1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


12. Cutee

Rhianna's P.O.V

Everything going on like Emily's pregnancy and it being twins, and getting all the baby stuff in there's been a special bond between me and Niall. Every time I look at him he blushes and bites his lip which I think is so hot, and he keeps hiding stuff from me. I think he either has a surprise for me or he's keeping a big secret. He's giving me extra long hugs and kisses, he keeps taking cute pictures of me and him too its so cute. Anyway its mine and Emily's birthday in a week, and Emily's baby's are due in 2-3 weeks. were all so excited because were having a beach party for our birthday, and for the baby's coming.

Harry and Casey have some exciting news to tell us but they wont tell us yet, Casey cant be pregnant because she cant have kids after something that happened when she was born. But we don't know what it can be, Niall's treating me to go to the salon tomorrow and have my hair done, and make up and have a massage i'm so excited.

Niall's P.O.V

It was 5 days till Rhianna and Emily's birthday, i'm so excited to give her the present but I cant say what it is yet.

* phone beeps *

Twitter notification..

@OfficialRhianna_Horan Birthday in 5 days, cant wait to spend it with my amazing friends and gorgeous husband. xx

I smiled and blushed, she really does love me lots and I love her to. that's why im going to show her with her birthday present.

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