One Direction Imagines

Hi guys! If you want a imagine just comment below:
Your name
The boy you want
Hair colour
Eye colour
Type of personality
and if you have a plot that you would like, include that too but if you have no clue about the plot leave it to me :) I DO NOT do dirty imagines so please dont ask.

Nay-Nay :)x


7. Louis for Hannah (Larry Lover<3)

You were having a movie night with your long time best friend Louis. You were watching Grease, his favourite movie, and were cuddled together on the couch, eating popcorn and drinking coke.If you could see us, you would think that we were a couple, the way I'm cuddled against him with his arm around me, but I assure that we aren't. I had always had a little crush on Louis but I told him because if he didn't like me back, it would ruin our friendship that I cherish. Its actually quite funny when you watched Grease with Louis, because hes always saying the lines or singing the songs, but of all the times i have watched grease with Louis, and believe me that's a lot of times, he has never gotten up and danced which really surprises me. 

"Lou" You say, looking up at his face

"Yes Hannah?" he replies, looking down so his eyes meet mine. 

"Did you know we have watched this movie so many times but you have never gotten up and danced" I said 

"Is that a challenge?" he asks, raising his eyebrow

Before I could reply he had gotten off the couch and had  started dancing  to "Your the one that I want" I burst into laughter, I was literally in tears. I was taken by surprise when he grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch, to dance with him. We danced and sung to the song till the very end, copying most of the dance moves.Once the song had ended, the reality started to sink in that you had your legs wrapped around Louis' waist. You felt your face go hot with embarrassment.

"oh I-I'm sorry L-Lou" You stutter, mentally face palming yourself

You try to hop off but he holds you tighter, not letting you leave. You look at him confused.

"You the one that I want" he whispers, and before you could process what he had said, he leaned in and kissed you. You were in utter shock but everything finally clicked, Louis liked me. I kissed him back, and I could feel him smile into the kiss. You break away, short of breath and look at him smiling. He chuckles, noticing that you are short of breath, and starts to speak.

"Hannah, I have liked you for awhile now and I never knew how to tell y-" You cut him off with a little kiss

"I like you too Louis" You reply

I have never seen him smile this wide ever. He spun me around, my legs still wrapped around his waist and kissed me. The rest of the night we cuddled together and watched more movies. I could feel my eyes slowly closing after our third movie, Louis must have noticed because he started to sing me to sleep, the last thing I heard was "I'll love you forever Hannah"


Hope you liked it :)) 

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