It's Just How Things Are...

Raynesfield boarding school is full of crazy scandals,complicated relationships and tear shed. Find out more about the students of Raynesfield boarding school here...


2. Charlotte




           I turn over to the side and look at the clock. 7:15 AM, the same time I wake up every morning. I stood up and saw that Ivy was still asleep. Ever since we've been room mates, I was always the one to wake her up. Apparently, sleep to her is like gold. 

          I took a shower, brushed my teeth and put my uniform on.  I fixed the pleats on my skirt and put my new Chanel headband on. All done! All in 25 minutes.

"Ivy time to wake up," I said. Ivy is my best best best friend who is always their for me and is so nice even when I have                     my bad days.      

"Go away!" Ivy said while throwing a pillow at me.    

"Uh! You ruined my hair! Wake up!" I said as I literally dragged her out of bed.      

"Fine, give me 20 minutes." Ivy irritably said while going to the shower.  


      *20 MINUTES LATER     


"Let's go we're gonna be late, come on!" I said standing by the door.    

"Just grabbing my bag," Ivy said.  

                  *At the main building...    

           We met up with Anna and Jane. We have different class schedules though some of them are together .    

"Hey Jane, Anna what's happening?"Ivy asked.    

"Nothing much, but it happens that I've lost the keys to my locker."Anna replied.    

"Why do I have two keys in my bag?!"Jane said    

"That's mine!"said Anna grabbing one key from Jane's hand.    

"Okay guys gotta go catch up with you at lunch alright?" I said    

"Yeah I'm gonna be late for physics, again." said Ivy.    

          So we went to our different classes. We didn't really do much, just some orientations and rules.  

          At lunch we met outside the doors to the cafeteria. As always I was first to arrive. When everyone was their we got a table right in the middle of the cafeteria. Lunch was cottage pie.It was delicious and during lunch we kept talking about our summer. I was in Greece having a vacation and shopping a lot. The rest of the afternoon was boring, it consisted of talking about orientations,rules and regulations to be followed and other rubbish.   

      When we got back to our dorms I just had tea with the girls.We didn't really have anything to study for or any assignments. After dinner we chatted for a while and then went to our dorms.That night I had a dream about this really cute guy named, Derick I saw from the lacrosse team this afternoon that he saved me from falling. Well it was just a dream...  


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