The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


23. Lost

You never know what you have in front of you until it's gone. 

You never realise how things were perfect before the chaos happens.

You never realise how much you love someone until they're gone.

'Hey Ally over here!' Someone yelled to me. I turned my head a looked towards the person who was calling my name. FLASH. 'I got her, I got a picture of Alice Clarke!' FLASH, FLASH. Bright lights blinding my vision, people came rushing over to me calling my name, taking pictures of me, I could feel them coming closer towards me, I was getting worried, my breathing becoming short and fast. People were screaming out my name, pulling on my clothes. I needed to escape. 

'Harry!' I called, I looked around among the limbs frantically waving in the air to get my attention, I was ignoring all of that, I needed to get out, I couldn't breathe. 'Harry!' I called again but not as loud as I could feel myself getting weaker. I kept walking through the mass hoping to get out of it, but it seemed never ending. What do these people want?! I thought. My steps became sloppier and slower as I could feel myself panic even more about not getting enough air, I tried to fight my way through but failed, the people around me seemed to be getting taller, towering over me as I made contact with the floor. The next minute I felt a warm hand pull me up, two arms wrapped around me bringing me into someone's chest, my head leaning on them. 

'Move out of my way! Coming through!' I heard a deep voice yell and people were brushing their hands on me and then screaming that they touched me. I suddenly felt cool air touching my skin, the crowd had disappeared, I was settled on my two feet again, my right arm holding onto a toned muscley bicep, to help me balance. I looked up expecting to see Harry standing heroically before me, but instead I saw a stocky small man before me, his face was concerned as his hand was on my shoulder. 'Are you okay Ally?' He asked looking worried.

'No I'm not, I've just been bombarded with random people coming over yelling at me and taking pictures of me and then I get swept up by a random stranger!' I angered. 'Where's Harry?' I asked, looking around for him, seeing the mob far behind, they were going mental, I couldn't make out to see what was happening but I suddenly saw Harry being pulled and pushed about getting bruises on his face. 'Harry!' I yelled as I launched forwards to him, but I was pulled back by the man who helped me. He held onto my arms as I watched Harry struggle looking up at me now and then with desperation.

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