One Direction Imagines

Hi guys! If you want a imagine just comment below:
Your name
The boy you want
Hair colour
Eye colour
Type of personality
and if you have a plot that you would like, include that too but if you have no clue about the plot leave it to me :) I DO NOT do dirty imagines so please dont ask.

Nay-Nay :)x


4. Niall for Tina (MysteryGirL69)

Tina's P.O.V

I woke up about 10 minutes ago. I couldnt go back to sleep and I am now playing my phone. I roll over to face Niall as he sleeps peacefully. Out of no where my stomach rumbles. I am starving! I know what I'm gonna do, I'm going to make my amazing boyfriend a big breakfast!

"I'm gonna make you a big breakfast baby" I whisper to him, giving him a small kiss on the cheek.

I walk into the kitchen getting all the ingredients out. I'm going to make pancakes, chocolate chip muffins and milkshakes. I know hes going to love this! I start by making the milkshakakes, because they dont take to long to make. I go to the cupboard to get some flour, sugar and eggs. As I was mixing the batter together, I feel a pair of arms snake around my waist.

"Good morning beautiful" he says kissing down my neck

"Good morning handsome" I reply turning around in his arms so I am facing him. I wrap my arms around his neck  and we share a passionate kiss. I break off the kiss, smiling and turning back around to finish stirring the batter.

"So what you cooking?" he asks, still hugging me from behind

"I am cooking muffins, pancakes and milkshakes" I say

I was pouring the mixture for the muffins into the oven went I felt flour hit the side of my face. I turn to face Niall who is just looking at the ground, trying not to laugh. I dip my finger in the mixture and flick it at him. He looks up at me, stunned I let out a little giggle when I feel mixture on my face. I look at Niall and hes laughing. I throw a whole handful of flour at him. He turns on the tap hose and sprays me with water. I chase him around the kitchen with flour in my hands. I was laughing my head off when I ran into Niall, I look up into his crystal blue eyes and smile. He kisses me passionately and looks around the kitchen.

"I think we need to clean this up" he says laughing

"Ok but we have to eat first, food comes first" I say excitedly

"Thats why I love you" he says and kisses me.

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