The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


8. My Rock

As soon as we arrived at the hospital I raced through all the halls to Beth's room. The smell of the hospital always made me feel worse I think it's because hospitals aren't exactly happy places, people come here injured stay here for ages, some recover, some don't and we have to live with that heartache.

Beth's mum caught up with me as we entered the ward Beth was in, scanning for the room she was in I entered it to find another paitent in there. Beth's mum quickly pulled me out.

'Beth had another blackout this time it was as they were testing her, they asked her to walk around for a bit so she did and bam, she was out again she hasn't recovered yet it happened this morning. She has been placed in another room for privacy reasons. They're going to give her an MRI scan at some point to see if there's anything wrong with her brain.' Beth's mums voice was trembling, tears came flooding down her face, I felt so sorry for her, her only child going through this pain and them not being able to do anything. I gave her a big hug to help soothe her and then she guided me to the room at the very end of the room. Inside was Beth alone, no other paitents, laying peacefully on her bed, she had bruising around her cheek from where she fell. I could feel the pain myself stabbing into my cheek, my hand quickly shot up to the pain, but nothing was there. I silently walked over to some chairs next to the bed and sat down holding her hand, rubbing my thumb across her knuckle, sniffing every now and then to stop the tears.

'Would it be okay if you stayed here while we go to the cafeteria and got something to eat?' Beth's dad asked, I looked up at him my eyes stinging, I nodded. When they left I calmly breathed out, my breaths becoming broken where I tried not to cry. 'You promised you wouldn't do this to me again.' I whispered to her. I let my head roll back and closed my eyes trying to forget about everything. I woke up a little while later seeing another paitent had arrived into Beth's room, a middle aged man who too was asleep, the only sound was the breathing and heart rate monitor besides him. I looked over to Beth who was still unconcious, I felt bad that I didn't bring her a gift, but I guess at the moment a gift wasn't exactly the first thing that came to mind when I received the phone call from her mum.  As I was daydreaming a tall figure walked into the room and over to the other paitent they stood over them for a bit then sat down, I looked over and examined the person, they were a boy, a teenage boy with brown curly hair! Harry!

I stood up and walked over to him, l looked back over to Beth to make sure she was okay. I stood over harry as he was sat in the chair looking at the man.

'Oh my gawd it's Harry Styles!' I squealed quietly, I saw his head drop a little and he looked up at first his eyes dull and annoyed but then when he realised it was me they lit up.

'Ally! I mean Alice! What are you doing here?!' He grinned standing up.

'I'm here for my best friend Beth, she's over there. I would ask you the same question but I can see you're here for this chap.' I pointed out.

'Yeah this is my uncle, he has been having strokes recently and  I decided to come pay him a visit.' Harry explained glancing over his uncle.

'Oh that explains why you're in Botley!' I gasped.


'I see. When I first saw it on the paper I was confused of all the reasons why you would want to come here.'

'Would you like any tea or coffee?' A nurse offered as she entered the room.

'White latte if you can please.' I asked.

'And a mocha for me please darling.' He winked, she blushed and grinned. When she first came in she acted like she didn't care which is all good for her job but then she let it slip there. She came back later with our coffees, we sat in the chairs facing each other learning about each other.

'So Alice, what do you study at school?' He asked taking a sip of his coffee.

'Music, dance and history.' I explained,as I told him how much I hated my maths teacher.

'Well teachers are teachers.' He chuckled when my face turned sour.

'Okay but Mr Henry isn't a teacher, he's a dick!' I grumbled, looking into my cheap coffee.

'You really don't like this teacher do you?' Harry asked looking concerned at me.

'There is a reason why but I'd rather not go into that.' I looked away from Harry's eyes which were concentrated on me. 'Do you know what's weird?'

'No what?' He asked still looking at me not once taking his eyes off me to his uncle laying in the bed.

'How you're all famous and yet you haven't gone all diva on anyone yet?' I chuckled, he joined in too.

'Yeah everybody thinks I'm a player, I go for older women, and that I'm a diva, but I'm really not I just wish people would give me chance. It's like they see me and automatically think, diva!'  He looked pretty upset, I sat there stunned, he was just like me during school, I just wanted someone to give me a chance, but no one did until Miss Rowe.

'You're like me.' I whispered.

'What?' He asked, hearing what I said.

'Oh nothing I was just thinking about something.' I mumbled. Harry stayed the full day with me, we were talking about what Harry's life was like before his was famous, how sometimes he wishes he could go back to being a normal person. It was weird, the feelings I had earlier which was upset, hurt and nervs for Beth suddenly disappeared when I was with Harry. It was like he was me rock, he helped me remain stable. I still didn't have any feelings towards him though, I was starting to like him more as a friend and I was content with that.

'Hey Alice?' He asked half daydreaming half not.

'Call me Ally.' I smiled at him, he looked at me and smiled. I could tell what he was thinking finally we've built bridges. And we did, I didn't think of him as a self-centered superstar, I wasn't afraid of the paparazzi finding us, I was glad that I made a new friend.


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