The Forbidden (not completed)

Beth is Alice's best friend, when she gets taken to hospital Alice starts to spend most of her time there to support her best friend. If her life wasn't chaotic enough with four brothers, two younger and two older and a single parent mum who leaves everything for Alice to do, will her life be better or worst when she meets The Harry Styles?


19. Caught

We stopped outside a small cafe in the heart of London. Harry parked his car just down the road from it in a space.

'My mum is sat on a table inside she said it will be more private than outside.' He said as we walked towards the cafe. He went to hold my hand but I rejected it and pulled away, he looked at me with confusion.

'Sorry, I don't want to be caught again.' I admitted, he nodded his head in realisation. We walked down to the cafe not getting noticed by anyone so far which was a good thing. We went in and found Harry's mum in the corner, she waved at us getting our attention and we walked over to her.

'Hey mum.' Harry grinned giving his mum a hug. 'This is the girl I've been talking about, Ally.' He introduced moving aside so she could see me.

'Hi Ally! It's lovely to meet you.' She smiled giving me a hug too.

'Hi Mrs Styles, it's lovely to meet you too.'

'Oh I'm not Mrs Styles, my last name is Cox, but please call me Anne.' She smiled. 'Please sit down I haven't ordered anything yet I've not long got here myself.' We sat down on the small rounded table, I was next to Anne and Harry was next to me holding my hand under the table to soothe me. 'So Ally Harry's been telling me a lot about you.' She smiled, I looked at Harry who went a bit red. 'Tell me a bit about yourself, do you have any hobbies?'

'Urmm, I play a bit of the guitar and sing.' I explained a little embarrassed.

'You do? How interesting I would love to hear some, sometime.'

'Oh I'm not that good.'

'Ally stop being modest. She is really good mum! I heard her the first time I properly spoke to her. She was sat down by a tree in the meadow, she was playing some notes with her guitar and singing some harmonises. It was amazing.'  I watched him the whole time, how eager he was to the story, how his eyes lit up by the memory, the memory in which he first fell in love with me.

'Wow sounds like we have a little star here.' She said, sounding impressed. 'Did you want to do anything with music when you leave school or college?' Anne asked.

'Um I actually want to be a photographer.' I laughed nervously. I had always been fascinated with photos how you can capture an amazing moment with one flash, how you could control what was in front of you to get the idea you wanted.

'Ahh, now that I love to hear. You see most of the girls Harry dates are always wanting a famous life, like modelling, singing, acting, dancing you name it but you, you're so different from them.' She smiled, holding my hand.

'I know right! That's what made me fall for her.' Harry admitted, he blushed a bit looking down but then looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back. After we finished our coffees we said goodbye to Anne and went off shopping.

'I think that went very well what about you?' I asked Harry as I was flicking through the shorts rail in TopShop.

'Yes definitely, I couldn't agree more. She loved you!' He grinned standing next to me. 'Did you want these?' He asked as I held onto a pair of light denim high waisted blue shorts that were rolled up at the bottom and were ripped with a black leather belt.

'Yes please, but it's fine I can pay for them.' I smiled as I headed towards the counter.

'Babe, it's fine trust me I'll pay for anything you want today. My treat.' He smiled as he handed the cash to a guy behind the till, he kept staring at me which made Harry uneasy, he pulled me closer to him for protection and also to warn the other guy. We had been to quite a few shops and we were heading out of Starbucks when I got a text from a family friend.

Molly Henly 4:45PM


I looked at my phone for a while very confused with what the text said a part of me thought that she had sent it to the wrong number but the other part knew it was meant for me. I loaded up Twitter on my iPhone and saw the worldwide trend #harrystylesnewgirlfriend I clicked on the hashtag and saw loads of tweets about me! I'd been caught! I found an article link and clicked on it and read it.

Harry's rumoured girlfriend true!

The lovely curly haired dream boy has been taken off the market yet again! Mr Harry Styles was caught a couple of days ago picking a strange girl up from what could of been her house, people didn't know what romantic destination they had planned but boy did we have fun guessing until now! It has been confirmed that Harry is currently in London with his new girl, who is reportedly called 'Ally Clarke' by unkown sources. The pair met a month ago in her home town as he was on vacation with the band. Today at a cafe in London, Ally and Harry were both spotted in a small cafe with his mum Anne, who seemed very pleased with Harry's girl. They left the cafe and as they left Anne was talking to a close friend talking about their relationship. She was overheard saying, 'I am so pleased that my little boy has finally found someone right for him! I've never seen him so happy in my life, they are very smitten and I'm so happy for him.' *cries on the sofa with a tub of chocolate fudge brownie heartbreak ice cream* So looks like this is a strong couple, but will this relationship last, Harry is known for his short relationship so it will be fun watching this one bloom and what cute couple nickname they will have, Hally? Arry? While Harry is definitely off the market now with Liam, Louis and Zayn it seems that Niall is the only one left! Niall girls eat your hearts out!'

I stared at my phone, I felt drained and exhausted. I flicked through all the pictures of us, when we were in the cafe, leaving the cafe, in shops, going in and out of shops every step we had taken, it was caught. Harry looked at me concerned.

'Ally are you okay?' He asked standing in front of me holding onto my shoulders.

'No, I feel like I'm going to throw up.' I barely whispered.

'Ally what is wrong you're freaking me out!' He demanded shaking me slightly.

'I've been identified.' I gasped showing him my phone. He quickly took it off me and read the article. He looked at me shocked. 'Ally I am so sorry!' He apologised as he took my hands and kissed them. 'Lets go home before anyone spots us.' He suggested, we quickly but swiftly got back to the car and drove home but this time instead of Harry parking his car outside the gate he parked it inside, probably because he knew that paparazzi would be coming to try and get exclusive shots. When getting in I ran straight upstairs, I got changed into my grey trackies and one of Harry's white baggy t-shirts rolling up the sleeves and putting my hair up into a high messy bun. I reached down and grabbed my laptop and crawled into bed and loaded up Twitter and I sat there in amazement and watched as I was spread across the globe, everyone was talking about Harry and I. People from other countries. It was weird. But the next thing someone had found my Twitter account as I had been one of the recent people Harry had followed. I started getting hate and love from random people I had never met before. One person tweeted to me, 'I hope you die in hell bitch @Harry_Styles doesn't deserve a slag like you!' another person tweeted, 'she is clearly only going out with @Harry_Styles for the fame, it's like the whole Haylor incident again!'

After reading page after page of hate, I did receive some love, 'I think you're so pretty and so lucky for dating @Harry_Styles! Please follow me!!!' I felt sorry for the young girl who tweeted, desperate to have anything to get close to the boys, so I followed her the next minute I got another tweet from her, 'OH MY GAWD @AllyClarke just followed me! So happy #hallyforever.' I went on my homepage to see a new worldwide trend #harryandally #hally plastered everywhere! My followers went from 100 to about 2000 in a second. It was crazy it felt so weird every news media network was talking about me for all of it!

But I couldn't get out the hate from my head, I didn't understand why people were saying they would trace me and my family down and kill us all, and why they were calling me a whore and how I didn't deserve Harry. I sat there staring at the computer screen, I felt a tear run down my cheek. Harry came in with a mug of tea and sat next to me, he took away the laptop and took a look at what I was reading. He sighed and brought me in for a hug.

'Don't ever listen to those low life girls!' He whispered in my ear as he kissed the side of my head. 'You're 110% better than them and I love you! I will not let anything stop what we have. You're my one.' I looked up at him and smiled through the tears streaming down my face, one from sadness and two from happiness from Harry. But I still couldn't erase the comments out of my head.



'I'm going to trace down your family and you and I will cut you all up into little pieces.'

'You don't even deserve Harry.'

'Gold digging bitch.'

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