The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


12. Getting To Know Him

As we wondered down to the cafeteria in the hospital Harry started to talk about himself. How work was going, how he was a 'mummy's boy' ect.

'When I first met you Ally, I don't know why but I thought you would of been a massive fan of One Direction. I was so worried that when you realised who I was you were going to be screaming and asking for an autograph and a photo.' Harry admitted, I looked up at him as he was a lot taller than me, me being only 5ft 5.

'You did!' I laughed slightly.

'Yeah, but when you turned down the autographs and photos, it kinda shocked me. But then it made me want to get to know you more, you seemed so interesting and amazing.' He blushed embarrassingly looking down at the floor. I looked at him and smiled, I felt quite happy to know he wanted to get to know me, I'd never thought he would being famous.

'Thanks.' I blushed. 'No one has ever said that to me.' He looked at me confused. After choosing our food we sat down at a two seater table.

'You know what, I think I might come into the hospital with you everyday.' Harry smiled as he took a bite from his sandwich.

'Really?' I asked, giving him a puzzled look. 'You don't know Beth, that's weird.'

'Yeah but I'm doing it to give you company.' He smiled. 'I feel bad knowing that you come up here everyday and you're on your own most of the time. I'd be happy to.' He smiled.


'Yeah besides like I said I want to get to know you better.' I blushed again at this point and dropped my head down looking a the coffee cup below. 'I like it when you blush, it makes you look cute.' He complimented. My face burned harder and my heart pounded, he really complimented me! He really complimented me!

But all I could think in my head was, why was I getting so amazed by a boy complimenting me, even if it was Harry Styles that shouldn't matter?

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