One Direction Imagines

Hi guys! If you want a imagine just comment below:
Your name
The boy you want
Hair colour
Eye colour
Type of personality
and if you have a plot that you would like, include that too but if you have no clue about the plot leave it to me :) I DO NOT do dirty imagines so please dont ask.

Nay-Nay :)x


6. Harry for Jazzy (Jazzy.Styles)

Your on your morning run at the park. You had been running for nearly an hour, and you decide to sit down on a park bench, to catch your breath and have a quick drink. You grabbed your phone out of your pocket and flick through it, trying to find a better song to listen to. You were looking through your phone but you couldn't seem to find a good song.

You concentrate really hard, trying to find a song on your phone, when you feel someone touch the back of you head. You scream in fright and swing your arm back over the bench, trying to hit whoever had touched you. You turn around to find a man, on the floor holding his crotch in pain. You were frightened, you had never seen this man before. You stand up and start to question him.

"Who are you?!" "Why did you touch me?!"

You felt a bit at ease, knowing this man wasn't going to get up anytime soon, hut you had your phone in hand just in case. He looks up at you, and starts to speak

"I'm very sorry, I thought you were someone I knew, but obviously not" He says

"oh" you reply, guilt rushing through you at the amount of pain you had caused this man.

"So your not a creepy pedo that has come to rape me?" You say, instantly regretting it, but he seemed to find it funny, as a wide smile spread across his face, dimples on full display.

"Hahaha no I'm not" he says, laughing

"Well that's good, would you like some help?" I ask him

"No thanks I'm fine" he says slowly propping himself up on his elbows.

"You've got a bit of a strong arm on you" he says smiling

"Thanks, I play abit of sport" I reply, blushing. I never knew I could punch that hard.

He stands up fully, revealing that hes much taller than me, and very fit. I look at him form head to toe. Dark brown curly hair, forest green eyes, relatively tan skin, and one thing that stood out the most, his dimples. He must have caught me staring because he lets out an awkward cough, trying to catch my attention. 

"I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name" he says, very politely  

"Oh uh my name is Jazzy, and you are?" I say meeting his eyes, which are identical to mine.

"My name is Harry" He replies

"well Harry, I'm very sorry that I hit you, obviously in an area that is quite sensitive" You say, smirking

"But I must continue my run, good bye" You say and run off.

Before you could put both headphones in your ears, you heard Harry yell out "Wait!" You turn round to see that he has your water bottle. You jog back towards him, and take it out of his hands, muttering a thank you and goodbye, you could feel your cheeks burn in embarrassment. You started to run again, and you took a quick sip of your drink bottle, to find that there is some writing on it. 

Harry - (Imagine a phone number) Call me sometime if you wanna go jogging together ;)

You look back to find Harry smirking and giving you a thumbs up. You stop and enter his number into your phone and send him a text.

Maybe tomorrow? :)

You watched him pull out his phone and look at you, smiling

Definitely, see you then babe :)

You look at him, and smile. You turn back around and continue jogging, and you couldn't help but smile.


Hey guys I'm back :) Sorry I was gone for so long and I hope to be writing movellas more often, since I'm on a 2 week holiday :) Thank you for checking out my story :)

Nay-Nay :)x



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