The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


21. Stage 1

Arriving back in Botley I sighed as Harry pulled up to my driveway. I was sad to leave London because I was having such a good time with Harry but then I was getting to agitated and worried about my brothers and Beth to stay any longer. It was nice though for Harry to offer staying with me as seeming my mum left me a call saying she met this guy in a pub and he offered to take her on holiday with him, and of course knowing my mum she said yes.

We got out Harry's car and gathered our luggage and walked to my house, Jamie saw us coming through the window he was peering out of and ran to the door opening it as soon as we reached it.

'Yay Ally's home!' He yelled running up to me giving me a hug, nearly taking me back.

'Wooahh hold up Jay!' I laughed, gaining back my balance.

'Are you Ally's boyfriend?' Jamie asked turning to Harry who was laughing at me.

'Jamie hush!' I told him.

'No it's fine. Yeah I am kiddo and I'm coming to stay here for a while and help you guys out while your mum is on a lovely holiday.' Harry explained bending down to his level.

'I'm nine years old, not five.' Jamie replied, burrowing his eyebrows together at Harry.

'Jamie!' I scolded. 'That's not nice!'

'Sorry.' He apologised and ran off.

'You're going to have to excuse, er, well everything.' I warned him, my face was already going red because Harry hadn't seen the worst of it. I haven't seen my dad in a while and every time I do see him he gets very hyper and treats me like a seven year old. We walked into the hallway of my house, I could here Jamie playing with Josh in the games room, but I didn't know where my dad was. 'Just put your stuff down here.' I told him.

'Wow, your house is more lush than mine!' He gasped taking everything in. That was an exaggeration my house was fairly big, a little big smaller than Harry's, we lived out in the countryside so it would be big as there was a lot of room.

'Please don't.' I begged, he pulled me in for a hug laughing at my modesty. 'Come on lets go find my dad, you're going to have to meet him at some point might as well be now.' I sighed, I really wasn't ready for this. Preparing for embarrassing stage 1. We walked through the kitchen and to the games room but only Josh and Jamie were there, eyes glued to the screen like hawks. 'Hey guys have you seen dad?' I asked loudly, trying to make myself heard from the noise.

'He's in the pool room.' Josh replied not taking his eyes off the screen. I took Harry by the hand and led him back through the kitchen to the hallway where there was a door in the wall leading down to the basement which we turned into a pool room, it was where we played darts, pool, poker and all that shit we never do anymore. We went down the steep stairs to find my dad relaxed in an arm chair watching the footie on the TV.

'Hi dad.' I said shyly, Harry hiding slightly behind me. He looked up and saw me standing there not noticing Harry at all.

'Oh my special girl! How are you my baby girl.' He cooed rushing out of his chair hugging me, repetitively giving me kisses all over my face.

'Dad stop!' I giggled as he tickled me.

'Ahh my princess is back in her castle!' He sighed when he stopped. 'Did you have a good time away?' He asked sitting back in his chair, I walked over to him with Harry still being shy and trying to hide away.

'Yeah it was good thank you. It was really relaxing, just what I needed.' I smiled.

'Oh good I'm glad you're all okay now. But I do need to speak to you, I've been seeing your face plastered across the news saying how you're dating a famous boy of some sort?' He question sternly. My dad was always protective over me when it came to me and dating boys, he was never easy to persuade.

'Yeah um dad I've actually brought him here to meet you.' I said awkwardly.

'You have? Where is the chap?'

'Right behind me dad.' I said and I moved away leaving Harry standing there very awkwardly.

'So you're the lad that has been dating my daughter without permission?' My dad stood up and walked over to Harry, who was just stood there quite taken back with the accusation.

'Um, I'm um sorry Sir, I didn't like um mean to.' He stammered.

'So you should be who do you think you are, just because you're a famous boy band pop star thingo, doesn't mean you can fool around with my daughter! I know what you're like, I've researched you all over the internet Harry Styles.' He spat his name out to him, I felt very bad for Harry when I met his mum she wasn't anything like this, she was understanding and kind, my dad was being a bit out of order here.

'Dad, stop. Calm down a second you're scaring him.' I told him, pushing my dad away from Harry. I stood next to him and quietly apologised.

'I'm only protecting you sweetheart!' My dad insisted, looking a bit upset.

'I know you are dad but I'm 17 now, you gotta start treating me like an adult. That means respecting and trust who I date. Harry is a really nice guy, I didn't fall for him straight away, I made him prove himself that he wasn't what he is labelled.' I explained, my eyebrows together in a persuading manner.

'You're 17? I thought you were 16? When did you have your birthday?' He asked feeling embarrassed.

'It was a couple of weeks ago.' I sighed.

'It was? I didn't know that, you didn't mention anything.' Harry said.

'Yeah well I didn't think it was important. Anyway we're not here to discuss my birthday, I hate birthdays. We are here to discuss mine and Harry's relationship, so what do you say dad can you do that, trust Harry and respect him?' I pleaded.

'Hmm, well I'm not gonna stop you two dating because I guess I would be a cruel father if I did that, but I will be keeping an eye on you and making sure you don't hurt my ONLY daughter.' He emphasised the word 'only' scaring Harry even more, I smiled as I knew this was good progress and ran up to my dad and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

'Thank you daddy!' I sweetened fluttering my eyelashes, before I grabbed Harry's hand and led him upstairs to where our bags our.

'Woah your dad.' He gasped when we got out.

'I know I'm sorry I did warn you though.' I said picking up my things.

'I know, I guess I'm going to have to act extra good from now on.' He sighed picking up his bag and following me to my room.

'No you won't. Just act yourself and you'll be fine!' I reassured dumping my bag on the bed, Harry dumping his by the side.

'I hope so, for our sake.' He rolled his eyes.

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