Soccer boy

Harry and Jacyline, (or Jay,) have been friends since they were five years old. Harry and his friends were your average, sporty boys; but Jay, was a Tomboy. She had recently moved into a new house in Holmes Chapel. Jay had seen her neighbour and his friends play a fun looking game through a crack in her fence. The boys seemed very nice and the game looked like so much fun. But being a four year old girl, even a Tomboy, Jay was too shy. One day, when she was at home with her mum, the doorbell rang. Her mother opened the door and Jay could hear them talking for a while. Curiosity taking over, she walked downstairs to see who her mum was chatting with for so long. She gasped as she saw the boy next door. The one who was always playing that game, covered in grass stains and dirt, she finally got to meet him. "Oh. Jay!" Her mum said, noticing her daughter. "This is Anne. And this is her son, Harry." And it all went up-hill from there.


2. I like you but you like her?

Harry's POV

I was sitting on the couch waiting for Jay to come. My phone vibrated.

From Stella: Hey babe wanna go out after school?? ;)

I sighed before replying. I didn't really like Estelle; or Stella as everyone calls her. I like Jay but her and Stella would literally rip each other's throats if they were left alone in a room for five minutes... Or thirty seconds.

I had a crush on Jay when we were younger but over the years it developed into something more. She's only ever seen me as a friend but I wanted to be more. The only reason I agreed to go out with Stella was that so I could get my mind off liking Jay and see her only as a friend, but so far, it isn't working.

I replied: Sorry Stell, I promised Jay and the guys I'd practice with them :/

She replied like five seconds later saying: Why r u always with Jay and ur friends!? Don't u love me?? 

What the hell!? Stell I never said that. I have to go or I'll be late for school, seeya there xx

She didn't reply after that and Jay had arrived. I tossed my phone on the couch. She couldn't know about me and Stella. I hugged her and told her to wait on the couch while I get some stuff from my room. I loved when we hugged, I always felt sparks.

~10 minutes later~

Jay's POV 

"Jay, you ready?" Harry asked.

"Uh, yeah, let's go." I kept my head down and tried to hide my eyes so he couldn't see the hurt.

Come on, Jay. Just forget about it... I mentally said to myself, There's other reasons, right? They could be just friends.

Who the hell was I kidding? What friend puts their arm around someone's waist... And who the hell was "Just Friends" with Estelle Sanders?

We were in the car about five minutes away from school. "Hey, you ok?" Harry asked.

"Uh, y-yeah, why wouldn't I be?" 

"Cos you're barely looking at me and you only stutter when something's wrong."

"Haz, nothing's wrong." I said.

"Jay, come on. I've known you for over 10 years. I know you. And when we get to school don't think the guys won't question you either." He says, half smiling; trying to lift up the mood.

"Harry. I-I'm fine. Nothing's wrong."

"Ok, I believe you. But you can talk to me whenever anything's wrong, ok?"

"I know." 

Harry's POV

I didn't really believe her, I knew something was wrong. She wasn't looking at me and she was stuttering. She only does that when something's bugging her. I'll find out later.

Jay's POV

When we pulled up into the school parking lot I opened the door and walked out without a word.

"Jay, do you need a ride to the field after school? I'll take you." Harry asked.

"No, it's ok, Zayn offered already." I lied.

"Oh, ok."

"I'll see you at lunch, I need to see Abi about something."

"Um, ok, seeya."

Abi and I have been friends since we were eight. Apart from the guys she's my best (girl) friend.

As I walked around trying to find her, I looked around for Stella, thinking to myself that I needed to avoid her at all costs. I saw her out of the corner of my eye, making her way towards me.

Stay calm Jay. Don't attack her. I know you want to, but don't.

"Oh, hey Jay!" She said in her fake happy voice. The one she used before she went total bitch.

I kept walking, trying so hard to not turn around, give her the finger and walk off.

She appeared in front me with two of her friends, Lisa and Penny.

She looked me up and down, trying to find something to tease me about.

"Um, nice outfit." She said in "that voice" with a sneer embedded.

I smiled my best Piss-Stella-off-smile and said, "Thanks; but I wish I could say the same for you..."

By now we had attracted a decent crowd who loved watching me and her argue.

I raised my eyebrow and scoffed at her clothes. I couldn't care less but it annoyed her so much... I couldn't help myself. She had the tightest black top that looked like it was suffocating her, jeans that provided the same loss of air as the shirt, a pink cardigan and hot pink pumps.

She looked at me with so much hate I thought she'd explode.

"Um, aren't those the same jeans and shoes you wore yesterday?" She said in disgust.

"Yep." I said with a smile. "And isn't that the same two tonnes of make-up you've put on since 8th grade?"

There were a few snickers from some boys but the girls stood still, not daring to smile.

I was smirking, satisfied with my comment that shut her up a bit. But then I looked past her...

And saw Harry walking towards us.

She followed my eyes and smiled when she saw him -the guy she's been trying to get her hands on since 8th grade-

"Hey babe," She said, waving at him. He was still walking, half-smiling at her, and then to me. It looked like he was trying to decide to walk up to her or to me. But he didn't have to decide. She marched right up to him and crashed her lips against his.

The hate I felt for her at that moment was indescribable. But it all flooded away when I realised he didn't pull away. My heart shattered into a million pieces. She wrapped her arms around his neck and opened one evil eye to look at me. With a satisfied smirk, she closed her eyes again and resumed kissing him.

I felt like I'd lost everything in that moment. Absolutely everything. This was her way to get back at me. By using him. I was still standing in that position, my heart repeatedly shattering, over and over again. I felt like curling up into a ball and crying. Just going to my special place that only me and the guys know about and let it all out. But I wouldn't cry in front of her. I wouldn't let her have that to blackmail me with. Instead, I turned around, went to the basketball courts, got Abi to come with me, and walked out of the school gates.

And I didn't give Harry or Stella one look back.

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