The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


11. Explainations

My school called a teacher-training day on Wednesday which was good as I wanted to go to the hospital and spend my time making sure that Beth would get better. I packed my laptop, my phone, my journal and a notebook for writing Beth another note. I text Harry in the morning letting him know that if he wanted to come that I was going to the hospital today. I made my bed and went downstairs my mum was still in bed and the boys were in the lounge watching TV, I said my goodbyes letting them know I would be home later and left.

I was writing lyrics down in my journal when Beth's parents came back from the canteen in the hospital, they sat in the lounge bit just outside of the room, they both looked really worried as they chatted to each other. I tried to keep my mind off them by writing down lyrics in my book, but I couldn't help but wonder if they were talking about Beth. I was interrupted mid-thought when Harry came in, Mr and Mrs Carter both knew that Harry was going to be coming after he sent me a text, they nodded to him as he entered. He walked in and sat on the chair next to me, he watched as I frowned and scribbled more lyrics into my book.

'Hey.' He smiled, waking me out of my troubling thoughts. I looked up and smiled, quickly putting my journal into my bag before he could notice.


'You okay, you seemed like you were on another planet?' He asked jokingly, but his forehead creased with worry.

'No I'm fine, just in my own little world.' I laughed to brush it off. We sat again talking for ages, picking up where we left off. We looked like we were close friends by the way we were continuously chatting not stopping for a breathe.

'Hey Ally, you never really talk about your family. In fact you haven't even mentioned about your Mum. Do you mind if I ask if she is still alive?' He asked carefully, he gorgeous brown curls surrounding his puzzled face. I took a deep breathe and sighed.

'She is still alive, I just don't get along well with her. See she kicked my Dad out when he caught her cheating on him with my maths teacher. I was devastated, I loved my Dad more than anything, we were really close. I tried to persuade my Mum to let him stay and start fresh as I didn't want to leave my brothers, but she refused acting like he was a bad parent. Ever since then, she has left me to look after the house and my brothers while she goes out with random guys every day for a shag.' I explained, realising that Harry and Beth were the only ones who knew about my family.

'Is that why I always saw you down at the corner shop then skipping school because you don't like your maths teacher?' He asked.

'Yeah and the rest of the teachers, I only like my music and my English. You see none of my other teachers has ever given me a chance during school, I have a slight behavioural problem and no one has ever given me the time of day. I was always sent to my headmasters office and they would phone my Mum but she wouldn't care.' I sighed.

'Wow Ally, I never knew you had so much going on?' Harry admitted, shocked. 'So who's looking after your brothers now if Will and Arron's out and I'm presuming your Mum is out to.'

'Oh no she's at home and I'm guessing Will is home at least, they must of seen the note I left on the table.'

'Do you wanna go get something to eat from the canteen, you've been here since 10AM and you look so skinny!' Harry offered standing out of his chair stretching, showing off his V line which peeked out of his black polo.

'Yeah sure.' I smiled getting out of the chair to walking out of the room passing Mr and Mrs Carter who were still sat in the lounge just outside Beth's room. 'We're just going to get something to eat.' I told them, they quickly looked up and nodded before looking at each other and carrying on with their conversation.

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