1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


14. Going to the beach.

Niall's P.O.V

Shall we go then? I said. We all walked out with Mc Flurrys which are the best, we walked to the car then Zayn rang. " Hey Niall, we just finished getting everything ready at the beach so leave now "

We got into the car and drove to the beach.  we listened to the radio on the way there and they said " Happy Birthday Emily and Rhianna your boyfriends love you lots Niall and Louis. " The girls blushed and Rhianna kissed my cheek.

When we got to the beach I parked the car, Zayn ,Liam ,Harry ,Perrie, and Cassie took our bags when they went. So we walked through the junes me and Rhianna hand in hand and Louis and Emily hand in hand, all of a sudden we heard 5 people scream " WE CAN SEE YOU! " we knew who it was obviously. We walked down the hill then we saw a gazebo with a BBQ and beach beds and loads of beach stuff. The girls thought it was a shop until Harry walked in from behind the BBQ saying " anyone hungry? ". "All this For us??" Rhianna and Emily said at the same time. Yes Zayn said.

Emily and Rhianna thanked everyone, then they sunbathed for abit with Perrie and Cassie. After about a hour of sunbathing me and the boys thought about playing football, so Rhianna, Perrie and Cassie joined in but Emily couldn't because she has 1 week till the baby's due.

Emily put the music up louder, and sat sunbathing again. We all got a blow up football and kicked it around for a bit. I fell over once because my beautiful girlfriend pushed me, I'm not sure when to give Rhianna her present. Im thinking of givin it to her when the sun starts to go down.


( sorry its short and not brilliant but the next chapter will be a lot better )

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