1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


8. "Leeyum why you staring?"

Niall’s P.O.V

Yesterday it was Emily and Louis’ 3 year anniversary they went and celebrated it together. They both came back very happy and announced 2 things; 1 that they were getting married 2 that they were having a baby. Were all so happy for them, me and Rhianna have been together for 1 year now; it’s been 1 amazing year.

I and Rhianna went to the park with Harry and Casey. We all got an ice cream because it was sunny then we sat on the grass and just messed about really. We got a football to play with, the girls were actually better than I thought. There were a few fans about I signed some stuff had some pictures then ignored them so I could have fun; not that being with my fans aren’t fun it is but just having some time with my girlfriend and best friends.


Zayn’s P.O.V

All the boys are getting girlfriend at the moment, it’s nice tho. But Liam since breaking up with Danielle he won’t talk about girls much; the other day I caught him staring at Casey. He keeps doing stuff for her too; I’m just hoping that he doesn’t like her. If he does I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

I told Perrie that she, Rhianna, Casey and Emily should go to the beach just them 4 to have a girly time. She thought it was a brilliant idea, so there doing that tomorrow. Whilst their all-out I’m going with the boys partying, were going to get Liam a girlfriend.


Casey’s P.O.V

Liam keeps staring at me and helping me and being so nice. I really don’t like it; if he has feeling for me he has to think first because I’m with Harry no one else. I don’t want him ruining everything for us, because I’m finally really happy having the best time of my life. This last year as been amazing, I’m so happy for Louis and Emily their really cute.

Tomorrow I and the girls are going to the beach, it’s going to be nice just us 4. The boys are going partying; we have a plan to trick the boys mwah. * laughs * were all excited, the boys aren’t expecting a thing.

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