The Rambo Tales: Appletree

A series of books i am writing about a me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

'Appletree' is about a competition Amy and Emily enter with their horses.


7. Chapter 7

When Amy and Emily got home, they put their horses back in their stables. “home sweet home” Amy said to Rambo. Rambo walked in his stable, picked up his sheet with his mouth and took it over to Amy. “i have a better idea” said Amy.

Amy put on Rambo’s riding wear, and they went for a hack in the woods. On the way they saw a newspaper boy, selling newspapers. On the front page was Amy and Emily, with Coco and Rambo. And the headline was “sisters win at Apple tree”. Amy and Rambo smiled, and cantered to the woods.

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