours Later.

We decided to stay in London for a week instead, so we can spend time with the boys. I rang my mum and told her about the concert and that im dating Niall and about Casey and Harry. She thought I was joking and first then she realised I wasn’t she was shocked but happy, because I havent ended up with some idiot that dosnt have a job and smokes weed. The boys have a interview today so me and Casey are going, and I get to meet Emily for the first time. Im dating my idol and I get to meet another one of my idols. Im so excited,  but I got to act cool. I don’t know what to wear tho, because I need to look nice. * look in suitcase * ‘ pulls out a white dress which goes to knee’s with a brown belt, a bra, pants, and some cute sandals. ‘ I go into the bathroom and get dressed.

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