The Rambo Tales: Appletree

A series of books i am writing about a me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

'Appletree' is about a competition Amy and Emily enter with their horses.


4. Chapter 4

It was seven a.m.  in the morning. “Breakfast!” Amy shouted to Emily, who was still fast asleep. For Breakfast they had two rashes of bacon, a sausage and a piece of buttered toast each. Then they went to their stables, where Rambo an Coco were standing at the door ready to greet them. Amy and Emily inspected Coco’s leg. It was perfectly fine, as if nothing ever happened. “Coco is a fighter, she’ll never give up at anything” said Amy. Mrs Berryapple, the vet, came along and said “Coco is perfectly fine to do the competition, i never thought she would recover so quickly!” Emily was thrilled.

They put on their horses’ coats and took them into the paddock. They scattered out some food, to make sure they were full before the competition. While Rambo and Coco ate, the girls made sure their tack was as clean as it could be, then they got their grooming kits at the ready. They called them back in, and groomed them.

Emily started to wonder what winning a competition would feel like. Then they plaited their ponies hair, put their tack on, and got changed into their show wear. “let’s ride them down to the school, to make sure they are okay.” Said amy.

So they rode down to the school, which was only a few minutes away. Coco was fine, and didn’t limp at all. Rambo was a bit tired, and with half an hour to go before the show started, Amy had to wake him up fast. She got a pile of carrots and sugar cubes, and Rambo munched them up faster than you could say his name five times. Then he had a ten minute nap and it was time for the show. 

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