The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


22. The Words Echoed

I woke up next to Harry, who was peacefully sleeping in my bed, his curls frantically spread across the pillow and on the side of his face, I would never get tired of waking up and seeing his face next to mine. I slowly got out of bed not even bothering to kiss him, I didn't want to wake him. I put on a hoodie and went downstairs to the kitchen, finding my dad busy making breakfast.

'Hi Daddy!' I chimed, skipping down next to him, kissing him on the cheek. He nodded at me as I sat on a bar stool at the bar.

'Morning Princess.' He smirked, he tried to play it hard and cold but he was failing epically, I was and will always be his number one girl, and whatever I do whether it's bad or good, he wouldn't be able to stay mad at me.

'So do you have any plans today, or maybe next week?' I asked sweetly.

'I know what you're doing! Don't you worry I'll be out of your hair soon.' He eyed as he placed a plate in front of me.

'Do what Daddy.' I fluttered my eyelashes at me, he chuckled as he walked back to the stove shaking his head.

'You'll never change will you?' He laughed.

'Of course I won't, I'll always be your 'Little Princess',' I grinned.

'I know you want your old man to be gone and get out of your hair.' He sighed, slightly offended. 'You don't want me anymore, you have a new man now, a famous, rich, rockstar.'

'No I don't, you'll always be my Dad and that's more special because he can't be that only you.' I said walking up to him, he smiled a little tear came rolling down his cheek, he pulled me in quickly for a hug.

'I just miss you sweetheart that's all.' He sighed, hugging me tightly.

'I miss you too, it's just I'm getting older and you're going to have to accept that one day there will be a man who will take over your job of looking after me.'

'I know.' He smiled. 'So where is he then?' He asked pointing up to the ceiling.

'In bed.' I replied with a mouthful of scrambled egg.

'How long is he going to be staying here?'

'Until Mum comes home, not long. Well that depends if she suddenly decides that where ever she is, is much nicer than here, which is highly likely.' I rolled my eyes.

'Ally, I've never been able to tell you this and now is a good time. I'm so sorry about what's happened between your mother and I, I never meant for this to happen. I'm a terrible father.'

'No you're not! Never say that! Mum cheated on you, you tried to throw her out but she took custody, it's not your fault.' I frowned, my voice raising slightly, I hated it when people felt sorry for me especially my dad, he did everything he could to make our lives better, just because that bitch realised wanted more money for becoming a single parent!

'But look at you Ally! You're looking like one of those beautiful Princess's, Cinderella! You're cleaning, shopping, cooking, looking after three boys, I know Arron tries his best, he puts money on the table to help. But this isn't healthy for any of you!'

'Am I interrupting something?' A husky tired voice asked, Harry was stood awkwardly at the door way, he had yesterdays pair of jeans thrown on with a screwed up white t-shirt showing off his v-line slightly.

'No you're not, in fact, you're just in time for some breakfast, someone was busy lazying around in bed so I decided stomachs needed to be fed.' My dad eyed Harry, shaking his head slightly. Harry turned slightly red with embarrassment.

'Be nice.' I warned, pulling my dad down to my level, lowering my voice so only he heard. I quickly looked up at Harry and smiled. 'Morning.' I grinned, bounding off over to him kissing him on the cheek, the redness had gone and he looked more relaxed, that's what I liked to see.

'We'll talk about this later.' My dad instructed walking past us to the living room.

'I'm so sorry about that he's not in a good mood today.' I confessed, feeling slightly embarrassed. I got my empty plate and opened the dishwasher, bending down and putting the dirty plates and cutlery away, my bum poking out the bottom of my pyjama shorts slightly. I felt Harry's arms wrap around my waist and carefully pulling me up into a hug, I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled. 'There's the Harry I know and love.' I smiled, kissing him on the lips.

'What was that earlier?' He asked sitting at the bar. I went over to the stove and piled a load of scrambled eggs and smoked bacon on a plate and placing it in front of him.

'Oh what between my dad and I? It was nothing.' I nervously replied, rushing through words, walking back to the counter. 'Anyway you don't need to worry about my dad he's going to be leaving us soon, so it's just going to be you and I.' I smirked walking over to him, he turned around and smirked too, grabbing me by the waist pulling me close to him. The next minute, I heard screaming and laughing as Josh and Jamie ran through the kitchen hitting each other with foam swords. 'And Josh and Jamie!' I sighed moving away from Harry.

'It's going to be fine they're lovely.' Harry smiled reassuringly. Josh ran up to Harry and smiled. 'Hey buddy!' Harry said his hand in the air waiting for a high five.

'Hey weirdo!' Josh yelled and whacked Harry on the head with the foam sword.

'Yeah lovely.' I sniggered.

After breakfast Harry and I got dressed and came downstairs into the living room, we curled up with each other and argued jokingly of what film we should put on.

'Star Wars!' Harry enthused as he clicked the down arrow on the remote to Star Wars.

'No I wanna watch The Notebook!' I whined, stealing the remote off him, clicking the arrows back up to The Notebook.

'But I want to watch Star Wars!!' Harry whined trying to steal the remote.

'Harry!'  I warned giving him a stern look. He looked at me and pouted, I shook my head and then pouted, he smirked, I knew that he was having none of it.

After a long time of arguing we missed both of the films we wanted to watch and ended up watching Norbit instead. I curled up by him, sighing slighty happy with how everything was at the moment, in a perfect relationship, my dad home, the only that could make things better, were if my best friend was here. My dad randomly walked in, he stood right in front of the TV dropping his bags on the floor.

'Dad what are you doing?' I asked confused. I sat up looking at him concerned. He looked at Harry and then back to me and deeply sighed.

'I've been thinking about earlier, you're right, you're getting older and one day you're going to find a man who is going to take over my job and take care of you, and I can't believe I'm saying this but I hope that man will be you Harry.' He looked over to Harry and smiled slightly.

'Me?' Harry asked, astonished.

'Yes you, I've never in my whole entire life seen my daughter so happy to be around someone, even when she's not looking at you or hugging you, she can feel your presence, I can see she is committed and I'm happy she has finally found someone.'

'But what are you doing will all your bags? Are you moving out?' I shot up to him, my face full or worry.

'Yes I am.' He sighed deeply. 'You don't need me anymore, you have Harry, you need to be on your own, like normal adults, you don't need me to be looking over your shoulder 24/7, it isn't fair on you guys.'

'But I'm gonna miss you dad, I hated it enough when you were living so far away.' I sniffed, I could feel the tears stinging my eyes, though I did want some private time with Harry, I wasn't prepared for my dad to leave, I'd only just seen him again and I would never know when the next time would be. My mum hated my dad after the whole affair thing and tried to make it as difficult as she could to stop my dad seeing us, and like always she won.

'I'm gonna miss you too kiddo.' He sniffed, he hugged me and rested his chin on my head. 'I'm not going to be too far, you know where I'll be.' He kiss me on the forehead and headed out of the room, stopping by Harry. 'Listen mate, she is the only thing I've got now, she is fragile, if you do anything to hurt or upset her, you'll be facing serious consequences, you hear me?' He threatened, leaning in close to Harry, he could feel my dad's breathe on his cheeks. 'I've lost her once and I'm not willing to lose her again. I trust you Harry please look after her.' His voice soften as he looked at Harry with pleading eyes.

'I would die for your daughter.' Harry simply said.




Hey guys sorry it's been so long since an update, I've started going back to college and I'm in my last year, which means it's going to be a lot harder than my first year, so it's going to be difficult to find time to update the story in between college and work, so if you could be patient I would appreciate it a lot. I will hopefully be putting up one or two chapters a week, maybe more depends if I can find the time. I'm so sorry if you bare with me I'll be back on track soon, it's just cause we're are fresh back on starting and things need to be set in place first! Thank you! L

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