The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


2. My Favourite Lesson

I walked the boys to school like every morning, whilst my mum did whatever fancied her, then walked to my school catching up with Beth on the way. We have been best friends since we were 5 when she joined my school

'Hey, Al.' She chirped swinging her bag as she walked with me.

'Hey Beth, how are you? Are you feeling any better?' I asked her, concerned. Beth keeps having these episodes recently, her whole right arm would tingle and then her vision would blurry, it would then progress into a migrain, followed by her tongue feeling swollen making it hard to breath resulting her then to faint. She has been in and out of hospital to do tests but the docotors aren't too sure what is wrong and are thinking of going into more serious tests.

'Yeah I'm fine thanks, I went to the hospital again yesterday for more tests but the same old same old. They haven't got a diagnosis and are going to do more serious tests.' She shrugged as she bit into a cookie she pulled out of her bag.

'Maybe it's because you eat cookies every morning.' I chuckled taking it from her hand and taking a bite out of it, grinning at her with a mouthful of cookie. She giggle and struggled to get it back.

'Hey come on Ally give it back!' She whined, reaching over to grab it.

'No Bethany I'm doing this for your own good!' And with that I shoved the rest in my mouth and started chewing. 'Want it now?' I asked smirking.

'Yes! That's my cookie!'

We arrived at school heading to our first lesson, maths, oh yay how much fun that is going to be. We both entered the classroom and took our seats at the back as everyone else filled the room.

'Right class,' Mr Henry began. 'Parents evening is coming up and I want you all to fill out an appointment appropriate to you, don't make it any later than 7 as I have plans, and yes teacher's do have lives too you know guys.' He informed as he strode  across the front of the room. All the class rushed to the front, fighting to pick for an earlier time to get parents evening over and done with, while I remained sat comfortably in my seat, there was no point gettting up there in that wave, infact there was no point booking an appointment, my mum would be busy anyway. The class returned to their seats after filling out the white papersheet on the wall, Mr Henry went over and scanned the sheet before turning around to face the class.

'Miss Clarke I see here you have not booked an appointment for parents evening, is there any reason why?' He asked suspiciously. Ever since my mum cheated on my dad with Mr Henry, we've never liked each other since, he always picks on me and embarrasses me and I play up and is his worst student ever.

'Oh yeah there are some simple resons.' I smirked at him, he sighed as he knew what was coming. 'I don't like you could be one reason or maybe the next reason is I was going to let you sort it out with my mum later today as seeming you have a date with her.' His face turnt red as the class 'ooahhed'.

'Alice I thought your mother and I talked about this with you already?' He explained as he frowned, looking down on me. Mr Henry was the tallest teacher in our school he was 8ft 5 and played water polo.

'You did, doesn't mean I agree with it though, you made my dad leave.' I pointed out, embarrassing him even more.

'Ally I have no time for your childish behaviour, I will book your mum an appointment and you shall come end of story.' He commanded angrily as he  turnt and faced the whiteboard and begun to write sums for the class to do.

'Fine but if you're going to fuck her again tonight can you please keep the noises down to a minimum, some of us have little brothers trying to sleep.' I grinned, Mr Henry turned round, his face bright red.

'Alice Clarke down to my office now!' He yelled. Most of the class jumped in shock but I sat there laughing away, how stupid was this guy seriously?

'I see what your going to do, you're going to ring my mum to come in and have an emergancy meeting about me. Wow you're dumb! We both know my mum doesn't care about me, she doesn't give two shits what I do as long as she is happy then she doesn't care! Also you know she's on a date with this bodybuilder that's why she wanted a rain check, you're going to have to get use to that by the way, you're not her number one.' I smiled, I picked up my stuff and I left the class room and made my way down to the shops for some food. When will my life get positive?

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