The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


16. Take Me Away

When reaching the hospital I walked over to the reception desk where a young brunette lady was sat behind the counter tapping away at her keyboard, I guessed she was the women I spoke with on the phone earlier.

'Um, excuse me, I'm Ally Clarke I'm here about Bethany Carter.' I interrupted, Harry standing behind me. She looked away from her computer and up at me and smiled briefly before returning back to the screen.

'Yes if you would like to take a seat over there, someone will be with you in two hours.' She instructed as she started tapping away at her keyboard again.

'Well would it be okay if you could get someone to come quicker, it's just that she's my best friend and she's all I got and I'm worried enough as it is about the results of her MRI scan.' I began telling.

'Sorry Miss I can't do anything now if you just sit over there someone will be dealing with you in two hours, you're just going to have to wait.' She instructed again in an annoyed tone, her face frustrated as she tried to concentrate on the computer. I turned to Harry and gave him a weak smile before making our way over to the sofa.

'Harry I don't want to wait I need to know if she's going to be okay.' I sniffed resting my head onto his chest.

'Don't worry I got this.' He reassured as he got off the sofa and walked over to the desk.

'Um excuse me, Miss?' Harry interrupted, the receptionist huffed as she swirled her chair from the computer to face Harry, when she saw him her face lit up as she flicked her hair back, pushing her boobs together.

'Oh Mr Styles! So sorry about that work is stressing.' She laughed lightly, Harry laughed to and smiled politely, but he didn't find it funny one bit, I could tell.

'It's fine, I was just wondering see I'm with my friend and we're here about Bethany Carter, I was wondering if we could have someone see us earlier.' He pleaded levelling down to the desk, he took notice of her boobs no matter how many times she emphasised them.

'Of course Mr Styles anything for you.' She winked before turning to her phone and dialled a number. 'Dr. Calf the visitors for Bethany Carter are here.' She told. She then put the phone down and turned to Harry. 'Dr. Calf will be with you in a few moments.'

'Thank you, you're help really means a lot.' Harry thanked as he stood up flashing a fake smile at her.

'You're welcome Mr Styles anything for you. Oh also if your not busy later maybe I could buy you a drink or something.' She flirted, she was pissing me off right now, I wanted to walk over there and yell, 'Fuck off bitch he's mine!' and then slap her. But I couldn't I didn't want people to know I was dating Harry Styles, I didn't want my life to be plastered all over the internet every five seconds and Harry respected that.

'Thanks for the offer but I'd rather be with someone I love.' He gave her a dirty look before walking away which made me laugh a little. The receptionist looked over and gave me a filthy look, but by then Harry had come over so I pulled him down and laid on him resting my head on his chest giving her a smug look. Yeah bitch, fuck off, I thought, as I inhaled his sent. A few moments later a doctor, which I assumed was Dr. Calf had turned up, he looked over to where we were and headed in our direction.

'Miss Clarke?' He asked looking at me, I quickly sat up.


'Ahh yes, come with me.' He instructed as he walked into Beth's room.

'Would my friend be allowed to come, he's friends with her too?' I asked pleadingly, he looked over at Harry who was stood by the door, his face was concerned as he watched me. The doctor looked at me with one eyebrow higher than the other and sighed.

'Yes Mr Styles you may come in, shut the door behind you though.' Harry obeyed and walked in shutting the door behind him, and walked over to me, holding my hand. The doctor took out some scans of Beth's brain from a brown envelope and placed them on a wall.

'As you can see here, is Beth's brain, the right side is completely clear and there are no dark splodges which is what we like to see.' He explained to us as he pointed to the right side of the brain with a pen. 'But when we saw at the back on the left side is a splodge, it's not small and it's not big which has it's pros and cons. Pro that it's not big enough to do any major harm, con that it's not small and has done lot of harm so far, we've looked into what it is and it turns out she has a tumour on her brain.' I went numb, my face went white and I could feel the blood draining from my face. 'We're going to be doing a series of test over the next few weeks to see how sever it is. We're hoping it won't be too sever and we can just cut it out but the longer we leave it, the worst it will be.' With that he left the room, I just stood there not saying anything staring into space. I couldn't believe my best friend had a brain tumour all this time. I was gob smacked. Harry looked at me his face was worried.

'Ally?' He called. 'Ally are you okay?' He gently pulled me down to the nearest sofa so if I fainted he could catch me and I would have something soft to fall on.

'I can't believe it, a brain tumour Harry.' I whispered still staring out into space.

'I know I'm shocked too.'

'What happens if she dies?' I questioned.

'She won't Ally, I promise, she will get better.' He turned my head to face his, his eyes didn't have a sparkle they were cold and serious, he meant it, he knew that she would get better. Of course she would get better she's Bethany Carter she doesn't let anything stop in her way, if she could once over come a suitcase falling off a shelf on her head, she could over come anything. But all my brain was thinking about was death, me being left on my own, Harry ditching me and going back off for a world tour meeting other girls, I felt crushed. After a while Harry suggested he went to go get us some milkshakes to make us feel better, when he left I walked over to Beth's bed and sat on the end of it with my legs crossed. From my bag I pulled out my journal.

Beth's being diagnosed with a brain tumour.I doubt she'll be attending leavers parties, results day, prom, she's going to be missing out on everything. I can't let that happen.

I then got out my notebook and wrote her a note.

Dear Bethany,

So what you've missed since you've been unconscious for 5 weeks 2 days and counting. Remember when I met Harry Styles at the corner shop? Well now I'm his girlfriend. It's all thanks to you really, so when you're all better I promise I will spoil you for a whole day as a thank you present because I feel loved. I met him the second time at the corner shop again and I spilt fruit salad all over him, he seemed really arrogant at first asking if I wanted an autograph and a photo, I said no and walked off but then he was chasing after me asking for my number to apologise. I gave him my number because he was annoying me and left, we text a few times and then I met him again when you were taking to hospital. I never left your side once. Then this guy came in one day with his uncle and it was Harry and we got chatting and we got really friendly and met up a few times. And we came to visit you every day together and the day you went under he was there for me, he looked after me and made sure I was okay and it went from there really. You have a brain tumour now it's a medium size which scares me. They're going to do tests on you for the up coming weeks to see how sever it is, I'm hoping it's not sever at all. Anyway please get better soon I miss you, Harry is all I have at the moment and though I love it, I want you to meet him too.

Love Ally.

I folded the note and put it in a drawer with the other notes, I went a laid on the end bit of the bed and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, not noticing Harry had walked through the door with our drinks. He put them on the side and walked over to me, he moved some of the loose hair that was covering my face back and smiled. He then lifted me up into a cradle and carried me to the sofa where he sat down and cuddled me, rocking me side to side slowly. I opened my eyes after a while and watched Harry as he watched the world go by still humming and rocking me, I smiled and reached up and kissed him on the cheek, he looked down at me and smiled.

'Hello Sleeping Beauty.' He chirped as he reached over to the table and placed a cup of strawberry milkshake in my hands. I took a sip and smiled, mmmm my favourite. 'I was thinking while I was down in the cafeteria, that while they're testing Beth why don't we go away for a bit, you know go to London or something to take your mind off of the stress.' He suggested takign a sip from his own drink.

'Hmm I don't know Harry.'

'Come on, think about it the more you're stuck in Botley the more you're going to be looking after your brothers and worrying about Beth.' He did have a point. I agree we should go but no abroad, somewhere local so we decided we would spend a few days up in London in his new house.

'Okay well I need to ring my dad to get him to look after the boys while we're away I can't trust my mum looking after them, she took off last time and left Jamie and Josh on their own.' I sighed as I pulled out my phone a scrolled through my contacts.

'Where is she now?' He asked.

'Out on a date, luckily Arron and Will said they will stay and look after them while I'm out.' I found dad on the contacts and press the call button holding my phone to my ear. After three rings he picked up.

'Hi sweetheart!'

'Hi dad!'

'How are you?'

'I'm good thanks how are you?' I asked him grinning to know he was still his chirpy self.

'I'm good thank you, what's up?'

'Well you know Beth's in hospital and that?' I asked him.

'Yes. How is she?' He asked concerned.

'Well it's bad news, she has a brain tumour.'

'Oh god no! Bless her, what are they going to do?'

'Well they said they will be running tests on her over the next weeks, and my friend suggested that I need to go on a holiday trip to London for a couple of days to take my mind off it and I was wondering if you could look after the lads while I'm gone, it's not going to be long only four days?' I asked crossing my fingers in hope he would say yes.

'Yes of course darling anything for you! I'm guessing the Wicked Witch still has you doing all the housework and looking after the boys?' He asked in an suspicious tone.

'Yeah unfortunately but thank you so much, this means a lot to me!' I thanked. I bided my dad a goodbye and hung up. 'I can go!' I grinned to Harry who picked me up by my waist and slowly spun me round kissing me on the lips.

'Right lets go and get you packed!' He grinned guiding me out of the room. I saw Beth's parents pass and told them that I would be going away for four days, they both agreed it was best for me that I needed to get out and stop worrying about Beth. Harry drove me home in his car and stopped outside my house, he gazed at how big it was.

'Please don't.' I begged him as I got out the car. I hated please gazed and gasping at my house. When I was a little kid I would walk with my mum down this country lane and past this big house, I thought it was beautiful and I always said to my mum that one day I would live there. In the house lived a lovely old couple who would come round and bring me freshly baked cookies and cake. But then one day when my mum started getting money from her cosmetic line she brought the house and forced the elderly couple out to live in a care home. I was devastated the last time I saw the couple was when we were moving in and they were collecting the last of their stuff. I walked over to them with a sad apologetic smile, but they looked sad and heartbroken, the old men ruffled my hair as he left his house and ever since I've felt guilty living here.

I rushed up stairs to my room and pulled down a big bag for me to pile all my stuff in. I went over to my wardrobe and opened the double doors and pulled out shorts, skirts, tops, shoes, dresses and bikinis, then pile them in the purple bag along with my laptop and phone charger and make up. I zipped up my bag and went downstairs saying goodbye to all my brothers telling them that dad will be round to look after them all and that he was sorting out my school telling them I was on holiday. I went outside to find Harry leaning up against his car. He was wearing a grey baggy t-shirt with the sleeves rolled and a small pocket on his left chest with a red heart on it, black skinny jeans and his white converse, I stood there for a bit admiring how gorgeous he was and how lucky I was to have him, when he looked up at me and laughed.

'Are you coming then or what?' He called over laughing, I blushed when he saw me feeling slightly embarrassed and picked up my heavy bag and started walking towards him. He came over to help me taking my bag replacing it with his hand, locking his fingers on the back of my hand and placed a kiss on my lips and smiled. I jumped in the front seat while he placed my bag in the boot and returned in the drivers seat. He looked over at me and smiled again and kissed me before reversing out of my drive and off to London.

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