Soccer boy

Harry and Jacyline, (or Jay,) have been friends since they were five years old. Harry and his friends were your average, sporty boys; but Jay, was a Tomboy. She had recently moved into a new house in Holmes Chapel. Jay had seen her neighbour and his friends play a fun looking game through a crack in her fence. The boys seemed very nice and the game looked like so much fun. But being a four year old girl, even a Tomboy, Jay was too shy. One day, when she was at home with her mum, the doorbell rang. Her mother opened the door and Jay could hear them talking for a while. Curiosity taking over, she walked downstairs to see who her mum was chatting with for so long. She gasped as she saw the boy next door. The one who was always playing that game, covered in grass stains and dirt, she finally got to meet him. "Oh. Jay!" Her mum said, noticing her daughter. "This is Anne. And this is her son, Harry." And it all went up-hill from there.


1. Hey, I'm Harry.

Jay's POV

~13 years ago~

"Mummy, I don't wanna go to England." I pouted, while we entered the airport.

"Why not, Jay?"

"Because." I simply stated, creasing my forehead and crossing my arms, the normal thing kids my age did when they couldn't or didn't want to explain things.

"Because is not an answer, Jay."

"Yes, it is."

"Ok. Can you expand on the answer?"

"I don't wanna leave my friends or the house or my room or school or granny and grandpa or Ben or Mikki or Belle or anyone else! I don't want to leave Australia!" (Ben, Mikki and Belle are my cousins and I love them sooo much, even though Ben is two years older than me, Mikki is one year older and Belle is my age).

"Jay," She said, walking towards a café and taking a seat, pulling out the chair next to her so I could sit too.


"You're too young now, but you'll understand when your older."

"How old?"

"I don't know the exact age; it's different for every person."

"Can you try, please?"

"Ok. I know you're going to miss our family and home and your friends, but it's for the best."

"Who's the best?"

"No," She chuckled, "I mean it's good for us. I got a really good job offer in England and it'll be good for us. But we'll have a new home and you'll make new friends, too."




I still remember that day perfectly. I wasn't very happy about moving from Australia to England, but we had to, I understand now, and I definitely don't regret it. I met my five best friends here. I love them all. And I still remember that story, too.

~13 years ago~ 

"Mummy I'm bored." I complained to my mum who was busy with the dishes.

"What do you want to do?"

"I dunno," I said and shrugged my shoulders.

"You can colour in one of your colouring-books."

"No. They're all princesses and fairies and ballerinas. Boring."

"Uh, you can go play outside?"

"No. I don't have anything to play with."

"You can help me with the dishes."

"I'll go see what I can do outside."

"Sounds good," She said, smiling.

I suddenly remembered what there was to do outside. My next-door neighbour was always playing this game with his friends. I saw through a crack in the fence when I was trying to catch a butterfly and it flew near the crack. I immediately lost interest in the insect and got very curious at the game they were playing. It looked like heaps of fun but I was too nervous to go over and ask; I didn't even know them, and I didn't even know what the game was... 

I went back inside and went upstairs to find something to do. I sit on my bed and close my eyes, falling slowly asleep. My eyes burst open when I'm woken up by the doorbell.

Ding-dong, ding-dong. Who could that be? We don't really know anybody here. I didn't expect we'd have any visitors for a while. We've only been here one week and I haven't started school here yet.

I take hushed breaths to see if I can recognise the voices that are talking. The only familiar one is my mother's, the other one belongs to a stranger. They've been talking for a while now. With curiosity taking over, I tip-toe downstairs, so I'm not heard. Tomboy or not, I'm pretty shy. I hide behind a column near the from door, where my mum is still talking with the stranger. I peer my head and for a second, I'm glad I'm not seen; by them. It's someone else who catches my eye. The boy next door.

He appears a bit bored but is sticking by the stranger who I presume is his mum. He looks past her, to me and they both see his movement. They follow his eyes to find me, beside the column.

"Oh! Hi Jay." My mum says, "These are our neighbours; Anne, and her son, Harry."

I smile and they both smile back, but I'm more interested in Harry, or to be exact, the boy who plays that game.

"Hi." I say shyly.

"Hey." He said, sounding way more confident than me.

"Mum," He said, poking her on the shoulder to get her attention. "Can I please go play soccer with the boys?"

"Uh, sure. Why don't you invite Jay?"

"But she's a girl and girls can't play soccer."

"Harry! That's rude. Come on, invite her over."

"Ok." He sighed. "Jay, do you wanna come over to my place and play a game of soccer with me and my friends?"

I blushed a bit cos I was scared I'd embarrass myself. "Uh, sure but I've never played before."

"Oh that's ok, Harry can teach you." Anne said.

"Mu-um." He moaned.

"Harry! Stop being so rude! You might end up having fun."

"Ok, fine. Come on Jay, let's go."

He walked down my driveway and I followed him, turning left and going to his door. He led me to the backyard where four other boys were kicking the ball around.

"Hey Haz!" Said a boy with an irish accent. "Who's that?" He said, gesturing at me.

"Uh guys this is my new neighbour, Jay. She's gonna play a game with us." The boys exchanged glances and I felt as red as a tomato.

"So uh now we have an even number of players so it'll be me, Jay and Liam vs Niall, Zayn and Louis. Jay, you can be goalie. Stand over there at that goal and you have to try block the ball from getting into the goal when Lou, Ni and Zayn shoot."

"Um, ok, I'll try."


The game went really well. We all ended up having heaps of fun. They tried to shoot, like six times and I blocked each one. After that we did a second game and Harry was goalie. I scored three times and we won 4-2. Harry said I was pretty good and said I should try out for the team; which I did. Me and the boys have been close ever since and when I tried out, it kinda went up-hill from there. We've always been in the same team and none of us ever looked back. The only problem is; I like Harry and I've always been too shy to tell him... or anyone, really. There was no way he felt the same way about me, though.

"Jay!" My mum shouted to me from downstairs.

"Yeah?" I shouted back.

"Breakfast's ready!"


I trudged down the stairs in my PJ's and Uggs, meanwhile brushing my messy light brown morning hair to it's naturally straight position. I walked into kitchen and put the brush on a shelf, thinking to myself that I'm gonna look for that tomorrow and have no idea where I left it. 

"Morning mum." I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning."

"What's for breakfast?"


"Yes!" I put a stack of pancakes onto my plate and covered them in everything. I spread nutella on, sprinkled sugar, covered in in sliced up banana, strawberries and blueberries and swirls of whipped cream.

What? I'm hungry. I skipped breakfast yesterday cos I was running late to school and I brought no food with me at all and I didn't have dinner cos I fell asleep too early.

Geez Jay, do you want me to call the fruit shop?" My mum said 'admiring' my work.

"If you want. I don't see why you'd need to. You got a fruit obsession or something'?" I said, while shoving some food into my mouth. 

My phone vibrated next to me and I picked it up, reading the text.

From Hazza: Hey Jay do u wanna go to the park with me and the boys this arvo and practice?? Finals next week so stoked :)

Reply: Yeah sure, can u give me a ride to school please?? Not bothered walking :P

From Hazza: Haha sure, seeya in forty mins :)

Reply: Thanks

I finished breakfast and took a quick shower. I changed into jeans and a mickey mouse top. I slipped on my near-dead purple converses. I opened my wardrobe and grabbed a pair of shorts and a sports top along with my soccer boots and shoved them into my school bag. I checked my watch. I needed to be at Harry's in five. Going into the kitchen, I grabbed water, an apple and a sandwich.

"Bye mum, I'm going to school!" I shouted so she could hear me from upstairs.

"Jay, I'm right here," She said, appearing next to me.


"Sorry hun. Have a nice day, you better go now or you'll be late."

"Nah it's ok. Harry's giving me a ride. Oh and I'm going to practice with the guys this afternoon so I'll be home late."

"Ok, bye. Text me if anything comes up."



I walked next-door to Harry's and opened the door. None of us really knocked anymore. We kinda just walked in. That happens after thirteen years.

"Harry?" I called.

"One sec, Jay!"

He walked in a few moments later wearing black jeans and a plain white top with black sneakers.

"Hey," he said, giving me a hug. Just go to the living room and wait there if you like. I'll be there in a few.


I sat on the couch and began to scroll through images on instagram. 

Suddenly, I felt a vibration. It was Harry's phone, he had a text. I glanced at it when it vibrated but then I immediately look back. Not at the text, of course. I'd never go through anyone's personal stuff. My eyes were glued to the wallpaper of his lock screen. It wasn't me, him, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam at the field anymore. Now; it was just him with his arm around the waist of a girl.

A girl that makes my life near impossible. A girl that has a thing for Harry, just like me. A girl that hates my guts.

A girl, who, to be more precise; is named Estelle.


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