The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


6. Pow! Right in The Kisser!

I started to attend schoool again after I knew that Beth was stablised and that she didn't need me. It took a lot of work for her parents to convince me though, I was too worried that she might black out again.

'Go! We promise we'll ring and pick you up if anything goes wrong.' Her mum promised me, I stood in the doorway of her room.

'You promise?' I asked nervingly, biting my lip.

'Promise, now go your going to be late for school.' Her dad promised as he shooed me out of tHhe room. I walked slowly out of the hospital, not caring if I was late or not, we had music first and Mr Dean would understand why. I was walking just pass the corner shop craving some fruit, which is odd for me because normally all I want is high sugar/salted calorie food to make me feel better. I walked into the shop to find not Dan but his dad in this time, stacking up some newspapers in the stand.

'Oh hello Ally!' He beamed as he turned round.

'Hi Tom!' I smiled as I walked past into the fridge section.

'You feeling okay?' He asked as he saw my items. 'Not like you to get two fruit salad pots.'

'No yeah I'm fine, I don't know whats wrong, I had a craving for fruit.' I laughed as I gave him the exact change.

'Give my wishes to Bethany from our family for me, we miss her terribly!' He called.

 'I will Tom thank you again!' I smiled walking outside the shop, I stood next to the newstand trying to open my pot of fruit containing, strawberries, blueberries, melon and grapes. I was too busy looking at the paper headline, 'ONE DIRECTION TAKING A BREAK, HARRY STYLES REPORTED IN COUNTRYSIDE IN BOTLEY?' As I read the headline, the seal of the top finally come off, unfortuantley letting the whole lot of fruit free landing on someone.

'What the?' A husky voice cursed. I sheepishly turned around to find a tall lad covered in my fruit, my face went bright red. Why me?!

'I am so sorry! I really didn't mean to! I-The-It's just the seal of the lid was stuck on tight and I couldn't get it off but when I did, it's kinda gone on you.' I babbled, that's what I do when I get nervous or embarrassed, I babble.

'Yeah no kidding, it's fine though, least I smell of fruits now.' He chuckled, shaking his head as blueberries flung out in all different directions, he ruffled his hair and looked at me and smirked. 'Hey your the girl who bashed into me here the other week!' He smirked, he remembered me? Harry Styles remembered me from last week?

'Urmm, yeah about that,'

'You're sorry, yeah I kinda figured that's all you've been saying to me recently.' He laughed, so what can I do you for an autograph? A picture...

'Urmm, none actually, thanks for the offer but I'm good. Anyways gotta run gonna be late for school. Sorry about the fruit pot again!' I called as I left and starting heading to school. Any girl would probably hit me if I were them, but to be honest I'm not a fan of One Direction, I think they have nice songs but I don't think they're insane to go about.

I arrived at school fifteen minutes late into the lesson, Mr Dean nodded at me as I came in rudely interrupting Stacey Slacks singing solo. Stacey Slack was 'Miss Popular' in our school, I don't call her Stacey Slack I call her Stacey Slag because she's had sex with so many different boys that the whole area knows that she would never turn down a guy. I sat down at the back of the class receiving dirty looks from her as she sang. She had a good voice but it was a bit too fake and squeaky for my liking. I yawned as I lent into my chair, not having much sleep from Beth being in hospital. Finally when she finished she sat back in her chair feeling quite proud of herself as her double, Jenna who is her best friend praised her on how good she was hitting the high notes, blah blah blah.

'Right class I want you all to write a song about something that has affected you lately, could be a new romance, heartbreak, nearly loosing someone, being abandoned, anything! I want you all to work on it for two weeks, starting from next week, this week I want you to play around a bit and inspire yourself.' He smiled and guestured the class off and came over to me. 'How is she doing? I heard she woke up the other day?' He asked me, referring to Beth.

'She's good, she's done some serious damage to the head, she hit it on something hard as she fell back, they're going to do some tests on her and see if there is anything we should be concerned about.' I informed him.

'Okay thank you, well let me know how everything goes.' He smiled and left. I went to the cupoboard in the corner of the room and brought out my guitar, I let Mr Dean know that I was going to go outside to think and that I will be back to put my guitar away. There was this field not far down the road with a big tree right in the middle of it, no one knows what flower or fruit it is actually meant to be growing but every spring it would  blossom little pink flowers, which stayed all the way till Autum. I love them, they were so peaceful, and dainty, they made the tree look like candyfloss. I walked towards it trying to find a good spot under the branches where the sun could still hit me for a tan. Once I sat down I brought out the journal we got given in english and a pen and opened to the first blank page, I stared at it for a while and then looked up around the area taking in the peaceful atosphere. I started to strumb lightly on the strings trying to find a melody or a rythym, humming lightly to myself. Finding a melody I liked I started to record it in the book, before mixing up a few lyrics.

'Hey you have a nice voice.' A voice complimented, I looked up to see that Harry was walking towards me, I  blushed quickly closing my book and putting the guitar down.

'Thanks.' I mumbled as he came and sat down next to me.

'Have you done any singing classes?' He asked looking at me.

'No, only guitar.' I told him, he looked at me amazed.

'Wow that is natural talent there, you should be signed, spread that voice around.' He told me.

'No I'm good, I have no intrest in becoming famous, I don't see what's so good about having people knowing where you are every five seconds, I like my privacy.' I declined, I stood up picking up my book and shoving it in my bad, then bending down to get my guitar.

'Wait you can't leave, every time I see you, you always rush off why?' He asked, holding onto my wrist.

'Because one I have school to attend and two because I don't want to be anywhere near you.' I said spitefully, he let go of my hand taken back from the reply.

'But why? I haven't done anything wrong to you, have I?' He asked worried.

'No but the paps already know your here, and I'd rather not be linked or pictured with you, I've had enough hate from the freaks at school thank you I'd rather not have the whole population of girls also hating me for just standing next to you.' I explained and started to walk off.

'Wait!' He called as he ran after me catching me up. 'You won't get pictured, and I wouldn't let anyone hate on you.' He reassured.

'Oh really you think a simple, tweet saying, 'hey to all the fans out there giving Ally hate please stop she's actually a really nice girl,' will stop?' I asked.

'Well least I know your name now 'Sorry Girl'.' He laughed.

'Sorry what?' I stopped and stared at him, anger raging through my body.

''Sorry Girl' that's what I have been calling you because I didn't know your name, and whenever I was around you all I'd ever get is sorry.' He smiled, his green eyes were sparkling as his dimples deepened. He quickly noticed I wasn't too happy. 'Sorry?'

'I can't believe you've been calling me that like I'm your pet!' I spat. 'Ugh you celebrities think you can have everything don't you!' I growled storming off.

'Hey Ally! Wait can I at least get your number so I can apologise properly before you storm off again?' He asked nervously.

'Why can't you say sorry now?'

'Because I apologise properly and when I start to you'll only go off again.' He did have a point, I couldn't be bothered to listen to his long winded pointless conversation so I gave him my numebr and left. The school day carried on as normal, I went to dance, science and english. Miss Rowe checked our books regretting looking in some of the boys as they drew penises and boobs. God when were boys ever going to grow up I sighed rolling my eyes as they all starting high fiving each other with pride. She got to me and saw some lyrics scribbled on the page.

'May I?' She asked.

'Knock yourself out.' I told her, she began reading her face crumpled as she concentrated on each word, before placing the book down infront of me.

'Well done, that song is going to be amazing.' She whispered slightly. I went put my book in my bag as we watched the start of Romeo and Juliet staring Leonardo DiCaprio which made all the girls swoon and the boys moan. As we were watching I got a text I opened it to see who it was from.

Hey Sorry Girl, sorry for the whole mishap really didn't want to hurt you in anyway you seem pretty cool. From now on I'll start calling you Ally. Harry Styles xx

I sighed to myself as I finished reading it. Brilliant, now I've given my number out  if any fangirl gets his phone that's me gone. I quickly text back not wanting anyone to notice.

Only my friends call my Ally, my real name is Alice. I would rather you call me that than Sorry Girl, Ally or any other pet name you decide to call me I am not your puppy, bunny or kitten. Alice Clarke.

My phone buzzed seconds after but I couldn't be bothered with the small talk that Harry was  offering so I slipped my phone into my bag and concerntrated on the movie where Romeo firsts sees Juilet at her parents party in the toilets. How romantic right?

'Oooooo, who's been texting Ally this lesson then.' Stacey Slack oh sorry mean Slag called out as Miss Rowe left the room for a phone call. My head shot towards Stacey who's table was next to mine, she had my phone in her hands.

'What are you doing?!' I yelled jumping out of my chair and over to her, but it was too late.

'Ha! She is so sad she named someone Harry Styles in her phonebook and  has been texting them all day!' She laughed her squeaky high pitched laugh, the rest of the class joined in and laughed. If only Beth were here she would stand up for me and tell them all that it's the truth.

'Ring the number Stacey! Let's find out who it is, I bet it's her Mum!' Jenna her double snitched.

'Jenna shut up, I do whatever I want.' Stacey silenced her. 'Hey lets ring the number!' She cackled, she pressed the call button and put it on speaker, it rung three times before a deep husky voice answered.

'Hello Ally, you okay?' Harry asked.

'Hello who is this?' Stacey asked.

'Ally have you hit your head or something, it's me Harry, Harry Styles, from One Direction you know we were hanging out earlier.' He replied confused. Then BAM! You should of seen the look of their faces when they all turned round to me blushing red, it was priceless. Especially Stacey's she looked like she had been punched in the gut or got her first grey hair!



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