It's Just How Things Are...

Raynesfield boarding school is full of crazy scandals,complicated relationships and tear shed. Find out more about the students of Raynesfield boarding school here...


1. Ivy





          It was the first day of school. I couldn't be more excited. I know a lot of people hate school, but at least it's better than listening to my dad's lectures about how to run my own business. I don't even know if I want to run a business. In fact, I don't even know what I want to be when I finish high school. The other thing I look forward to during the first day of school is seeing my best friends. We couldn't keep in touch during the summer because they were all on holiday, while I was staying home. Raynesfield School was like home to me since I've been there for the majority of my life. 


          I walked to my dorm room with my bags. My dorm room was on the second floor, so at least it wasn't that much of a hassle to carry. As I opened the door to see Charlotte. I ran to her to give her a big hug.


          "So, how was Greece?" I asked

          "θαυμάσιος (thav̱másios)," which in Greek means 'wonderful'.


           Charlotte was my sophisticated, posh, classy and elegant best friend. Sometimes she would have her episodes, but most of the time she's a great friend. 


           "Anna and Jane arrived already by the way. We should visit after you've finished unpacking." Charlotte told me.


            Anna and Jane were always across our room. Anna's the sporty, energetic and boyish type. Jane on the other hand is the shy, bookish and patient type. All four of us have been best friends since we were in the first grade. We were grouped by our Science teacher, Mr. Samwells and ever since we've become best friends. 


            After I finished unpacking me and Charlotte came over to Anna and Jane's dorm. When we came in Jane was buried in her books (as always) and Anna was juggling her soccer ball. We ran to each other and had a big group hug.


            "Anna, how was soccer camp," I asked Anna.

             "Awesome! It was great to meet girls who knew what I was going through" She replied with a big grin. I was happy for                                                  her she was sort of alone because there aren't many girls who play soccer.


            "Jane, what about you?" Charlotte asked

             "It was great!" Jane replied. Jane traveled around Europe with her dad, visiting old book shoppes.

             "What did you do during the summer, Ivy?" Anna asked.

             "Summer was boring actually for me. That's why I've been so excited for school." I replied

            "Aww, I feel sorry for you. Maybe you should join the soccer team. We could use some new blood." Soccer isn't an option for me because I'm pretty much bad at sports. I can't even throw a softball straight.


            After that we spent the whole day talking to each other and talking about the things we did in the summer. I was so happy to talk to them again. At night as I fell asleep I had a feeling that this year would be different than the rest.


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