1 BIG Secret.

1 BIG Secret could change my whole life..


11. a phone call

Emily's P.OV

Its was 5:00 in the morning and the phone was ringing Louis answered it and said " hello? " I could see him talking for a while, then he hung up and a dear rolled down his face. " who was it??? " I said

it was the hospital he said.. im not sure if this Is a tear of joy or sadness.

They said they checked through the scan and they could actually see 2 baby's.. so were having twins??? I asked. Louis nodded, I was actually really happy I have always wanted twins but its a bit of a shock. I hugged Louis and his kissed the top of my head, " I think we better do abit more baby shopping " he said. we both laughed.

I got up and went for a shower I got out then put some jeans on, a vest and a hoodie then put my hair in a high tidy pony tail. I walked downstairs put my shoes on then got some breakfast, I kept rubbing my baby bump sayin I love my baby's. Rhianna stopped and said " babySS?" "oh yeah well we had a phone call were having twins. " I said. she screamed and hugged me.

After breakfast me and Louis drove into town, we parked our car then went to a baby buggy's and car seats shop. when we got there we took our 1 chair buggy back and got a 2 chair. Luckily all we have so far is a few clothes and a cot. We got a black 2 chair buggy and 2 cat seats; we then went clothes shopping. we brought a few girls clothes and a few boys just in case, and we brought to baby grows which are both black.

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