1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..



Louis' P.O.V

I carried Emily up to bed because she was getting tired, I lay her down on the bed. Then she screamed " I think my waters have just broke " she said. I didn't know what to do I panicked this is 1 week early but AH " THE BABY'S COMING " I shouted. Rhianna and Niall rushed in, whats going on they said worried. Rhianna took one look then ran out a few seconds later she was back with some towels and her phone. '999' Niall dialled. The ambulance will be 5 minutes Niall said, after he said that Emily had another contraction. I held her hand and told her to breath in and out slowly until the ambulance comes, 2 minutes later Zayn shouted up " Why has a ambulance turned up ". Niall ran down explained everything then the nurse came running up, 20 minutes later the baby was sat in Emily's arms. It was a little girl, then she got another contraction we all forgot that she was having twins. Emily handed me my daughter as I held her hand at the same time, then the lady said " Louis if you come round her you can see the head, " so I walked round and I saw beautiful baby with dark hair. Little bits of hair then I saw his/her bright blue eyes. I walked round back to Emily for the last push, we heard no cry at first then a second later the baby started crying which set of my little girl. " It a boy " I heard the lady say, a tear dropped down Emily's face as she held her beautiful little boy and girl for the first time which set me of.

Emily's P.O.V

" Do you have any names? " the lady said. " yes " I said " my beautiful little girl is called Brooke and my gorgeous little boy is called Zak. " " what lovely name " the lady said.


Brooke Lola Mae Tomlinson


Thursday 17th July 1:07

Zak Toby Tomlinson


Thursday 17th July 1:09


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