The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


9. Poor Parenting

For the first time since Beth had been taken to hospital I stayed at home for the full day. It was the weekend and there was no school thank god, I was going to spend it in the hospital but Beth's parents instructed me to go home and have some rest.

'You're going to make yourself sick, please go home Ally, we will ring you if we need you.' Her mum begged me on the phone.

'I appreciate your concern Mrs Carter but I need to be there for Beth, she needs me.' I persuaded.

'Alice Marie Clarke you are staying at home. That's what Beth would want you to do. Besides you need to be there for your brothers.' Damn it, he had to blackmail didn't he?

'You blackmailed me.' I sulked. 'But what if-'

'We will call you. Now goodbye enjoy your weekend, we don't want to see you take a step into this hospital until Monday. Are we clear?' He asked.

'We're clear.' I sighed as I hung up. I flopped back on my neatly made bed and sighed. This is torture, Beth was really my only friend and now they are making me stay away from her?! I was hoping that if I went today I would see Harry again visiting his uncle, I hadn't seen him in there since we were getting to know each other.

'Oww Jamie, Josh!' My older brother Will yelled, interrupting me mid-thought. All I could hear then were little cackles from my two younger siblings, and Will chasing and cursing them. I listened out to see if I could hear my mum at all telling them to pack it in, but nope, nothing.

'When am I going to get some peace!' I grumbled as Josh hit or did something to Jamie as he started yelling. CRASH! I jolted up from my bed and scurried downstairs to find Jamie and Josh stood next to each other mouths wide open and Will standing opposite of them smirking. 'What was that?' I calmly asked.

'Nothing!' Will quickly replied.

'Nope, that was something. That was a sound of something breaking, now tell me what that was.'

'JOSH DID IT!' Jamie shouted pointing at Josh who retaliated back by hitting him.

'No I didn't Jamie!' He yelled.

'Yes you did Josh I saw you hit Mum's priceless vase off of the side!' Will snitched.

'SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!' I yelled making them all stop. The next minute little footsteps were coming down the staircase, and out appeared mum. 'Oh look who finally came down to help.' I sarcastically pointed out.

'Huh? What? Oh I wasn't coming downstairs to help you out, I have come downstairs because I'm going out.' She grinned bearing her shiny crystal white teeth at me surrounded by these bright red lips.

'Wait since when did you have nice teeth?' I asked her as I swept up the broken china pieces that were scattered on the floor. The boys started to move and made it to the doorway of the living room. 'Hold it!' I yelled, they froze in mid movement.;

'Since I went out with a dentist and persuaded him that whitening my teeth would be the best decision he has ever made.' She explained feeling quite proud of herself.

'Bet that cost you a lot of money.' I assumed.

'Nope had it done for free.' She grinned admiring her new teeth.


'I can be very persuasive Ally darling.'  She winked. I knew exactly what she meant. My mum was the champion at persuading men to do whatever she wanted, all she had to do was batter her long thick eyelashes, push her cleavage together, lick her lips and mention pleasure and bam! They were down on their knees in front of her.

'So when I have parent career day at school then, I'll be explaining to everyone that you're a prostitute then?' I smiled as she turned around and gasped.

'Ally it's not prostitution, it's Mummy being very clever at getting her own way.' She smiled and picked up her bag and headed to the door.

'Where are you going?!' I asked in an annoyed tone.

'Out on a date with a plastic surgeon. Lets hope I can 'persuade' him to make my boobs and bum bigger and my figure smaller.' She winked and click.

'So you're just going to leave me here and look after the house AGAIN!' I growled.

'Yep. Look Ally I know you don't like how I'm a bad mother, but I'm doing this for you lot' She explained.

'Really how?'

'Well I own a cosmetic company now which means we have a lot of money, which I can then spend on you guys.' She smiled.

'Mum you have always own the cosmetic company, we've always had money, you just never spent it on us. How is looking after the house and YOUR children benefiting me?!'

'Well I'm turning you into a wonderful housewife! You can thank me later.' She winked again and walked out of the house not even bothering to close the door. I grumbled as I stormed over to the door seeing my mum sticking her tongue down the plastic surgeons throat before getting into his swanky Audi R8.

'BAD PARENTING!' I yelled slamming the door shut. I turned around looking at how much of a mess the house was in. It was 1PM and there were still breakfast stuff out along with lunch. There was mum's priceless vase on the floor smashed to smithereens, in the living room the boys were playing pillow fights causing feathers to splur out everywhere coating the lounge into a winter wonderland. I lent against the wall slowly lowering myself down a tear rolling down my cheek. As soon as my bum hit the floor I brought my knees in my chest, my head down and I sobbed. Why should I be doing all this? I have all this to clean for it only to be wrecked again and with no help?

I was alone.

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