The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


17. White House

We rolled up to a quiet white house which was tucked away in a corner, the area was peaceful, no one was about making it easier for me to stay with him for a couple of days.

'You really didn't have to do this.' I thanked as he held his car door open for me to get out.

'Yes I did and it's my pleasure I've been hanging around your beautiful area, now it's time for you to see where I live.' He grinned as he pulled my bag out of the boot, I shut and locked the car for him and followed him down by a huge black iron gate protecting the white house. He pressed a few numbers on the lock, the huge gates opened silently without a creak which I was expecting. I followed him along his pathway to the entrance of his house. He put down my bag and fumbled in his pocket for his keys, he unlocked his door and picked up my bag again. 'Welcome to suite Styles!' He announced standing in the hallway, I stood there gobbed smacked taking in the beautifully decorated house. There were photos of friends and family on the wall, awards and photos of the boys on a separate wall.

'Wow.' I gasped.

'Not excepting this were you?' He smirked looking at my amazement.

'No, I wasn't. I was expecting last weeks strippers, alcohol everywhere, random people you don't even know running through with priceless vases to sell.' I winked at him, he laughed slightly.

'Right lets go put this thing in your room and then I'll give you a quick tour around the house if you like?' He suggested heading towards the white marble staircase. When reaching the first floor more beautiful ornaments were placed around, Harry carried on walking past as if he'd never seen them, whereas I couldn't help but stop by every ornament I could see. I was looking an ornament of a face with flowers surrounding the face, Harry laughed as he stood waiting for me by a door. 'You finished yet?' He laughed.

'Sorry I can't help it! Everything you have it beautiful!'

'Yeah that's one of the pros when you're a pop star touring the world, you find gorgeous ornaments and nicknack's to take home for memory. See that one you were just looking at is from Hawaii.' He explained opening the door revealing a large room with a white double bed in the centre, a desk over by a window and a sofa at the end of the bed facing a TV on the wall. 'And here is your room, I mean our room.' He grinned as he put my bag on the bed. 'Right now that's done lets start a tour.' He announced eagerly as he took my hand and lead me out of the room. Harry showed me every single bit of his house, kitchen, study, lounge, dining room, outside, pool, summer house, and all the bathrooms. Not going to lie I was very impressed, the house was beautiful I felt like I was in a holiday home. Harry went into the kitchen to start cooking dinner, while I went upstairs to unpack. I opened the double doored wardrobe to find a rack half full of Harry's clothing, I hung my clothing neatly up next to his smiling, liking how my clothes looked hung next to his. After I put my shoes and clothes away I booted up my laptop and sat on his bed, I went and checked Twitter replying to some comments of people asking how Beth was, I was in the middle of scrolling through when I spotted something on the timeline.

'HARRY STYLES' NEW GIRLFRIEND!?' I went and clicked on the link which took me to a news article.

'Harry Styles who is famous for being in One Direction and having gorgeous curly hair might of snagged himself a new girl. Pictures of the couple were caught yesterday afternoon as he picked her up in his new swanky car before setting off to an unknown location. No one has confirmed who the girl is and no one has confirmed their relationship. Phew! So there are still hope out there for us Styles Girls!'

I sat there my heart pounded as I looked at the photos of Harry dropping me off, Harry taking my bag, me getting into the car, us driving off. I couldn't believe someone saw us, you couldn't make out my face in the photos so it wouldn't be likely someone would rat me in, but I was nervous what happened if someone saw us driving into London, walking into his house.

'Harry!' I called.

'Yeah?' He answered coming into the room.

'Look at this. Somebody caught us!' He quickly rushed over to me looking at my screen.


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