The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


14. World Changing

I woke up the next day finding myself curled up with Harry on the sofa. I jumped up off in shocked and walked slowly over to the mirror on the wall of Beth's hospital room. My face was swollen and red from me crying myself to sleep after I came back from the summer walk with Harry to find Beth surrounded by doctors and nurses as they frantically tried to bring her heart rate down. I was so worried, I just needed to be with her but Harry pulled me back wrapped his strong arms around my waist. I felt safe but vulnerable as I need to be with Beth. Not long after I woke doctors were back in the room, I looked over to Beth who was peacefully sleeping with her mum and dad by her side, I felt a bit gutted as I knew if that was me I wouldn't have my mum by my side, she wouldn't care in fact she would be the one suggesting, to turn off the life support machine. Harry woke from the loud noise of the doctors and came over to me holding my hand, he looked down at me, his tired eyes suggested that he had not been asleep long or he had trouble getting sleep, I lightly smiled at him to let him know I was okay as the doctors began to speak.

'From the scare of last night, we have made a decision that Beth will need an MRI scan, Mr and Mrs Carter have been talking about it for a while knowing that it could interfere with what ever is on her brain and could make her worst, but they have decided that it is for the best that they know what is going on with their little girl.' They informed me. My knees started going weak, I felt sick and I could feel the hot water in my eyes rising. 'We will be getting her ready and come to receive her in five minutes.' I turned around tears falling down my face.

'They can't' I stammered, Harry again came right by my side as he saw me fall a bit from my knees being weak and brought me over to the sofa and sat next to me.

'Ally they have to we need to know what is wrong with our Beth, letting her lay here for a month unconscious isn't going to help us at all!'  Mr Carter explained as he got up when the doctor came.

'Alice you are not allowed to attend the MRI only the parents are allowed to come, we will be back in 3 hours.' The doctor informed as he left wheeling Beth out of the room followed by her parents. I started to sob as Harry brought me into his chest, he put his chin on my head and rubbed my back to soothe me.

'Harry I can't, I can't loose her.' I sobbed. He lifted my chin up with his finger as he looked at my puffy blue eyes.

'You won't.' He whispered as he gave me a kiss on the forehead. I sniffed a relaxed myself into him resting my head on his chest as I waited for Beth to come back.

After two hours I still waited for Beth, I was curled up on the sofa with Harry watching TV to take my mind off things. I always felt safe around Harry he would make me feel better when I needed him the most. I looked up and watched him as he gazed at the TV, not really taking anything in.

'What you thinking about?' I asked.

'Huh?' He asked as I interrupted his daydream. He looked down at me and smiled. 'Just about you and me.'

'What about us?' I asked.

'Well I was meant to ask you this yesterday but because of Beth I couldn't. Well Ally we've been hanging around each other for a while now and I feel so happy around you and we're really close, so uh, I was uh, thinking, if um, you wanted to be like my girlfriend or something?' He asked, he was blushing as he said girlfriend, I bit my lip with nerves. I was so happy to know he felt the same way as I did.

'Yes!' I exclaimed bring my hands on his face as I pulled him in for a kiss. When we pulled away he smiled showing off his dimples again.

'I've been waiting so long to know what that felt like.' He smirked, I scrunch up my nose with pleasure as he tapped the end of it with his finger. 'Well I guess now it would be a good time for you to meet the band?' He suggested. I looked at him nervously, trying to fake it with a smile.

'Yeah.' I replied unconvincingly.

'What's wrong? Do you not want to meet them?' He asked worryingly, his forehead creasing.

'No it's not that, I'm just worried. What happens if they don't like me?' I asked.

'They'll love you, what's not to love.' He winked, as he pressed his forehead against mine. I laughed quietly before he kissed me on the lips.


Hey guys hope you're enjoying the story so far, looks like a lot of you are which is good. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Sorry if you think I'm rushing here between Ally and Harry and skipping months, I didn't want to bore you guys and the story felt like it was going nowhere. Don't worry loads of more juicy stuff will be happening in the next couple of chapters! Thank you for reading keep reading!

Lydia x

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