1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


2. On the way to London.

Casey P.O.V

Today was amazing I brought a purse which is cute and some new white high-tops that I love! Rhianna’s new outfit for one direction is so nice, and her hair looks stunning. She looks so much like Emily, it’s unreal and so scary. Anyway we have 6 days until we go One Direction and omg I’m so excited! Backstage passes and front row seats, wow!


Rhianna’s P.O.V

Tomorrow were going to see ONE DIRECTION OMG! We’re driving up tonight then staying in a hotel near the O2 for 2 nights. I’m just packing my bag now and I don’t know what to pack. I have my leggings which say “wow” all over then, and a hoodie. I got 2 bra’s and some pants in there; but I’m not sure what else I should pack. I have my purse with some money in, and some pyjamas. I might ring Casey in a bit to see what she’s taking, anyway Toby my little brother came into my room earlier. He said “have an amazing time tomorrow, I love you “ He’s never ever said I love me to my face before. It was so cute omg, my mum has given me £80 to spend my dad gave me £30 and I have about £500 myself to pay for petrol, food, and more.

Im leaving in 1 hour to go get some petrol then pick up Casey. Im so excited but I need to hurry up and pack my bag. I will put some music on to help me, * turns cd player on, puts sound up to full blast * what a night by Loveable Rogues comes on straight away, I rave for a bit then go back to packing.

*45 Minutes Later*


“ Im going now “ I shout up to my mum,dad and brother.

They run down the stairs and say “ hope you have an amazing time darling, enjoy yourself remember to takes lots of pictures and videos, text me when you’re there. “ mum and dad said.

I say thanks and walk to the car with my suitcase I put it in the boot then drive off to Casey’s when ii get there Casey comes in and says “ OMG OMG IM SO EXCITED” we both scream and drive all the way to London blasting one direction the whole way.


Casey’s P.O.V

Rhianna just rang me asking me what I’m packing and I said what I put in basically pyjamas, hoodies, tops, jeans and leggings and money of course.

Anyway once I was packed I heard a beep and it was Rhianna I didn’t realise the time. I rushed out and put my bag in the car the whole way we were listening to the boys. My heart was beating when Harry was singing his solo’s because I have a big soft spot for him and Rhianna likes Niall. Im so excited I cant wait.

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