The Rambo Tales: Appletree

A series of books i am writing about a me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

'Appletree' is about a competition Amy and Emily enter with their horses.


2. Chapter 2

When they arrived, Amy and Emily went for a quick hack on Rambo and Coco. Coco and Emily had never been on a hack together before, so they had to be careful. Amy made the brave decision to keep Coco on a lunging lead, because it would be long enough. Next to Apple-tree equestrian centre is apple-tree woods, so they mounted and went there.

The sky darkened, and lots of wildlife came out of the darkness. Coco started to get scared and started to walk sideways, which made Emily scared and unwary of what to do. She had the idea of trying to calm her, and stroking her. So coco calmed down. Then an owl scared her again and she started walking sideways, right into a thorn bush. Coco’s scream was so loud it scared away all the owls.

Amy turned around quickly, and saw that Coco was in pain. She leaped off from Rambo’s back faster than a leopard, and ran straight to Coco. Emily careful got off, trying not to hurt her. Rambo ran off, and got the first aid kit off his back and passed it to Amy. “clever boy!” Amy praised him. She carefully removed the thorns and got out the anti-bacteria wipes, and cleared the area. Coco had stopped screeching, and was still panicking, and Emily started to calm her down.

Amy got out her supply of  bandages, and started wrapping it as quick as she could around her leg. Then she wrapped another piece around coco’s leg to hold it in position. Amy walked Coco slowly back to apple-tree, whilst Emily slowly walked Rambo.

Amy quickly got Coco into the vets. Mrs Berryapple sadly said “ i don’t think she will be able to enter the show tomorrow, she can stay here in the vet stables so i can get the thorns out if her leg”. Emily was sad. “don’t worry Emily, we will go and tell Mr. Grasslands that Coco can’t perform tomorrow because of her injury” Amy said sadly. “but first lets take her tack off” said Emily, so they did.

Rambo walked off again, like he normally does. He found a old cart, and he stood right in front of it. He stomped his hoof on the ground, and Amy turned around. “good idea!” Amy praised Rambo. She put Rambo’s driving gear on, and attached him to the cart.

Coco could not walk very far, and Emily was getting worried. She saw Amy sitting in the horse cart with Rambo ready to pull. “Emily, get Coco to walk onto the back of this cart and tell her to lie down.” Emily slowly got her on, and told her to lie down. Then she jumped into the front seat. Amy made a kissing sound, and Rambo started walking. Emily stroked Coco’s soft neck to try and keep her calm.

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