The Rambo Tales: Appletree

A series of books i am writing about a me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

'Appletree' is about a competition Amy and Emily enter with their horses.


3. Chapter 3

When they got to their caravan, they saw that it was right next to the stables. The vet stables were next to the other horse stables, so Coco wouldn’t be alone. Emily found a stable with Coco’s name plate on the door, and she walked in with Coco slowly following her.

Coco’s room was padded. It had a massive fluffy pink pillow to lie on and two buckets, one filled with food and the other filled with clean water. Emily took off the lead and head collar and waited for her to settle down. As she left, Coco’s brown eyes glistened. “goodnight Coco” whispered Emily, as she turned out the light and bolted the stable door.

Meanwhile, Amy was taking off Rambo’s harness. Emily came out and helped to put the cart and harness away. Amy took Rambo to his sable and took off his lead and halter. “well done today my brave boy” she said proudly. Rambo gave a cheeky grin as Amy turned the light off.

“Now, let’s get to bed, we both have a big day tomorrow.” And with that, they both walked into their rather large caravan. They got into their snugly warm beds, and went straight off to sleep.

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