1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


15. Birthday present

Rhianna's P.O.V

It was getting late now, and we were all still partying and the sun was slowly going down and the sky was pink. Niall took my hand and ran up to the junes with me running behind him, we lay down looking at the sky. Then Niall gave me a big book/scrap book, on the front in said " Happy 20th Birthday Rhianna, Love Niall " with a picture of us. I looked through it and it had 100's of pages of photos of us from the last year or two. A tear dropped down my face because it was the cutest thing ever! Niall wiped the tear away and kissed my cheek, I blushed then I saw pink ribbon hanging out of the book as I was about to close it. I turned to the page it was on and it was the back page, I saw the most beautiful ring with a turquoise diamond on. Then I saw written In big letters above it.. " Will You Marry Me Rhianna Louise Amy? ". A tear dropped down my face then Niall got down on one knee and asked me properly, " Y--ee-ss " I said whilst crying. He kissed me then put the ring on my finger, it fitted just right.

We sat there for an hour or two laying on our backs looking at the sky hand in hand with Niall playing with my ring which is on my finger. Everyone else partying and listening to music, then I heard someone shout our names. We sat up and saw Louis walking up near us " oh there you 2 are, we wonder where you went " he said. I showed him my ring and he kinda screamed a little, aww he's cute. He shouted to the others to all come up and they were all pleased. We then had a photographer come and take cute pictures of us all and on our own. He took loads, were going to get them all in a week or so I cant wait.


Niall's P.O.V

I was so nervous when I asked her, but it all went ok. The day was amazing! Better than I thought actually, after the beach we packed it all up and drove home. When we got back we put on some music and basically got drunk, when ' What a Night ' by Loveable Rouges came on Rhianna and Emily stood on the table and sand and dance. When there drunk its so funny, I carried Rhianna over my shoulder and took her to our room well I think we all know what happened....

As for Louis and Emily well she wasn't drunk but she was still hyper they went to bed, until I heard Louis shout " I THINK THE BABY'S COMING "

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