The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


24. Hobbies

I woke up suddenly, beads of sweat dripping down from my forehead, my heart racing from the dream I just had. I pushed myself up so I was sitting crossed legged in bed, my hands ran through my hair as I thought about the dream. It seemed too real, almost like a reality. Maybe it is a sign, I thought to myself, maybe it could be a prediction for the future. I got side-tracked as I looked at the stream of light piercing through the gap in-between the floor length curtains. I reached over to my clock and looked at the time, 5:30AM, perfect.

I drew myself from my warm bed and walked over to my wardrobe where I pulled out a short, floral printed dress, with a criss-cross back and stripped and put the dress on. I brushed my hair leaving it wavy and hanging loosely down by my waist, I applied minimal mascara and brushed my teeth before returning to the bedroom. I picked up my straw hat, a hair band and walked over to a draw on my desk, I opened it revealing my Canon camera, sitting, waiting for me to pick it up, and I did. I picked up the black Canon camera with extra lenses and a carry case. I put my hat on my head and put the strap of the camera around my neck and smiled, it had been a long time since I used this. I loved photography, I use to take photos all the time on my parents phone of animals and wildlife when they were together, they got so fed up of me using their phones that they decided to buy me a professional one for my birthday, I used it all the time and show them to my parents and family, just like I did with my singing, all until the whole affair happened. It tore my life apart and I had no reason to be happy.

'Harry get up quick!' I urged him as I shook him awake.

'Huh? What? What happened? Are you okay?' He panicked quickly sitting himself up, his bed head hair all over the place, his eyes half shut indicating that he was still half asleep.

'Nope I'm fine but just get up quickly now.' I giggled and pushed off the bed and turned the lights on. Harry moaned as he got up and stretched, he rubbed his eyes and looked over at me and smiled. 'What?' I asked suspiciously as I leaned against the wall behind me.

'Nothing, it's just you look so beautiful.' He smirked. 'So what's the time?' He asked as he walked over to the wardrobe pulling out some shorts and t-shirt.

'It's about quarter to 6.'  I announced proudly.

'What!' Harry growled quickly turning around shirtless, I couldn't help but stare at his body, it was so toned and muscley and his first few tattoos were making him irrisitable. 'I can't believe that you have woken me up at 5:45, IN THE MORNING!' He angered flopping back onto the bed to fall back asleep.

'No, no, no, no. Harry no please I promise you this all will be worth it!' I begged, rushing over to him and trying to pull him off the bed by pulling at his feet. But I gave up and fell back on the floor. 'Fine then you'll just miss out then.' I huffed and walked out of my room and headed downstairs where I packed a few bits of food and drink into a basket and started to write a note for the boys explaining that I was going to be out for the day with Harry so Arron would be in charge. The next moment Harry entered the kitchen dress and a grumpy face.

'I'm ready to go.' He announced as he sulked into the kitchen.

'I knew you would come!' I grinned giving him a hug and a kiss.

'So where are we going?' He asked looking at my items on the table.

'Well, we are going for a lovely walk through the country park and then we are going to have a picnic.' I instructed closing the lid to the picnic basket and handed it over to him. He sighed as he took it, and reached over and held my hand.

'Only because I'll be with you.' He smiled. I smiled in return and gave him a kiss.


Harry POV

We were walking together hand in hand out of the drive way, it was early so there wasn't any one around which made it really eery, normally around Ally's area it's very quiet but in the mornings it feels like an apocalypse.

It didn't take us long until Ally led me to a gate which was an entrance to a field, we let go of each others hands and went through one at a time ducking through the nettles and the prickles that were hanging down loosely hoping that one unlucky victim would walk straight into them. When we entered the field Ally turned on her camera and started scanning the area like a hawk. Every now and then she would stop by a bush or a bit of grass and hold her camera up to her face, fiddling with the zoom before taking a picture and carried until we stopped for lunch.

'What about hear?' I asked, standing on top of a nice mound of green grass. Ally was too busy taking a photo of the ducks that she didn't notice me setting up lunch, she came back after ten minutes and apologised. 'You don't need to apologise to me Ally, you looked like you were having fun out there, I didn't want you to stop.' I smiled reassuringly. 'Since when were you a photographer?' I asked her as I sat and gazed at her concentrating on taking another photo.

'Ever since I was little, I use to take photos of everything, but I stopped when my mum and dad split up.' She explained, her voice saddening at the end.

'Why's that?' I asked as she sat down on the picnic blanket next to me.

'Because like music, photography made me happy, and when my mum was actually a decent mum and she was with my dad, I was happy, so I did the things that kept me happy. But then when it all fell to pieces I stopped singing, playing instruments and photography because I didn't have a reason to be happy anymore. It would only make me sad knowing the fact that when I last used them, I was happy, my life was amazing.'

'And I'm guessing you're happy now otherwise you wouldn't be taking photos am I right?' I questioned.

'Indeed I am, and I have one special person to thank for that.' She grinned as she leaned forwards wrapping her arms around my neck, her lips smashing onto mine, I smiled as I wrapped my arms around her waist falling slowly on the ground.

'I'm glad I made you happy again Ally.'

'I'm glad I have you.' She smiled and carried on kissing me.


We returned home around about tea time, Ally rushed straight upstairs to put all the pictures she took onto her mac laptop, leaving me to sort out the picnic basket. I went into the kitchen and saw Josh and Jamie together they had the laptop up and were whispering as they were watching videos online.

'Hey guys what you up to?' I smiled enthusiastically as I walked into the kitchen.

'Get lost weirdo!' Jamie shouted and poked his tongue out at me.

'Hey mate I thought we were cool?' I said. He shook his head as he concentrated with the video. After I packed everything away I went upstairs to find Ally still sorting out her pictures. 'How's it going babe?' I asked as I peered over looking at a long list of her pictures.

'It's taking a while to put them up but I've got loads of good ones.' She grinned, bringing a few up to show and no word of a lie they were amazing. They looked like professional photos.

'Wow Ally these are amazing!' Is this what you want to do when you're older?'

'Yeah, I do. I want to be a wildlife photographer though.'

'Why's that?'

'Because, that is where the true beauty is.' She simply stated.

'Wow.' I whispered to myself.


Ally POV

Harry went downstairs after Jamie practically pulled him downstairs to watch some sport thing on TV, while he was gone it gave me a chance to finish putting my photos in albums on my computer. I made a new folder and dragged a few photos and placed them in the album. I selected some photos and printed them off and then cut them and stuck them in my journal.

Today I went out for the day with the one guy who makes me feel like I have no worries. I told him about my passion for photography and how I want to be a wildlife photographer when I leave school and college. He thinks my photos are amazing but he doesn't know that I have been taking some of him secretly which is sweet because I don't really want him to know, I want them to be mine and only mine. It amazes me how much beauty there can be in a single bit of paper.

I stuck a photo of Harry when he was looking out at a deer that we saw in a field, without him knowing I quickly took a photo, it's my favourite one of him as he looks calm, peaceful and natural. I placed it on the page opposite my newest entry and smiled as I stuck it in. I closed my journal and quickly tucked it under my bed, I went back to my computer and put a password lock on my photos so no one else would be able to see them.


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