The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


15. Meeting and Greeting

I was sat nervously on the sofa in Harry's house, it was 1PM at any minute now the whole group of lads would be walking in for me to meet them for the first time. I sat there biting my lip to soothe myself which was a bad habit I had got myself into but it didn't work. Harry was in the kitchen making drinks and snacks for us all to nibble on as we introduced ourselves.

'You alright babe?' He called from the other room, it felt so weird being called babe by a boy, especially when that boy was Harry Styles.

'Yeah I'm fine.' I replied unconvincingly.

'You'll be fine!' He reassured as he wondered into the room with a plate of food. When he placed the plates on the table he lent over to me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. 'Trust me.'

When the clock reach 1:30PM there was a loud knock at the door, I suddenly shot up from my seat and looked at the door worryingly as Harry sprinted over to it. Before he opened it, he looked over to me with a confident smile as I patted down my floral jaquard seam dress from Topshop, I looked up at Harry and braced a smiled.

'You look gorgeous.' He said as opened the door letting a rush of bodies in.

'Ahh thanks mate, you're not too bad yourself!' Louis laughed as he waltzed through patting Harry on the shoulder.

'Oh and I'm guessing this is the 'amazing Ally' of whom you've been speaking about?' Zayn smirked as he saw me standing awkwardly in the living room.

'Speaking? He never shuts up he rambles on about you all the time.' Niall mumbled with a mouth full of food. 'Ally is so amazing. Ally is so pretty. I really like Ally. How can I ask her out? God, he was like a broken record!'

'Hey!' Harry called looking a little embarrassed. 'I didn't go on about Ally that much!'

'Anyways, hi Ally nice to meet you, I'm Louis.' Louis greeted shaking my hand. The rest of the boys did the same thing, we all sat down on the chairs and begun the small chitchat.

'So Ally, as seeming we already know how you two met, what were your first impressions of Harry when you threw your fruit salad all over him?' Liam asked suspiciously.

'Well originally I thought, wow what a self-centred egotistical famous brat because he asked me if I wanted an autograph or a photo, without me saying anything.' Everyone turned at Harry a laughed. 'And then he went from that to annoying egotistical famous brat because he kept asking for my number and wouldn't shut up. And then he turned into this sweet understanding guy, who helped me through the tough times.' I smiled looking up at him, he looked down grinning and kissed my forehead. We stayed at Harry's for a couple of hours, I was getting alone really well with the boys, they were so nice and funny they were basically like any other guys, except they were filthy rich, they could sing and they had girls falling at their feet.

'They really liked you.' Harry grinned as he shut the door behind him, he turned to me and wrapped his hands around my waist his sparkling eyes looking into mine. 'I'm so proud of you.' He praised as he kissed me on my lips, I wrapped my arms around his neck. 'I told you, you'd be fine!'

'You sure they really like me and they aren't faking it because they know you're happy?' I asked doubtfully.

'Of course they did, you would know straight away if they didn't.' Harry laughed. 'When I dated Taylor Swift they took the piss out of her as soon as they met her, they were singing her We're Never Getting Back Together song, but like this, they should never ever get with each other theeeeyyy should never ever get with each other.' I laughed as he sang, thinking how awkward it must of been for her at that point, but I didn't care.

'Well I'm glad they like me, I really like them. I think Louis and Niall are hilarious!' I grinned thinking back to when Louis was taking the piss out of Liam and then Niall started taking the piss out of Louis and swearing every five seconds.

Harry laid down on the sofa, I followed and curled up into him, we laid there silently not saying a word to each other, Harry playing with my long blonde hair. I traced my finger along his dimples as he smiled. I then traced my finger around his lips, smiling as I went, Harry quickly gently bit my finger when I got to the part where both lips meet.

'Harry no!' I whined playfully, trying to pull my fingers from his teeth. He shook his head in disagreement and started laughing. He quickly let go of my finger but then grabbed it with his hand. 'No Harry, let go!' I laughed.

'On one condition!' Harry announced lifting his head up.


'Kiss me.' He dropped his head down and looked at me his eye went a bright sparkling green, I bit my lip as he gave me a pleading puppy dog face.

'Aww, how can I say no to that!' I cooed, I leant forwards placing my hands on his face and gave him a kiss. 'Hello?' I said as I answered my phone, it was an unknown number but I decided to answer it anyway, in case it was about Beth.

'Hello is that Miss Clarke?' A young women asked on the phone.

'Yes, who's speaking?' I returned.

'Hi, I'm Nurse Street from the hospital.' I slowly got off from Harry and wondered off into the garden and sat down on a bench he had which was sat nearby a pond full of fish. 'I have news about Beth's MRI scan, would it be possible if you came in any time today?'

'Yeah sure I can make my way over now?' I asked.

'That would be brilliant, if when you arrive just walked over to the reception desk outside Beth's room, we can carry on from there.'

'Okay thank you Nurse Street.' I bided.

'You're welcome, I'll see you shortly.' I hung up the phone and started into the pond, watching the fish swim up the surface of the water to suck in oxygen before bobbing back down.

'Everything okay?' Harry asked as he walked behind me, he rested his hands on my shoulders, I looked up at him as he looked down and he kissed my forehead.

'Yeah, it's just they have results from Beth's MRI scan, and they want me to go in now to discuss them.'

'Did you want me to go with you?' He offered looking concerned.

'Would you?'

'Of course, I'll always be here for you no matter what babe.' He sighed as he kissed me again but this time on my lips.

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