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2. Louis for Nanda (rrrockme1D)



Nanda's P.O.V

"Come on! It will be fun!" Y/F/N says to me.

Shes trying to get me to go to some boyband concert, I have never even heard of them!

"Nuh uh, I am not going to some stupid concert" I say to her, the sass in me coming out

"Please please please please pleeaaaase"  she says, pulling puppy dog eyes. I can't say no to them!

"Fine, but you owe me" I say

"Oh my gosh, thank you thank you thank you!" she says jumping on the spot

"We need to get ready" I say, stopping her happy dance

"Oh yeah, come to my place!" she says excitedly.

~*At the concert*~

We had arrived at the arena where the concert is being held and we are just waiting to get our ticket scanned. On the way here, Y/F/N played their songs and filled me in with all the details. The band name is One Direction and there are five members, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Their songs are actually really good but I have never seen a picture of them. Our tickets are scanned and we walk into the arena. Y/F/N is really lucky, we got soundcheck seats! We are like so close them. Suddenly a video starts playing on the big screen and everyone starts screaming. It shows the boys of One Direction and their likes and dislikes. After they have been through all the boys, there is a countdown. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Five boys spring onto the stage and wave to everyone before they start their first song.

 They are a couple of songs in when one of my favourite songs play, even though I had only listened to it for the first time just a few hours ago, I really love it. I lean over to my friend and ask her what this song is called. She says it is called 'More Than This' I sway to the beat. When the boy in stripes starts to sing, I look at him. I'm pretty sure his name is Louis. He is singing his verse in 'More Than This' when he makes eye contact with me and smiles, his eyes dont leave me until his verse is over. I can feel many girls around me, giving me death stares. When the concert finishes, One Direction give one last wave and head off stage. As Y/F/N and I start to leave, someone places their hand on my shoulder. I spin around to find a bodyguard, telling me that me and my friend are wanted backstage. We follow him backstage into a room where all they boys sit talking. We walk in and my friend looks like shes about to burst! She finally bursts.

"Oh my gosh, can I please get your autograph!" she says, excitedly

"Yeah sure lets head out there and we will sign that for you" the curly haired boy replied

It got really awkward because it was just me and Louis in the room. He decides to break the silence

"Hi I'm Louis!" he says, very cheerfully

"I'm Nanda" I reply

"Your really pretty" he says, looking at the floor

"Oh thank you" I say, blushing like crazy

"Do you want to sit down and maybe chat for a litle bit?" he asks

"Yeah that would be nice" I reply and we both sit on the couch.


We had been talking for what seemed like hours but it had only been 15 minutes. I felt like I had known this boy for ages! We learnt alot about each other in such little time.

"Nanda, I know we have only known each other for a little bit but would you go out to dinner with me?" he asks

"Yes Louis, I would love to" I reply, with a massive grin on my face



Me and Louis have been dating for nearly 2 years now and are deeply inlove. We are walking along the beach, just before sunset. He knows that I love the beach and sunsets so he brought me here. We are standing on the sand,hands intwined, watching the sunset in a peaceful silence when he starts to talk.

"Nanda, I have loved you since the day I layed eyes on you, your brown eyes are most beautiful pair of eyes I have ever seen in my life, and I want to be with you forever." he says, getting onto one knee.

"Will you marry me?" he asks

"Yes Louis of course I will!" I reply

He picks me up and spins me around, singing his verse in More Than This, the memories of the night we first met flooding into my mind. This is the best day of my life.



I hope you enjoyed the first imagine guys!! If you guys didnt understand, Y/F/N stands for "Your Friends Name"  This imagine is for rrrockme1D and I hope you enjoyed it! Dont forget to fan me!

Nay-Nay :)x



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