It's Just How Things Are...

Raynesfield boarding school is full of crazy scandals,complicated relationships and tear shed. Find out more about the students of Raynesfield boarding school here...


3. Derick




          Summer was actually great for me. I got to travel around Ireland with my brother, Carver. I only got to see him one week every year because he's in the army. But, he was granted six weeks on leave because his commanding officer said that he deserved it. When summer had ended and Carver had to go back to the army I was sad and at the same time happy that I was able to go on the trip with my brother.              

          I knew that school was going to partially be hell because I knew being on the lacrosse team would mean an ultimate social status at school and it would also mean being annoyed by girls who would constantly stalk me. I don't want to hurt their feelings because I don't have it in me to hurt them at all. Anyway, I was also excited to see my best mates again, Matthew and Ryan. All three of us are also in the lacrosse team and actually, that was how we also met.     


"3...2...1," I counted. I would always count down when I walk on the halls because I could predict when a girl approached me and most of the time I would be correct.   

"Hey, um... Derick... um... I like your shirt," She was petrified.   

"Um... thanks?" I replied.             


          She almost fainted. Well, this is school for me. Every time I would be surrounded by girls if I was on a wide hall. I was like a celebrity to these girls and I didn't want to be. As I walked across the hall and as usual I was surrounded by girls only one girl didn't stare at me and nearly faint.              


          The only place where I could be safe was the boy's dorm rooms. I got in my room and unpacked my bags. Aaron, my room mate was as usual listening to music and drawing on his sketch pad. He was always labelled the loner because he didn't have any friends that we could to take note of and he would always be on his own. When I tried to talk to him his music was always too loud for him to hear me. His sketches are good though, but I've only seen at least five of them.              


I got down to the field to practice lacrosse. I sat on the bench to tighten up my shoe laces. Matthew sat down next to me.  


"An unusual thing just happened to me today." I told him  

"Really, what?" Matthew widened his eyes awaiting amusement.  

"I was walking on the halls and this girl didn't seem to be obsessing over me," I said  

"I thought you wished that these girls would leave you alone?" He asked  

"No, it's just that this is like the first time a girl didn't seem to have a crush on me."  

"What about Anna. She doesn't have a crush on you."  

"She's different. She's not the type of girl to obsess over a guy."          


         Anna was on the girl's soccer team. She's actually a friend of me, Matthew and Ryan. When we were practicing lacrosse, the other team was one player short and she offered to play. At first I thought she was one of the girls who were obsessed about me, so I thought we could win. When the game started she wasn't afraid to hit me. The other team won. I truly under estimated her.            


          We saw Anna by the field. She was hanging out with the girl who didn't notice me on the hall.  


"Hey, Matt who's that girl with Anna?" I asked  

"Oh, that's Ivy. She's Anna's best friend."           


            There was something different about her, but I couldn't tell what.She was fair skinned and her long brown hair seemed to shine under the sun light.               


              That night I immediately jumped into bed because I was so tired from all the lacrosse. Aaron wasn't in the room, but that was already normal because usually once a week at night he would be out somewhere doing god knows what. I couldn't sleep though. There was too much on my mind.

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