The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


26. Dun Dun

*2 weeks on*

I sighed heavily slumping on the end of my bed, I wanted to text Beth to see if she was okay but she wasn't allowed to have her phone with her so I was friendless again. Beth's due for an operation for her brain tumour in a weeks time and things are becoming pretty tense. Her mum and dad keep arguing due to the stress, I've been cutting myself out of things because I've been so worried, even with Harry. My mum's gone on a fancy cruise with the plastic surgeon she was last seeing so my dad has offered to stay and help look after the fort to take the pressure off of me a bit.

'Of course you would offer to take care of the house while I'm gone.' My mother sarcastically stated pouring herself her third glass of wine.

'Look Sienna, I know we've never seen eye to eye since the whole mishap but can we please put that behind us now and stop acting like I'm the bad guy in this situation? All I'm trying to do is to look after my children a-'

'Oh so now you think I'm not fit to be a good mother?!?!' My mum's voice rose as she flung her arms out frantically in annoyance. 

'No I'm not saying that at all you're not listening.' My dad sighed, he knew what she could be like, very self-centered. 

'And now you're saying I'm deaf and I'm not a good listener! Dave you're not making things easy for yourself at the moment you know!' She threatened taking a large swig from her glass. I was in the living when this conversation happened and could hear every single thing that was being said, I knew it wasn't getting anywhere so turned off the TV which I wasn't even paying attention to, apparently I had been watching a nature documentary on gibbons how boring. I walked through the archdoorway and saw my mum sat on a bar stool drinking her wine like there was no tomorrow whilst my dad was leaning on the bar counter his head in his hands.

'Sienna please if you would stop being so difficult and stop thinking about yourself all the time, this would be a lot easier!'


'Mum seriously put the drink down and listen.' I ordered, she turned her head over to me and sighed and plonked her drink on the counter.

'Yes mum?' She sarcastically asked rolling her eyes.

'Really you're going down that route?' I sighed. 'Right well, as seeming I've got your attention, all dad is trying to do is help us all, you might not think it but he is. You're going off to a lovely cruise whilst leaving me to deal with all the shit here plus school and Beth, dad is literally coming to help and relieve some pressure off of all of us.' I explained calmly, I saw she was nodding her head which meant my words were processing through her head for once.

'Hmmm Ally, Ally, Ally.' She sighed. 'Where did I go wrong with you?' 

'Huh?' I replied stunned. What did she mean where did she go wrong with me? Doesn't she mean where the fuck did she go wrong in general which was cheating on my dad and then kicking him out????? 

'Well I've always brought you up teaching you the way boys work, how they manipulate you to do whatever they want, they please you into thinking they are helping you when really they are only helping themselves. For example your father here, you may think he is being helpful because he is relieving pressure off of you but really he's going to take you away and make you all his slaves while he gets all the benefit money and does nothing.'

'Wow you're so stupid, I do wonder how the hell you're my mother. Right moving aside dad you can stay thank you for the offer much appriciated, mum get the fuck over it okay, dad is going to stay here with us while you are gone whether you like it or not.' With that I waltzed off.


So now I'm by myself constantly picking up my phone ever five seconds just to see Beth's name appear up on my phone saying something like, hey great news turns out it wasn't a brain tumor just a blip on the system, feeling 110% better now have some new meds for th headaches will be back to normal in no time! But I knew in reality that, that would never happen, she was ill, the doctors worked so hard making sure they knew what was wrong with her, it was a tumor, she needed an operation and that was final, I had to deal with that and whether I could or not was the question. I decided I needed to go out and get some fresh air, staying in this room too long and checking my phone every five minutes was unhealthy. I picked up my grey Nike Air Max Fusions and walked down stairs with my phone in my hand.

'Wow someone's finally out of that pit up there.' Smirked Arron as he stuffed his face with a concoction of a sandwich.

'Oh ha ha. Dad I'm going out for a few minutes I'll be back in a bit!' I called as I walked through the door closing it behind me.

'Oh Ally just the person I needed to see.' Spoke a husky voice, I turned round and looked up seeing these gorgeous dark brown eyes, I gasped suddenly, my heart stopped, no. 


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